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  1. And i just no theres going to be loads off chatting ladys in our church as they watch my 3 ladys bellys swell up with there pregnancys and plenty off chat in the maternity hospital when they all delivery there babys with the father in atendance as seddrick has insisted he be at the births bet the nurses will be wagging there tounges about such a old man getting into the pants off all these sexy young women but these nurses have not seen his massive black cock and if they had there panties would be very damp just at the sight off his black babymaker.
  2. Yes i would love to put her belly up as you watched me drain my balls into her fertile womb
  3. Very sexy lady only. Thing missing is massive old black cock stuck balls deep up her tight cunt and giveing her a real bellyfull
  4. And has no intention off leaveing anytime soon he loves seeing the result off his massive loads hes put into my wife and 2 daughters as there tummys start to swell up with his babys growing in them he just smiles at there ever swelling bellys
  5. So i guess my wife is going to be busy while the girls go to collage bringing up 3black babys there going to both be 19 andahalf when they have seddricks kids but i do not think there going to be the last black babies they have as seddrick is very comfortable sleeping in my marital bed
  6. I just know old seddrick has been fucking janet constantly her belly is going to be fucking swelling up with his kid she just did. A pregnancy test and its turned positive i have not fucked my wife since seddrick got into my wifes knickers on her birthday 2 months ago i have watched him enter our bedroom through the on sweet bathroom every night. And ravage my wifes pussy with his massive black babymaker on our marital bed hes spent every night between my wifes legs his massive black cock has put more spunk into my wifes pussy than my cock has during our entire marriage and now she has his baby in her womb i now new he was a real alpha bull but tonight was going to be different. Jan told me that the girls new she was going to be haveing seddrick s baby and that seddrick had had a real long chat with our daughters and he had agreed to let them join in with there mum tonight i was totaly flabbergasted. As seddrick then opened the main bedroom door and there were my daughters standing there in some very sexy underware whitch was off course what seddrick had made my wife buy for my daughters seddrick said to me now sit down cuckold and watch me make women off your sexy daughters i new now old man seddrick had every intention off fucking my daughters as i watched i new now this man was in total control and there was nothing i could do to stop it he once again set up the video recorder and began to film himself seducing my , s hell i thought my twin girls are about to get his huge cock in there tight cunts and mum allready full off his baby was about to help old man seddrick started off with kate and soon had her sucking his massive black cock as he pulled her panties aside and let his long tongue start to lick and suck her sweet tight cunt witchlooked so tight he told me keep watch cuckold by the end off the next hour my big cock is going to be balls deep in your daughters tight cunt and its going to be there choice for birth control with that janet produce a large box off extra size magnum condoms and handed one to kate who was by now sucking his massive cock kate slowly coverd his massive cock but the condom only reached about six inches down his massive cock and his girth had the condom so streached it looked like it was so thin it would break easily seddrick said to me pass me the babyoil cuckold witch i did not thinking he liberally applied a massive amount off oil on the condom i did not no at the time but seddrick did that oil on condoms cause them to perish and break witch is excatley what he wanted he new my young daughters cunt was tight and he needed the oil to get his massive cock up her cunt but he also wanted her bareback and the oil would ensure this would happen i slowly seduced my then feed her his massive black cock untill she was in excatley the same position her mother had been 2 months previously but this time i was watching kate massively streached tight twat rapped round seddricks big black cock as he bottomed out balls deep up her very tight cunt the only difference this time i new he had the condom on i noticed the condom as his big ass started to send kates body into one orgasm after another the big thick veins on his massive black cock looked very thick her cunt was constricting his massive manmeat as he constantly buried his thick black cock. his big old black ass driveing his tool right up into my daughters cervix he turned around and looked me right in the eye saying fuck your daughters cunt is so tight i hope bevs cunt is the same take a good look cuckold watch that nice protective condom his big black ass then started corkscrewing into kate cunt as his thursting ass began to power into her it was at this point i watched his thrusts getting longer and longer with the screwing action corkscrew harder and harder take a look cuckold watch that condom with that there was a snapping sound and in 3 strokes off his cock the rubber of the condom was around the base off his massive 11 inch cock and he drove into kate faster and faster only this time the condom was totaly shattered kate was cumming consta tly as the fuck continued then her ankles locked around seddrick s big black ass and seddrick looked at me over his shoulder and winked once again and then announced he was going to cum as he said it bev and her mum watched bev whispered but kate the condoms bust kate could only say fuck me seddrick give me it all with that seddrick drove his full length right up into kate cervix and we all watched that massive vein in his cock pulse as. His massive balls loaded her womb full off the virile spunk that had allready put his baby into my wifes cunt his big cock pulsed 15 times her twat was inundated with this old black mans virile spunk i just new he had just put my first up the spout and his same routine as he held