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its not cuckold as such but sort of a confession

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ok so here is part 1


After my 2nd busy year at university, I came home for a well-earned summer break. It was nice being at home again with my family, getting to spend time with my father, and my stepmother Louise. Now, half way through the summer holiday, on a nice warm bright morning, my father had to go into work, so it was just me and my Louise for most of the day, and as I sat at the breakfast bar eating some cereals and glancing at my phone, she was doing some clearing up from the night before. As Louise loaded the dishwasher, with a lot of the dirty utensils we had used for my dad's special chilli, she noticed a few of them needed rinsing off first. So, she stepped over to the sink, and out of the corner of my eye, I watched her place a spatula under the tap and turn it on. Unfortunately for her, the water shot out like it was being fired from a hose, hit the utensil, and then went everywhere.

Louise of course screamed in surprise, as the water flew off in various directions, including straight at her. Now, because of her surprised scream, I looked up to see what had happened, and then stared in amazement at the front of her pretty white flowery summer dress that was now soaking wet, and her lovely big round boobs were very clear to see. I couldn't help but gawp at her wet clothed globes, and instantly felt my cock twitch in my jogging bottoms. "Oh shit!" Louise then exclaimed, annoyed, as she looked down at her wet front. Then, my red headed stepmother picked up a hand towel, and started dabbing at her dress and her damp bosom's, trying to dry them out. I really couldn't believe what I was seeing, as Louise, in her early 50's, stood just a few feet away from me, pressing the towel against her wet fleshy breasts, before she pushed it down the front of her dress as well.

She did this because obviously, there was water down there she wanted to dry up, but what she had forgotten at that moment was, pushing her hand down her top, moving it further down, and now I could see a lot more of bare white damp cleavage. My cock instantly twitched again, as I could clearly see now, nearly two thirds of her magnificent big boobs, and without realising what I was doing, my hand slid down to my bottoms, and started adjusting my growing member. For a good few minutes, Louise continued to try and dry up the water, while showing me a lot of her natural white flesh, and I couldn't help but stroke my hard dick through my trousers, as she did this. Then she stopped, pulled the towel out of her dress and sighed unhappily.

"Martin. Does this look okay?" She then asked, turning to look at me. Louise stood facing me, with her damp white flowery dress clinging to her lovely round boobs, and for a moment, all I could do was stare back at her. "Err..." I initially replied, not entirely sure what to say, before asking "What do you mean?" "I mean... Is it noticeable?" She then asked. I once again stared at her lovely damp chest, while my hand continued to grope at my dick under the table, and after a moment replied "Well err... No. Not really!" I lied, it was very noticeable, the moist material was clinging to her perfectly round bulging breasts, and now I could see her nipples poking through too! But, how do you tell your Welsh hot redheaded stepmother that, without sounding pervy. "Oh, are you sure?" She then asked, glancing down at her chest, to check herself. "Err..." I replied back, now realising, I may have just trapped myself in a lie, because I was too busy pleasuring myself to think straight. "You don't think, people will notice, when I go to the shops shortly?" She then asked curiously. I really wanted to say yes, yes, people were going to notice your big round damp chest, and your hard round nipples poking through your moist clinging dress, but once again, all I could nervously say was "Err... No. No, I don't think people will notice."

"Oh okay. Good!" She said cheerily, happy she didn't need to go and change. Then she noticed my almost finished breakfast bowl, and quickly stepped towards me, before saying "Oh, if you've finished that, I'll put it in the washer?" Stepping up to the breakfast bar, she picked up my bowl, and then stopped when she noticed my hand down on my jogging bottoms. "What? What are you doing?" She asked curiously. "I err..." I replied nervously again, trying to think of an excuse, why my hand would be on the front of my trousers. "Are you... Touching yourself?!" She then asked in disbelief. "No. Well... I didn't mean too! I was just moving things about to get more comfortable" I then quickly replied back, trying to apologies, because I realised it was quite obvious what I was doing, before I then said "Truthfully It's just, the front of your dress was really wet, and when you started to dry it up, I could see a lot of your boobs, and your nipples are really hard and poking through too, and now well…… I'm a... Little horny."

