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  1. I totally understand. But it didn't used to be this way. Men didn't care about paternity until we invented agriculture. And we didn't invent misogyny until we started caring about paternity. We started controlling women, and in cases like Athens, literally not letting women leave the house. The only way to return to a gender equal society is to return to a non-monogamous culture. We love each other, and the genetic makeup of the baby isn't important as long as it is healthy. Sadly, she did have a miscarriage so it is no longer an issue.
  2. Just wanted to update you guys: He definitely knocked her up! This is good news, not bad! We're both very happy and excited.
  3. So we're settled into our new place now on the other side of the country from James, but she hasn't forgotten him. We got a dildo that she named after him, and she moans his name during sex. Last night I went down on her while they had phone sex, which was a pretty humiliating experience!
  4. At the airport. Wedding went great. She gave him head in the morning but nothing more than that because she didn't want to mess up her hair and makeup. I thought she'd be too tired for sex that night, but I was wrong. I went down on her. Watched him fuck her and cum inside of her. Then I got to go, but she made me pull out. It was pretty thrilling watching them fuck. He's very talented and I can see why she is so into it. Knowing that this is what she's been missing out on because of me really makes me regretful we didn't do this from the start. I feel bad for her. James is coming with us on our honeymoon because he's paying for it, and because she wants every last opportunity to enjoy good sex. But! He's going to be a ghost. Her and I will spend all of our time together. I'm going home two days early to get our new apartment set up, so she'll spend those last two days with him having the best sex of her life. I don't know if she'll ever find someone as good as him again. So I definitely want her to enjoy it. And thank you to everyone who has been commenting. I really appreciate and respect all you've had to say.
  5. We talked, and I'm going to stay in the guest house but we'll have lunch together and we'll watch a movie together at night to stay connected.
  6. Yesterday I moved into what I guess you could call a guest house. It's a large one room shed that's nicely furnished, and has heating/ac and all that. It's quite nice. I talked about using it as an office instead of our bedroom and she thought that was a great idea. She said I should just stay in there because it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Plus she said it was cruel to have sex around me when I'm locked up. So until the 31st I'm in the guest house full time and she's moved into his bedroom.
  7. It's been pretty uncomfortable to be honest. There is an update though! Sunday morning she was frisky and wanted to play a game. She handcuffed me to a chair and blindfolded me. She gave me a lapdance in heels, and then put one foot up on the bureau and had me eat her pussy. She stuffed her panties in my mouth and then fucked James about three feet away from me. They left me and went out for breakfast. She didn't untie me for about an hour and a half. She took the cage off and gave me a handjob while telling me all the dirty things she's going to do to him at our wedding. When I came, she made me lick her hand clean.
  8. As far as I know it's just between us, and she wears it on a necklace.
  9. Update! She surprised me with a gift. It was a chastity cage. She made me promise to wear it non-stop until our wedding on August 31. So we'll see how this goes.
  10. Hey everybody! So I did ask about watching, and she said she didn't like the idea because she felt like she'd have to put on a performance. But I don't think she was totally against it.
  11. We had a nice romantic picnic together today. We discussed our wedding plans and we both agreed that this house and land was nicer than we could afford, and so we agreed to get married here before we leave in September. James agreed and now we're in a mad dash to get everything planned before the month is over. Maybe! They aren't exactly hiding from me, I could probably just walk in and watch, but I've felt kind of weird about inviting myself.
  12. Small update: I was out in the hot summer sun mowing the lawn and they were fucking with the window open. I had to listen to them the whole time. Pretty humiliating!
  13. Well it's out in the open now! So I had been hard at work for a while and I went looking for her. I peeked out a window and saw her sucking him off. They were by the pool, and she was on her knees blowing him. That thing was huge, I couldn't believe she could even fit it in her mouth. Of course I couldn't look away. He looked up and we made eye contact. I thought maybe a bunch of drama was about to unfold, but no, he locked eyes with me, put this hand on the back of her head and pushed her down deeper on his cock. We kept looking at each other until he pulled out and came on her face. I ran away back to my room so she wouldn't know I was there. So I'm pretty anxious and hiding, because I don't know what will happen if he tells her I was watching. Hours and hours go by. It's dark now and she finally comes up to our room. She's wearing nothing but a long button down men's shirt and she sits on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed. She tells me to kneel on the floor, so I do. She said she was in James room and wanted to know if I knew what they were doing. I said I did. She asked what, and I said fucking. She asked if I knew why they were doing that, and I said because I have a small cock and because I'm a pathetic beta male. She asked if I was ok with what they were doing and I said I was. She parted her legs and told me to prove it, so I ate her out. Afterwards we got into bed and we talked a little bit. A bit about how much we loved each other, and a bit about how tiny my dick is. She gave me a handjob. She told me they were going to fuck out in the open and I'd have to just deal with it. She said I still had to prove I was ok with everything. She wanted me to buy them a box of condoms and make them a romantic dinner. So that's what happened a few hours ago. I bought her condoms, I cooked them dinner complete with lit candles, and then I stayed in the kitchen while they ate. They went up to fuck and I cleaned up. Just now I came in here to write this up and they are still going at it.
  14. I wish he had heard! Sadly he was on the other side of a sliding glass doo.
  15. Just a couple of small updates! We were in the kitchen and he got out of the pool and we could see his huge cock outlined in his wet bathing trunks. She said "So that's what a cock is supposed to look like." She laughed it off and kissed me, and said she was only teasing. Then a few days ago they went out to dinner. (I was invited, but I had work to do.) she came home really late and I was already in bed. I asked if she wanted me to go down on her, like I do every night, but she declined. She did offer me a handjob. So we spooned and she jerked me off. It was nice and romantic. She said it makes her happy that I'm not crazy jealous, and I don't mind her hanging out with a guy. She liked that I didn't harass her with a bunch of questions every time she comes home. I told her the only question I'd ever ask her is "Are you happy?" She didn't say anything, she just kissed my ear and started jerking faster. When I came she put her fingers in my mouth so I could clean them. They went out dancing last night. She came into the bedroom, stripped, and then climbed onto my face. Certainly a big change from last time she came home. She rode my face until she came. I asked for a handjob and she said I should have jerked off while eating her out, so I had to go to sleep still horny.