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    My wife and I were married for 18 years, with 3 daughters (17, 15 and 13) and my wife now wanted another (hopefully a boy). After trying for a year we decided to get tested. I was fine but Doc told her that her chances were almost Nil. We were not happy, but life goes on, and we did have 3 daughters already. About another year later, we began talking about trying a 3-some with a very close friend who lost his wife 3 months earlier after 25 years of marriage. I was a little jealous at first, but it broke my heard to see my friend broken-hearted all the time, and my wife was keen to try it once. I wondered at first if her decision was based on the fact that he was black. He and I were about the same height, weight, and cock size (we had taken many showers together after workouts at the YMCA.) We had had many discussions over the years about our sex lives, so I knew what he enjoyed in bed. He had been fond of my wife for years so it was not hard to convince him. We set up to meet the following Saturday. So, now to answer your question. We did meet on that Saturday. We did not have condoms (didn't even think to bring any) and she was not on any birth control. The three of us discussed the potential of pregnancy but decided that the risk was almost Nil. If she did get pregnant by our friend, we would tell our families and friends that she had been raped and too ashamed to go to the police or hospital. We would obviously raise the child as one of our own. The three of us had a great time. We each fucked my wife a couple of times, cumming in her each time. I'm not going to bother with all the details here. She did NOT get pregnant that night, nor did she get pregnant any of the other nights we got together (once a month or so) for the next 14 years before he got married again. The risk that she could get pregnant was never discussed again, and I can't say it made the sex any more or less thrilling.