his massive cock head in kates cunt holding all his seed deep up in her tummy. kates eye were rolling in her head as she felt him unload into her fertile twat it was all on video seddrick once again looked me right in the eyes and told me thats the second off your ladys i have just knocked up cuckold and by fuck shes just got herself a nice bellyfull and by the end off the day i am going to put your other up the spout as well guess you cannot trust condoms with a cock as big as mine i did not no about what oil does to condoms but seddrick did he new it would bust and he blamed the condom but his cock just destroyed the condom and left kate totally open to this massive cocked stud old seddrick was not going to miss this chance and he didnt he also within the next hour would repeat the same thing in bevs tight pussy knocking up the pair off them with his black babys anyway he continued to fuck them both for the. Next 18 weeks untill he had impregnated all three off the women in my life he told me later he has this magnatism women cannot resist and once hes fucking them he allways wants to knock them up and hes never failed to this end hes fathered 37 children in women whos knickers the husbands have inadvertently allowed him to get into but my family was the first hes done mother and daughters and by fuck he is enjoying it even more so now hes got them all pregnant to him and hes just so pleased with himself a much old black man in total control he sure loves makeing. These young women have his babys but like he said once they sampled his cock theres no stopping him as theres no resistance from the women hes fucking and he told me later he never wares condoms unless that hes sure there going to fail like it had with kate and bev as rhe fucking off bev was the same as kate with excatley tbe same result oh fuck there all pregnant with black old mans babys and old man seddrick is pleased as punch and continues to fuck all 3 women giveing them so much cock there all falling in love with his massive cock and just love being fucked by this much older bull stud
  7. Old man seddrick has been with us about 2 and a half months now and jan has not had a period for this time so i guess it will not be long till her belly starts to show
  8. No but i sure would love to get into her panties and introduce her to older black cock
  9. Next morning i was woke by the headboard banging the wall i was still sitting at the end off the bed. The camcorrder still running as seddricks big black ass drove his log size dick in and out off my wifes now resized puffed up married cunt he looked over at me winking saying jans cunt was the best he had had in years and he continued to put his massive cock balls deep with ever thrust. My wifes legs were rapped tightly around the old mans big broad back her little feet locking him into her ankles crossed his fucking cock streaching my wifes cunt lips wide on every stroke deep into her tummy. Her voice was high pitched as she begged him to put another load off his very potent virile spunk into her womb his pace quickly picked up his big ass driveing his cock up my wifes married twat. Again and again balls were now going tight in his massive ball sack i watched again the big veined fat black cock as it pulses what must be massive ropes off this black mans dna into my sexy wifes twat. But nothing ran out as he pulled the massive cock out off jans totaly fucked cunt he withdrew but left. That big wide heart shaped bellend plugging her filled married cunt. Holding all his spunk into my wifes filled belly again he looked at my face saying jobs done son my seed will have put your sexy young wife in the family way i put fucking loads up her cunt and she was begging me to knock her up. All fucking night just love redheads there so fucking sexy once you get there pussy warmed up there totaly fuck awsume and belive me son i just totaly spunked your wifes hot sexy fertile vagina so expect her to be well knocked up in a few weeks time i recorded it all so you can watch it again and again hope you enjoy it as much as i did at this point seddricks cock disconnected from janet Patricias cunt and i was treated to a sight i have never seen before her cunt was distended open but totaly filled by a massive load off his baby batter and it was so thick it just plugged her cunt nothing came out it just sat in there i never seen a mans spunk so thick i new his words would be true and that he had just totaly fucked my drunken wife and had just left her well impregnated and it was just to late now to do anything thing for she was Catholic and there would be no abortion seddrick then told me after jan had recovered next morning she would be his married fuckslut that she was now totally his and inlove with his big fat black cock and he was going to make sure jan was going to have another baby in her belly and this one was going to be black as night fucking hell i just new his words were going to cum true and he was indeed going to put my wife into maternity knickers but little did i know she wasn't going to be the only one who was going to end up pregnant more soon
  10. Hope you like the story but i am the one narrating it if you dont like it cap black dont read it ok
  11. I was totaly in shock as i new my sexy wife was murmiring her satisfaction as old man seddrick started his love dance with my sexy wife he then started sucking jans nipples i new once he was on her tits she was his to fuck it was at this point i watched him strip and begin to rub his heart shaped cockhead up and down jans squirming married cunt lips it was massive his cock dripping loads off his pre cum all over my wifes. Married cunt and open wet cunt hole i new i should rushin and stop it as jan and i use condoms asbirth control and it looked like old man seddrick was pla ning on going bareback which is excatly what i was to witness over the next 3 hours i first watched this black man old enough to be my wifes granddad first work the biggest cock i have ever seen into my wifes prim and proper unprotected fertile married cunt then fuck my wife to total sexual bliss to the point where. MY wifes heals were locked acoss his back her