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  1. What I did was when love making, I would ask her, what she thought of the idea of 4 hands feeling her up during foreplay. She didn't answer, but I could tell by her reaction that she liked the idea. The next time, I asked her what she thought about having two cocks at the same time. Her body language showed her excitement at the idea. But after she orgasmed, she said that the idea was very erotic to her, but she probably would never do it. After that I would bring up the idea when having sex, and that would usually give her a mind blowing orgasm. Eventually she liked the idea so much that she did it, again, again and again.
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    I am new to this site. I just want to say that my wife and I have done a mmf, ffm, mmff we have enjoyed our lifestyle, but I have never considered myself a cuckold, swinger maybe. being new, I wonder when i post our experiences should I do it one at a time, or altogether, which would be quite long.