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    We are a D/s HW/cuck couple. in the lifestyle for about 8 - 10 years. She is free to have lovers, and currently has three regulars. He is the typical loving voyeur of his favorite porn Goddess :-)

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  1. I love panties. I have about 60 pairs myself and my wife has around 200... I decided to get all pics of her in her various panties ... here's a sample - enjoy
  2. love those pics flasubhubby... you so remind me of me and of my wife!
  3. this is what my wife wore when she was in Vegas
  4. sorry but this is such a silly question lol doesn't matter what size... if his wife says so.. then he should!
  5. We love this lifestyle...she loves playing and her lovers and I love her playing and having her lovers lol
  6. cookman


    Hi to you both. we have been in this lifestyle for a bit more than 10 years has been a gradual, funfilled and at times, painful journey, with a lot of transitions... We started where my wife would meet other guys, with my ok and encouragement, and frequently when she was out by herself of with the girls, and had many lovers like this, usually meeting with them on quite a few occasions. This developed gradually to her taking pictures and videos for me to enjoy and would re-live the experiences when we were together. It developed further to me being involved with her in some threesomes with some of her lovers, but def not all because she likes that independence of playing by herself. We then started meeting men who liked me playing with them to some degree while she watched and played 😉 but now, she has two regular lovers without me having any involvement. We often have open and frank discussions about them, such as the difficulty she has taking their hard cocks too deep in her mouth (they are both in their 30s - I'm in my 60s...she is in between)... and we have even loaned money to one of them. So, back to your question... I do love watching my Hotwife with her lovers - it gives me a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction to see her being pleasured and enjoying herself. I disagree with Hotwife/cuck luvR who says it's a man's instinct to make his wife 'his' again...certainly not for us, and I think not for a lot of submissive cuckold husbands... for me it's about seeing my HotWife having pleasure - that's what gives me pleasure. I'm a giver and love giving to her. of course, I also like pleasure and my pleasure is frequently watching her be pleasured...! Hope that all makes sense. SandS 🙂
  7. Hello we are from Australia... do you ever get here?
  8. Hello my wife particularly likes Sri Lankan men... do you ever get to Australia?
  9. Hi there. no... not sydney. 🤔...shame... but might be going there for a few days later this year maybe keep in touch? [email protected]
  10. My wife loves 'making' me do that for some of her lovers... and now, well I just love doing that with my sexy wife or without! lol
  11. thanks so much mr Bull... really appreciate your thoughts. yes, I did take the pics. I'm not always present while she plays of course - maybe about one in 6 or 7 times... but when I am she loves me taking pics and watching. usually in a pair of panties so that I don't get ideas of joining in lol although she does make me 'join in' in some ways if you get my meaning
  12. Any REAL cucks like to get together with another REAL cuck...? I (cuck - not Hotwife) will be visiting the West, staying in Perth in April...looking to have a few drinks and a bit of fun with likeminded cuck...I repeat, my HotWife will not be joining me... that's me trying to get into her pussy through her panties lol - which she prevented btw! and that's me taking pic of her on a lover
  13. I just want to touch base and thank you again for following me. I may bot post every day, and I may even miss a week or so between my posts, but I do plan on sharing as much about my wife's exploits as I can. So again I want to thank you for following me. it makes posting and writing about things much easier knowing someone will read and enjoy the many things I post.

    Here is a special picture of my wife that has always and still does make my little clit of a dick stiff. I took it after one of her favorite lovers had fucked her raw. He had already left and she fell asleep. When I came into the bedroom she had already fell asleep, and the way her hands were laying on her crotch was very telling about how she knew she was fucked


    The next picture is the stud who fucked her that night. You can see his cock is enormous. When hard his cock reached 8 ½ inches. He is not the biggest stud she fucked, but he had the longest cock with girth. two other men had bigger cocks than him. On had a 9 inch cock, but his girth was rather thin. Then there was the guy with a monster cock at 1 1/2 inches and as thick as the guy in this picture. That guy was never able to get all the way in her because he was hitting her cervix. Any way, the guy in this picture is the one who fucked her the night I took this picture. He was her absolute favorite.


    1. cookman


      they are great pics!


  14. some of my sexy Goddess with one of her lovers, for you to enjoy