"Wow!" She exclaimed in amazement, as she stared back at me in disbelief. "I'm sorry! I won't do it again, I promise!" I then said, realising I could be in a lot of trouble with my father right now. Then, after a moment, she said "Okay. Well, thank you for finally being honest with me. Although, I can't believe you were going to let me go out in public like this!" "Sorry but you just looked amazing." I said again. "Now, as for the other thing..." Louise then said. She then took hold of her damp dress, pulled the top down, and there right in front of me, her lovely big boobs tumbled out. "I can't have my young man feeling all pent up and frustrated, on a nice day like this!" She then said with a grin. Now, I really stared in amazement, as Louise stood just a few feet from me, with her magnificent round globes hanging out in all their glory for me to see.

Her boobs looked magnificent, big, round and pale, with little pink hard nipples pointing straight towards me, and as I stared excitedly at them, she cupped them with her hands, and began caressing her soft warm flesh. Then she said "So, why don't you get that hard young cock of yours out, and then I can help you release the tension?" Well, I didn't need to be asked twice, and took hold of my jogging bottoms and pushed them down with one hand, as I pulled out my now firm dick with the other. "Oh my! Your cock is so hard Martin!" Louise then said in amazement, as she stared down at my erection. "Yeah, sorry!" I replied back. "Oh yes, you do need help with that!" She then said with a smile.

Louise then stepped around the end of the counter, to stand in front of me, before she crouched down between my now open legs, and then leant towards me. My red headed stepmother then took a hold of her lovely round big tits, wrapped them around my upright firm length, and then with a grin on her face began moving them up and down my hard shaft. I instantly moaned in delight as she did this, enjoying the feeling of her soft fleshy pillows hugging my hard pole, and with a huge grin, she continued to jerk my length, with her lovely tits. "Oh yeah!" I then moaned in delight, as she gave me a wonderful tit job. She continued to stroke her lovely big boobs back and forth along my hard cock, and as she did, she asked "How does that feel Martin? Does it feel good?" "Oh yeah! That feels really good! Really, really good?" I replied back.

She smiled and then continued, and kept rubbing her pale white soft jugs, up and down my stiff dick. For a good couple of minutes, Louise crouched in front of me, jerking my length with her lovely big tits, before she then spat on my dick, to lube it up. Feeling her spit hit my hard erection seemed to excite me, and I moaned louder in pleasure when she did that, so she did it again, before grinning at me. "Oh, you like me making your dick wet, huh?" She then asked teasingly. "Uh huh." I replied back, still trying to come to terms with what was happening. "Well then, you're going to love this!" She then said, with a grin. She then lowered her head, stuck out her tongue, and lapped it across the tip of my dick.

"Oh fuck!" I instantly moaned, as I felt her tongue slide across the top of my cock. So, she did it again, and then again, as her lovely big soft boobs continued to move and down my member, she happily licked the top of my tool. "Oh god! Oh god!" I moaned in delight again, as she did this some more. For some time, her lovely wet tongue slid back and forth over my head, while her fleshy globes continued to jerk my shaft, then eventually, as if she needed to taste more of me, she finally sunk her whole mouth onto my dick. I immediately moaned louder in pleasure again, as her wonderful soft wet lips slid down over my cock, and without hesitation, she began sucking on my bell end. "Oh God! Oh god!" I groaned again, as my red headed stepmother now bobbed her hungry mouth up and down on my dick, while alternately stroking her lovely warm soft boobs up and down my shaft.

