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  1. KC70


    jack123456, I think your wife has a great rear. This is my wife, rear view of course.
  2. I think this is very sexy also
  3. KC70


    You can have this one, if you can thaw it! Untouched for last 30 months.
  4. Thank you for following. 

  5. Feeling very horny right now xxx
  6. Still open for applicant from Cheshire?
  7. Big thick black cocks for her to enjoy 💓
  8. Listen to her ..... she is REALLY enjoying ALL of the black meat.
  9. This says "I'm waiting for you to come & satisfy me". Not "I'm yours, do with me what you want". And we ALL 'stand to attention' eager to do her bidding. 😋
  10. I believe that women who take one or many cocks in one session are really enjoying it and taking full advantage of what is on offer.... all these erect cocks for their pleasure. The idea that woman can be dominated by any Cock, regardless of size, is a load of 'Cock & Bull', it's us men that are subservient to all woman's desires.
  11. You do it because you love her and want her to enjoy all the pleasures that life has to offer, even if that includes others, men and / or women helping.