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    I am interested in other couples or group consisting of couples, females and males. Males I will contact you if I am interested. I have been in cuckold situations many times and find it very exciting with people who have the chemistry for each other.
  1. How many start with cheating?

    When I was married and my husband was in the service, we enjoyed camping on the beach. It was on the gulf coast of Texas one weekend we decided to camp. That afternoon a friend of ours came to visit. We all enjoyed the warm ocean and the cold beer. I over heard my husband tell my friend he should sneak into our tent that night. My husband told our friend to come in after he left. I was not sure if I should go along with this or not but I kept what I heard to myself. That night I heard my husband walk out of the tent. Shortly our friend came in the tent, both thinking I was uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu what was going on. I pretended to be sleeping and feeling his hands start to rub my body made me do wet so fast like never before. Then when it appeared that I had awaken, I looked at our friend and started kissing him .. We were up most of the night enjoying each other. The next morning my husband was sleeping in the car. When he woke never saying a word and walked up to me. First thing he did was to give me a very deep kiss. Then he reached down to feel our friend's cum deep in my pussy. From that time on we enjoyed threesomes and play with other couples.