Her lovely lips slid up and down my dick, as I sat there in our kitchen, moaning in delight, and for another few minutes, she continued to stroke my hard length with her lovely pale tits, while slobbering over the rest of it. Then, after a while, she let go of her boobs, and they fell away from my shaft, only to be replaced with her lips, as they quickly slid lower down my length. "Oh fuck!" I groaned in pleasure, as Louise's mouth sunk onto my cock, and greedily began to taste my entire length. "Oh shit! Oh shit!" I then moaned, as her wonderful mouth moved back and forth along my shaft rapidly. For another minute or two, Louise happily sucked on my hard dick, eager it seemed, to fit as much of my length as she could down her throat. Until finally, she pulled her lips from my cock, and gasped a little for air.

Then, looking up at me, with a grin on her face, she said "Oh, god! Trying to help you from being horny, has got me... Well, all horny!" "Well, there's only one way we can fix this now!" She then said with a wicked look on her face. She then stood up, walked over to the kitchen table, and climbing onto it, she glanced back at me, before taking hold of her little summer dress, and pulling it up over her round mature arse. Leaning over the table where we eat family meals, she pulled her dress up, to reveal a pair of little white panties that barely covered her lovely looking butt cheeks, before she said "Now, why don't you come over here, and show me what that big hard young cock can do?" I once again couldn't believe this was really happening, but not wanting to miss out on an offer like this, I quickly stepped out of my jogging bottoms, and then with my hard cock in hand, moved towards my stepmother.

I then stepped up behind her, placed my hands on her lovely round pale arse, covered by her thin white pair of knickers, and then I began caressing it. God, it was so soft and warm, I fondled her cheeks and massaged them, making her moan softly in delight, as I did. Then, because I felt like I needed too, I leant in, and pressed my face against her white stretched panties, and began nuzzling her mound through them. "Oh yeah you dirty little fucker!" She moaned excitedly, as she felt my warm moist breath through her underwear. I licked, rubbed and sucked her MILF pussy, through her knickers, and as I did, Louise moaned more, clearly enjoying it. I made her little underwear and her mound very wet, until finally, I really wanted to see her pussy in the flesh. So I took hold of her panties and eased them down, and they slid off my stepmother's round little rear, down her slim thighs, over her knees, and a second later, they were off her sandal wearing feet. I then quickly dropped them on the floor, before looking up at her again, and there, right in front of me, was her beautiful bald pink moist pussy and her lovely round bare arse she had massive low hanging lips.

Louise mound looked pretty amazing and it looked so wet, and for a moment I just stood there staring at it in delight, before my stepmother then turned her head towards me, and asked impatiently "Come on Martin! What are you waiting for? I need your big hard cock inside me!" I then stood back up before moving up behind her. I then got behind Louise, took hold of my cock, and aimed it at her lovely moist pussy. This was it I was about to enter my stepmother, I was about to fuck my father's new wife, I was about to cross that taboo that all young men dream of, but rarely ever cross. I then pushed forwards, my round cock pressed against her big soft pink pussy lips, before they eased open, and I slid inside of her. "Oh yeah!" She moaned excitedly. "Oh god I cant believe I’m going to fuck you!" I said, feeling for the first time, my stepmother's wet cunt around my hard cock. I pushed hard length deep into her, enjoying the feeling of her warm moist pussy engulfing my tool, before I then placed my hands on her hips, eased my dick back, and then pushed it in again as hard as I could.

