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  1. Jbnash69

    Curious Cathy in Tennessee, NEW, but maybe?

    i'd love to chat with you more if you'd like. i'm 49 mwm, professional that's gone through this and share my wife occasionally. email/PM me if you'd like to chat more. i'd like to get to know you both more and can maybe ease your tensions/fears a bit about it. I commute to nashville weekly for work FWIW. Hope to hear back from you via email. Love all your sexy pics. great body and sexy curves.MMM....MMMM....MMMMMM
  2. Jbnash69

    Curious Cathy in Tennessee, NEW, but maybe?

    very hot and sexy. welcome to the beginning of a fun time and to fulfilling / exploring your sexuality together. Where in TN are you?
  3. classy with a hint of slutness. i prefer skirt with wedges, nice top, fresh mani/pedi. - then nothing at alll LOL
  4. Jbnash69

    Preparing for a date

    I especially like to see her walk back in the door after her date. Love the smell of her and look on her face. Are there any threads on that part of hot wife date nights?