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  1. KC70


    Is this you & wife?
  2. KC70

    my slut what do you think

    Jack, I would like to see her pussy, please. 😋
  3. KC70

    How many cocks?

    Is she still interested and, if so, where RU located?
  4. KC70

    Wife's massage

    Me too. Who could resist such a great ass & pussy mmmmm
  5. KC70

    Showing hotwives

    What a pity ..... I'd have to use boot polish 😁
  6. KC70

    Showing hotwives

    Absolutely beautiful and very sexy 😋
  7. KC70

    Showing hotwives

    Is she your wife / partner?
  8. KC70

    Showing hotwives

    All these are enticing but 2nd one gets my vote she's looks "ready for anything". Delicious tits, cunt & ass. Last one makes me very ♂️
  9. KC70

    SEX 1604

    Grrrr..... some choice babes here
  10. KC70

    SEX 1616

    Nice mature ladies are always "the Best"
  11. KC70

    SEX 1634

    Too many "fakes" for my liking
  12. KC70

    1st ever mature cream pie

    Great story. Mature women are always the best. My 1st affair, at 24, was with a woman about 10 years older and she loved me eating her out and fucking her whilst she squirted over me. She was the BEST.
  13. KC70

    Almost divorced

    I agree with above - She's a gorgeous sexy lady and if she were mine I'd give her everything she desired including a bigger cock that I'd happily clean up afterwards.
  14. KC70

    SEX 1612

    OMG - what a fuckable doll