"Oh yeah you dirt boy!" Louise said. So, I did it again, and then again, and slowly and steadily, I started to fuck my stepmother. "Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck me make me your!" She moaned happily, as I thrust back and forth inside of her. As I held onto her slim waist, I slid my cock, in and out of her pink wet pussy lips as I looked down my cock was all wet from her juices. "Oh baby! Oh yeah!" Louise then moaned in delight again. This was incredible! I was fucking my stepmother! Now, I have to admit, I had always had a small crush on her, from the moment my father brought her to meet me a few years earlier, when I was still a young teenager, I always thought she was very pretty, but I never ever thought, I would be fucking her on the kitchen table one day! Well, now I was, I kept pumping away at her, thrusting my hard dick in and out of her lovely wet pussy, and as I did, she was bent over in front of me, moaning excitedly over and over.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh baby! That's it!" She moaned in delight, as I fucked some more. For a good few minutes, I stood behind her, pumping back and forth inside of her, before she glanced back at me, over her shoulder and said "Oh, Martin! Fuck me harder baby! Fuck my pussy!" I was only too happy to oblige, I began thrusting into her faster and harder, and as my tool moved quicker between her little lips, she moaned louder in pleasure, my balls now slapping against her clit. "Oh yes! Yes! Like that baby! Like that! Oh yes!" She moaned excitedly. I continued to hold onto her, as I thrust harder into her, and as I plunged deep into her cunt as hard as I could my balls now slightly sore and ached, she groaned louder with excitement. "Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah don't stop!" She exclaimed again and again. The table creaked beneath us, and the room echoed with her moans of pleasure, but neither of us seem to care, as we fucked like wild rabbits.

For a good couple of minutes, I pounded my stepmother's sweet wet cunt from behind, giving her the fucking she wanted, and as I did, Louise moaned over and over, clearly loving it. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" She groaned some more, as I kept pumping into her relentlessly. Then, as I was still fucking her hard from behind, Louise groans got louder and more excited, and as I rammed my firm length into her again, she exclaimed "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh..." She then tensed up, her red head tilted back, and for a moment there was a slight pause, and then she seemed to explode. "OH FUCK YEAH!" She screamed loudly at the top of her voice, as her first orgasm hit. My stepmother's body then began to tremble, as her pussy started to buck on my young cock, and she groaned loudly, as she came in front of me. "OH YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!" She cried out again, as she continued to orgasm. For several wonderful moments, Louise came on my cock, groaning and twitching wildly, as she did she squirted all over me. I was covered in lady's cum.

It was amazing! Watching my pretty stepmother cumming uncontrollably in front of me, crying out in pleasure because I had got her there, I stood behind her, enjoying every second of it. Then finally, with a relieved groan, she stopped cumming, and with a happy sigh, relaxed, and then tried to catch her breath. As she was bent in front of me breathing deep, I relaxed a little too, just enjoying the moment, before Louise then turned her head to look back at me, and with a grin on her face, she leant back towards me, wrapped and hand around the back of my neck, and pulled me towards her. We then kissed, passionately, and for a good minute or more, our tongues happily explored each other's mouths, as our lips remained locked together. Now, we weren't done yet, not even close, because after excitedly kissing me for a bit and us both catching our breath, Louise eventually pulled her lips from mine, and then with a happy smile on her face said "Fuck me again, please baby!" "Okay!" I replied back.

She then pulled herself off my hard length, laid down on the table, and then rolled over onto her back in a missionary position, before she spread her lovely bare legs wide for me. I quickly crawled forward, between her thighs, leant over her half naked body, and placed my hard cock up against her moist opening. Then, with a little push, I slid inside of her again, sinking my cock deep into her now loose hole. She moaned as I filled her with my dick again, before I eased back, then pushed in again. That hot red headed MILF moaned again, and then again, as I started to move back and forth inside of her, and pretty quickly, I was fucking her once more. "Oh yes, baby! Yes!" Louise groaned in delight, as I thrust in and out of her. I continued to pump my dick in and out of her wet MILF pussy, and as I did, she lay beneath clearly enjoying every second of it. Now as I fucked her, her lovely bare legs lifted a little, and gripped my sides, and her arms hung onto my shoulders, before she groaned happily again with my every thrust. "Yes Baby! Oh yes! Oh yes!" She moaned in pleasure, as my dick slid in and out of her. For several wonderful minutes, I lay on top of my stepmother, pumping her wonderful wet cunt full of my cock. Before she moved her legs, over my lower back, and then pressed her heels into my bare arse cheeks and moaned "Harder Martin! Harder!" So I began thrusting quicker and deeper into her again, and instantly Louise groaned louder, as I did. "Yes baby! Yes!" She exclaimed excitedly, as I did as I was told. My hard cock pumped rapidly in and out of her as she held onto me, and the harder I thrust into her, the more she dug the backs of her feet into my arse, eager for more.

