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My wifes arse


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I met an old friend from school who had moved back after time in the army, we went out for drinks several times. During one of our conversations, he told me he had never met a woman who would take it up the ass and he would consider paying a woman to do it. I told this to my wife who found it very interesting and said he could fuck her in the ass if he wanted as long as I was there to watch, needless to say he jumped at the chance.
A couple of weeks later he took us both out to dinner and was very impressed when meeting my wife, she told him over dinner that I had fucked her in the ass several times and that she was well into it as long as plenty of lube was used. After dinner we all went back to our house and had more drinks, then my wife left the room only to return with a large tube of KY jelly! She handed it to ken then unzipped her dress and removed it displaying her black stocking suspenders and matching bra and knickers. She then led us into the kitchen, our kitchen table we have found is just the right height for this sort of thing. My wife placed a towel on the edge of the table, for her comfort then asked ken if he needed any help getting hard? he said he was hard the moment he met her and even harder since she took her dress off. She kissed him then bent width ways over the table and told him to “enjoy himself” I watched as he removed her knickers and we both admired and felt her lovely ass. We could see her cunt glistening as she was turned on at the thought of getting ass fucked and ken fingered her for a bit. I went round and sat directly in front of my wife where I could kiss her and hold her hands. As instructed ken used plenty of lube as he fingered her ass to get it ready, she told me it felt nice between kisses. He got into position with his lubed up cock, my wife said” he’s probing” then with a gasp “he’s in!” her facial expressions where fantastic as were the noises she made as he slowly got his cock deeper into her. I held her hands and kissed as she moaned and gasped, she told me to get her tits out and she raised herself on her elbows as I removed her bra and started fondling her tits and nipples. At one point he asked if she was, ok? She replied “just fuck my ass and shut up” then after another kiss she said to me “god I love this, you holding me while another man is ass fucking me, be rougher with my tits” as ken got closer to Cumming the table moved towards me as he was fucking harder and my wife was yelling encouragement to him as she knew he was Cumming.
Both ken and my wife were panting and getting their breath back, when she stood, he thanked her and they kissed, she told him he was welcome and if he followed us upstairs “you can watch my husband do to my cunt what you just did to my asshole” he did and she screamed the house down as I fucked her on the bed. We all lay on the bed chatting and playing with my wife’s tits and ended up sucking on one each, she told him if he went and washed his cock clean, he could fuck her if he liked. When he returned form the bathroom, she sucked his cock back to life then opened her legs for him. I got to kiss her again as he fucked her with her legs bent back under his arms and we both pawed at her bouncing tits.

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