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  1. I hope he has some left over as it looks like someone else is waiting her turn!
  2. Yes that's my favorite picture of her because of that. Here's a few more of the other black guy she had fun with. All the rest were whiteys
  3. The only other cuckold photos that I know of. Her husband stopped posting pictures no long after, so maybe unlike your lovely lady the hotwife thing didn't work out! ☹️
  4. Yes the lovely Petra who just seems to get better with age!
  5. She really is something and I think we are now playing the Porno version of "Top Trumps" so here is some more of Danni doing the same!
  6. She is one hell of a sexy lady 😍 and a hard act to follow but here goes....
  7. I just love her look Antonio! Here's my effort, maybe not as sexy but the toy is bigger!
  8. Not personally as they are in the US and I'm in the UK. Her husband used to trade on Hello from about 2002 to 2007 under the name "Faribacpl" and I got in on the act and traded with him via another guy towards the end. They were really into the hotwife/cuckold scene and she also wasn't adverse to playing with the ladies. I don't know why but they just disappeared but I know there are a lot more of her out there and I'm always looking.
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