"Harder honey! Harder! Harder!" She groaned in delight, encouraging me to really go for it. So, I did, pumping as fast and as hard as I could, and as my dick pounded her wet cunt, she moaned excitedly in my ear, as I did. "Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" She exclaimed, clearly loving what I was doing. Then, after a while, her lovely legs lifted up off my arse, and rose up into the air, before she reached up and took hold of her little ankles, and then said "Keep going baby! Keep going! I'm nearly there! I'm nearly there!" So I kept thrusting as hard and as fast as I could, and as my cock battered her little pink pussy lips, my balls basking into her ass cheeks, my stepmother moaned wildly beneath me.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oh god, yeah! Yeah! Keep going! Keep going, I'm sooo close!" She cried out. I was now basically hammering her cunt for all I was worth, pounding it with my cock as hard as I could, and this was exactly what she wanted, because she moaned and groaned consistently as I did. "Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!" She cried excitedly again and again. Then, as my cock plunged in and out of her, and our hot half naked bodies slapped together repeatedly, her red head tilted backwards, her back began to arch and then she groaned loudly at the ceiling. "OH FUCK YES! YES! YES!" Louise then screamed, as her hot MILF body began to buck wildly on my cock again. I held onto her shoulders as my dick pushed deep into her cumming pussy, and as I did that, she continued to cum loudly and excitedly, for a second time. "OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" She then cried out, still twitching uncontrollably under me. For another few glorious seconds, my wonderful stepmother came again, for the second time, on my dick, until, with a big relieved sigh, she finally stopped, and relaxed again.

Then, for a moment, she just lay beneath me, with a happy smile on her face catching her breath panting loudly. I glanced down at her, looking at her pretty face looking all flushed and sweaty, and still she looked fantastic and very hot. Then, she opened her eyes, looked up at me, and said with a smile "Oh honey, that felt so good! So so good! You fuck so well!" I smiled back at her, before she let go of her ankles, wrapped her hands around the back of neck, and then pulled my head down towards her, and we kissed again, this time it was so much more. We kissed for a good minute or so, as our half naked bodies remained pressed together, until she pulled her lips from mine again, and then told me to get off of her. I eased my hard cock out of her very wet warm hole, before lifting up off of her, and then she sat up, climbed down off the table, and then standing there in the middle of the kitchen, she pushed down her dress completely. I watched as she stepped out of her clothes, and now stood completely naked in front of me, before she grinned, and then stepped over to the big patio doors. They were tall glass doors from floor to ceiling, and without hesitation, she stepped up to them, and then pressed her hands up against them.

Louise then looked over her shoulder, back at me, and then said "Come on Honey! Make me cum again! I want that firm cock in me once more!" Well, I couldn't say no to my stepmother could I? So, I walked away from the kitchen table, and moved towards her, before I stepped up behind her, and took hold of my dick. I then placed it up against her smooth wet pussy, and brushed it up and down a few times, teasing her moist lips, before, with a gentle thrust, I slid back inside of her again. "Oh yeah!" She moaned in delight again, as I filled her mature pussy with my length once more. I then held onto her hips, eased back and then pushed in again, then eased back and then pushed in again, and steadily, started to fuck her again. "Oh yes! Oh yes!" She moaned out loud, as she leant forward against the big glass doors. I knew this was dangerous, any of the neighbours might see us, if they glanced over the fence or looked out of their upstairs windows, but she didn't seem to care, I tried not to worry about it either, and continued to thrust into her.