nails scratching his big ass his massive black balls banging her ass with what i can only describe as a shattering orgasm as his massive cock was deep in my wifes womb all 11 inchs as his big balls pulse and i watched his thick vein in the root off his cock twitching 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 times as he spunked into jans open cervix because thats where his spunk must be going because she had so much off his man meat in her belly it was at this point i realized seddrick was looking right at me a d then spoke to me saying your sexy wife loves my cock and i am going to be giving her plenty more as you watch i spent all night watching him ravishing my drunk wife thought she was loveing it all every time he spunked he held his cock balls deep i new there was a very big chance pat was going to end up in the maternity ward again and this time it would not be my kid she would be birthing oh fuck i thought and it was all being recorded on camara my wife being impregnated by a much older black man as i watched and wa ked off as he fucked her again and again mmmmmm spunking her married fertile twat
  12. Jan showed seddrick the bathrooms and laundry room he said have not got many clothes but thanks anyway she showed him the upstairs master bedroom and the girls rooms and then the spare room she told him she would take him shopping for clothes next day to this end she asked me for my credit card to buy this old man sum gear as she said anyway old man seddrick thanked jan and said he would like to have a bath the. Main bathroom upstairs had joint doorsfrom the spare room into the masterbedroom and we were to find out later this door would be well used by our visitor and the ajoining masterbedroom door jan took seddrick shopping for stuff next day when i was at work spending a few hundred on new stuff for him things settled into sort off normalife for a while untill the night off janets 37 birthday party i had noticed seddrick had been all eyes when ever jan kate or bev were dressed sexy waring short skirts or dresses well this night jan was dressed very sexy in a short evening dress she had bought new sexy underware black satin and lacy bra knickers and hold up sheen stockings she was. Very hot i told her she would give old seddrick a heart attack she just giggled and twirled a pirouette showing her lacy stocking tops and sexy satin panties she told. Me while i was at work seddrick and her had had some nice talks about him and jans life a d that she got the feeling seddrick liked her a lot but there was a lot more we did not no but were going to find out realsoon because seddrick had the hots for jan and her sexy daughters he had a thing about redheads we allso did not no at the time seddrick had a track record off getting into the knickers off married women and because off how he was built big all round remember well in one department he was humongous that was the cock department i was to find this out later as was jan. Jan piled the drinks down her as i did that night by about midnight we were both pissed i fell asleep on couch girls went to bed around 12 aswell this left. Myself very well oiled and and seddrick slow danceing i could just see his massive bulk pushing up against jans tight sexy body as his handswere pulling her ass up tight against what at the time i did not no was more than a 11inchs off 7 inchthick rock hard coal black prime cock and jans body was in turmoil as he ground her pussy through her dress and skimpy panties she had never ever though this older. Man would be packing such a big cock but she was drunk and her inhibitions were gone and in there place she had a totally soaking wet panty gusset i was out off it and hear she was danceing with this black bull who by then only hadone thing on his mind he new once this wife tryed his monster up her pussy she would. Be his to fuck as he liked and by fuck he was going to be fucking her a lot. Plenty more than husband ever gotafter a while he picked pat up and carried her up the stairs to the bed she shared with me our marital bed and there he proceeded to get pats dress and sexy bra off her leaving her in her hold up stockings high heals and satin knickers it was about this time i woke up realising pat and seddrick were missing and i slowly and quietly made my way to our bedroom the door was open slightly and i could hear seddrick speaking allmost a whisper i edged my head around the door and was in total shock seddrick had set our camcorder up at the end off our bed and it was now focused onthe point where my eyes were now looking as i watched seddrick holding the gusset off my wifes panties aside and his long fat tongue was licking jans tight cunt in long slow strokes and sucking her clit this went on and on my wifes arse squirming under his licking tongue
  13. So came the day mywife janet annonced to the family that she had decided that as part off the church reconciliation plan we as a family were going to be helping a much older black gentleman called seddrick she announced this over sunday dinner the girls kate and bev had a little giggle as she said it thinking another one off mums hair brained ideas but jan was going to make sure this was going to happen to this end she had allready aranged for the older gent to move into our spare room seddrick was his name and he was 67 years old . When seddrick arrived i was expecting a rather run down older guy but nothing like the man that knocked our door that fatefull sunday he was a real big mountain off a man and he was coal black had a real wide body with just a small belly pot but just big all round janet introduced the family starting with hi seddrick im jan these are my twin daughters kate and bev and this is my husband paul he lightly took my wifes hand and thanked her and the family for there help he then took the girls hands and thaked them as well but sort of just blanked me jan then showed the old man to the spare room . As she allso showed him around our house telling him anything in the house he was to feel was his to use as much as he wanted something he would take literally as her word later on
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