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  1. Please post one of your own video.
  2. Congrats!!! Honestly speaking feeling a little bit jealous but can't prevent me from admiring you. A real bull you are !!! 👍
  3. Please check my personal message to see her photo. 

  4. Do check your personal messages sent by me!!! 

    1. secondjag


      Oh yeah, for sure!  I always do what cucks tell me, LMFAO

    2. mastermind2009


      But you have not checked it yet 😞

  5. Secondjag whether the impressive resume video is of yours own dick?
  6. Hi, how are you? Can we talk in personal? 

    1. captainblack


      Are you local to New York City?  Do you actually have a wife?

  7. Hello dad, how are you? 

  8. Why are you not responding to my messages? 

    1. mastermind2009


      Hello mom I love you too much 

  9. Please let me suck milk out of those tits