"Oh yes baby! Yes! Yes!" Louise moaned, as I slid back and forth between her lovely moist lips. For several minutes, I pumped my cock in and out of her lovely wet cunt, as she leant against the doors. Then, as we continued to fuck, I wanted to touch her boobs, those wonderful looking hanging white globes just needed to be touched. I moved my hands up her hot slim fit body, until I found her big hanging breasts, and then cupped them with the palm of my hands, before excitedly fondling and caressing them. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah, play with my boobs honey! Yes, like that! Oh, that feels good!" She moaned in delight, as my hands massaged her big mature tits, and my palms rubbed her hard nipples, I continued to thrust in and out of her lovely wet pussy, and my stepmother moaned again and again in pleasure. I kept fucking her like that for another few minutes, and was now enjoying it so much, I never wanted this to end. But inevitably, as I continued to pump into her, filling her lovely wet hole with my dick over and over again, I felt my excitement beginning to build, and soon my moans of pleasure got louder and more excited.

Louise then noticed this, and as I slid back and forth inside of again, she asked "Oh baby! Are you nearly there? Are you nearly ready to cum?" "Yes, I'm so close!" I replied, feeling my excitement continue to build with every stroke I gave her. "Fuck me harder then, baby! Momma wants your cum! Fuck me harder!" She then said in a naughty voice. So, I let go of her tits, placed my hands on her waist again, and then started to push my hard throbbing length faster and deeper into her warm wet cunt. Louise instantly groaned louder in pleasure, as I began thrusting harder into her, and as I pumped my cock into her lovely wet pussy, she began rocking back, against my thrusts. "Yes! Yes! Yes! That's it honey! That's it!" She then cried out loud, before adding keenly "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me that dick! Give it to me! Give it to me babe!" I did my best, and my hard cock continued to pound her pink hole from behind as I held onto her, and Louise moaned louder, clearly loving it. For another minute or more, I plunged in and out of her wet pussy, wanting to fuck her to another orgasm, while desperately trying to hold off on me cumming.

But, as my young cock slid back and forth between her lips, and our naked bodies slapped together, I knew I wasn't going to hold it off much longer. "Oh, god! Oh god I'm going to cum!" I then shouted out, feeling my excitement quickly race to its conclusion. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Cried my stepmother, as my cock slid back and forth inside of her faster and faster. And then it happened. As I slid back in, my balls tightened, and then I exploded. "I'M CUMMING!" I then cried out in pleasure, as my cock began pumping my load deep into my stepmother's wet warm hole. "OH SHIT YEAH!" I then cried out, as I spurted big dollops of white wet cream deep in her pussy. "OH MARTIN THAT FEELS AMAZING!" Louise then groaned loudly, as her head tilted back once more, her back arched, and her hot slim MILF body began to tremble on my cumming cock. My stepmother was cumming again, triggered by my hard length cumming and throbbing inside of her, and as her hot wet pussy twitched and bucked on my dick, I groaned in delight as I spurted more wet sticky seed inside of her. "OH GOD! OH GOD!" I exclaimed in amazement, as I blew more cum than I had ever done before.

It felt like I was draining myself of every liquid I had in me, and for several wonderful seconds, I filled up my stepmother's lovely wet pussy with my sticky load, as she moaned in delight, and ground her little cunt against me. Then finally, with delighted relieved sighs, we stopped cumming, and relaxed, and for a moment, as Louise continued to lean against the glass catching her breath, I remained deep in her cum filled hole, catching mine. After a little while, my stepmother finally stood up right, letting my spent cream covered cock slip out of her. I watched as my cum ran down the inside of her thigh, before she turned towards me, and with a smile said "Oh honey, that was incredible! Was it incredible for you too?" "Oh yeah!" I replied with a big smile. "Good!" She then said, before she leant back towards me, and we kissed.

We kissed passionately for some time, before finally she pulled her lips from mine, and then said with a smile "Okay, so, from now on, if you feel horny, you just let me know, and I'll take care of you, alright?"

"Okay!" I replied excitedly back. "Good! I can't have my young man all pent up, when he's supposed to be relaxing and enjoying himself!" Louise then said with a smile, before she took my hand, and led me to the shower to get all cleaned up.


we fucked 2 more times while I was on xmas holiday from university, you'll have to let me know if you want to read about them

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