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  1. How do you prove to the husbands that they like cock? Have you ever just taken there ass, and have any ever cum while you took them?

  2. MadisonMale

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    I loved being in the middle while my wife sucked my cock, she love seeing a big cock using my ass as much as I like seeing her being fucked hard
  3. MadisonMale

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    I have enjoyed seeing all of these reply's to this post. I do have to say I enjoy outing hubby's to their wife's that they enjoy cock as much as they do. In some case's I have opened a whole new world to them.
  4. MadisonMale

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    Guys thank for replying to this post. I am Bi. I love playing with couples where the wife finds it is a turnon to see me using their hubby as a fluffer and to clean us up after. I love fucking the hubby as both reward or at times a punishment. I have had couples where the hubby claimed to be straight only to have me out them with their wife watching. Some wife's have freaked out over it, but most I have found really get in to it.
  5. MadisonMale

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    Does she use that as a tool against you to get what she wants, has she used you being Bi to hhhhhhhhh you in front of her bull.
  6. MadisonMale

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    I was just wondering how many of you cucked hubbys are Bi, and of those how many of your wife's know you are Bi. I know I have found many Bi hubbys whose wife does not have a clue about it. But the wife's who have known most find it hot to see me use their hubby at some point.