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  1. I have the same issue as a guy its difficult to understand why a woman would not want to when given a pass. I just live through the other guys and memories. My ex wife and I did it with a great friend of mine. It was so incredibly tense and erotic. She was on top and his cock is bigger than mine. I was on the end of the bed on my knees just watching her pump on his cock. You could see it was stretching her. They stopped a moment and kissed then whispered. She leaned back with the dick still in and asked if he could cum in her. I couldnt speak but just nodded. She leaned back up and whispered “cum in me”. It was like 3 pumps later and he was moaning literally lifting her off the bed. He then started to relax and she leaned down and was kissing him deeply. As she did that he started to get soft and then it dropped out. Right behind it was a rush of cum and chunks of it dripping on to the sheets. I didnt eat it but wish I had now. She then insisted he spend the night. I could feel them wrestling around all nite it seemed. I just want to feel that intensity again.
  2. Not bad for 1965. Just can’t get her to hotwife yet
  3. Think she’d have any interest