Bedtime snack with the wife

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Just a quick story because I fucking love what happened just now.  

Wife went to bed, asked for a neck rub after I put the, other residents, to bed. 

As a "playing around" moment, I instead started rubbing her butt and sliding my hand up and down her crotch. Usually this provokes an elbow or slap, however, this time she just lay there. After a couple minutes I decided to actually rub her neck. When I finished she rolled from her stomach/side over towards me, she said she wanted a kiss, but as I leaned in, she turned her head and told me I wasn't allowed to kiss there.  Then I noticed she had her right breast out so I started sucking and kissing her there, when she pulled her top down to reveal them both. After giving them both ample attention, I also started rubbing her crotch. 
This went on for a minute when she reached over and grabbed my dick and asked why my shirt was still on. I stripped naked and she pulled her top off, so I went back to rubbing, sucking, biting and kissing her. Shortly after she grabbed again she noticed I still had my shorts on and demanded I remove them. As I did she practically ripped her own pants off, lay back, spread as wide as I ever remember her spreading. I rubbed her and she was SOAKING wet. Then she guided my head to her crotch so I started licking her clit while using two fingers in her. 
I fingered and ate her for about a minute when she started to squirt into my mouth and all over the bed. Out of character like I can't explain. 1: she never guides me to her as she's not a huge oral recipient fan 2: if she's ever that turned on, she ALWAYS makes me get a towel so we don't leave a mess on the bed 3: she almost always pushes my head away when she squirts if I happen to be down there when she squirts, but she pulled me in tonight and came so hard I was taken aback. 4: I used 3 fingers in her and she pulled my hand deeper into her and came again. She has never cum on 3 fingers before. Not in 15 years together. 
Then she wanted my dick. As I'm climbing on her she said "you got a lot in there?" And I replied "there should be...". She replied "I want to feel you squirt it all over me and lick it off". I said "you want me to eat your creampie?" And she retorts "don't cum in me, just cum on me. I want to feel it and I want you to lick it off. Then I want to ride you and cum again". At one point I started to cum and pulled out, but stopped without completely cumming but a few drops plopped onto her. I told her and she said "don't stop next time, I want it and want you to lick it up. I want to feel it. I want to see it". 
I went back at it. As I got close to cumming she again said "cum on me, I want to feel it. I want you to lick it up" and I replied "you want me to eat your creampie?" She said "yes, fucking do it and you better be ready for round two" so I did just that. I came on her and she came as it hit her clit. 
I rolled over and she laid there for a second coming down from her orgasm and then got up and planted her pussy on my mouth. As I ate her pussy she kept saying things like "does that taste good? You like this, don't you? Can you see the cum? I'm so fucking horny! Lick it all up and fuck me again!" As she says this, she grabs my dick, starts stroking it and sucking on it. I think that's only the second time she's ever done anything like this. Then she slid down to grind on my hard but deflating dick and started saying things like "this feels so good. I bet you have cum all over your face now. That felt so good. Did you like the taste?" But only for about 30 seconds did she say these things because she came so hard she collapses on top of me unable to breathe. 
Once I recover a bit, and she catches her breath, she says, "you should wash your mouth off..." and giggles. I cleaned up, then came back to fuck her round 2 and as I was telling her as I fucked her "it feels so good fucking your sloppy seconds. I cum so hard imagining coming home and fucking you after you've been filled by someone else. Good god your sloppy seconds feel so good on my dick" when I said that, she came AGAIN so hard she almost passed out. After she came down I fucked her some more, and ultimately as she came one more time, I came inside her again. 
All told I came twice, and she came... (counting...) 8 times. Maybe 9. 
And she basically informed me I'd be cleaning her creampied pussy. Which I did. 

This is 100% what just happened. 

Some of the best sex we've ever had. 

I love eating her creampie. 99.9% of the time, or basically almost every time we have sex, I tell her I want to do it, but she's not into it. This time... different. 

I'll remember this one for a while, no doubt. 

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