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  1. hi, i am into cuckolding - couples of weeks i cucked my Sub with a TS and it was so hot. Would you prefer a guy or a TS?
  2. I think it is hot to have a Sub and i love my cuckold sessions. My Sub has to worship me and submit to me.Last weekend he arranged a nice hotel in Manhattan. He has to bath me, massage me , and he oiled up my whole body. Then he had to dress me up with nice lingerie what i told him to buy me. Than we had a drink and when out for bull hunting. I think it is hot to have a sub to cuckold.We were at a nice roof top bar in Manhattan and after 20 min i found a hot and young bull at the bar.I told my sub to get him for me...It was done after another cocktail. We all went back to the hotel.I tied up my sub next to the bed and now he had to watch and learn.My bull took of my dress and he pleased me first with his tongue...Than he put his finger in me and licked my clit - it felt so good ...Than i turned around and he put his dick in me.first very slow and than he fucked me so sub was so horny and after some time i tied him up and told him to get undressed.He had to worship my feet first and than i put on my strap -on and fucked him hard .He loved it and he had to take it all the way in ...I love this kind of cuckold session with my sub. Next time perhaps he can please me with his tongue when my bull is fucking me from behind...What is your big turn on about cuckold session ?You like to be part of it?only watch it?
  3. Please read my profile, and than send me a PM Your Mistress Vanessa, based in Manhattan, New York City . Today is the perfect weather to go out with my Sub and go bull Hunting... love it...
  4. Please send me a PM and let me know a Little bit About you. Apply for a cuckold session in Manhattan, New York City
  5. Perfect weather to go bull Hunting with my Sub for a hot and sexy cuckold session in Manhattan, New York City. Where do you find your bull?
  6. Send me a PM and please let me know your age, your Location, and a Little bit About you.. I expect that you are able to write more than only "hi"...
  7. Your are welcome to send me a PM if you like to see me in Manhattan, New York . Please read my profile. Sorry i dont do FaceTime / Webcam session! Apply for my cuckold session in Manhattan, New York. And in July i travel to London. I also love to go bull Hunting with my Sub! And please never send me a dick Picture! I also expect that you are able to write more than only "hi" . A nice intro who you are , your age and where are you from would be nice!
  8. I am back in Manhattan, Worship and submit to me and arrange a cuckold session with me.
  9. i am These days in London and Manchester and than i am back in Manhattan, New York. Where are all the cuckold ?
  10. wow - very hot… love it
  11. Perfect day to get naughty with my Sub and cuckold him
  12. Perfect day to go out with my Sub to find a bulL FOR MY CUCKOLD SESSION: .We go shopping for for naughty Lingerie, drink champagne and than go bull hunting in Manhattan. If You like to be my Sub in Manhattan , than apply.