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S and L’s Friday Night

Guest SandL

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Guest SandL

So for those interested in our journey, Friday night and what followed was amazing in a lot of ways. I think its best to explain why in three parts: the before, the during and the after. I’ll post each one separately and hopefully Steve will respond with some of the things he was thinking and feeling. 


You all should encourage him to share! (Sorry Steve lol)


The Before


All day I was a nervous wreck. What was going to happen? What did I want to happen? How was I going to manage all the expectations and wants of all three of us? I should say that I tend to think that I’m more important than I actually am and so (in keeping with my sometimes, inflated ego) I thought everything was on my shoulders. I thought I needed to read and detect Steve’s emotions and overall well-being. I thought I needed to be sensitive to Robert’s expectations. And I thought I needed to manage both and act appropriately for both so that both, especially Steve, wasn’t disappointed or hurt. Steve had heroically eased the tension with his email to Robert (explained in earlier post). And Steve had wonderfully expressed his desires to see me with Robert and especially see me enjoy myself in ways he had never before witnessed. But as the hours ticked down to minutes before our drink date with Robert, I was increasingly becoming a nervous wreck. 


Thankfully a very good friend I met on this site, helped me at every step. She helped me read Steve and helped to comfort me in my fears and even helped me to do as much as I possibly could to make this as enjoyable for Steve as possible. Thank you! :) 


So throughout the day she talked to me about ways I could make this as great as it could possibly be. 


For starters, she helped me trust Steve and what he was wanting. That sounds strange to me because Steve was pretty clear about what his desires were. Even though he was constantly declaring his wanting to “watch” I wasn’t sure I could trust it. I think that’s because it was going to be our first time and I was highly sensitive to anything that I might do to hurt Steve. So I was reading nos into his yesses. I didn’t want Steve to judge his worth to me based solely on sex. I didn’t want Steve to denigrate his masculinity because he can’t do what Robert does to or for me sexually. And tbh, I didn’t want Steve to feel “less than” because he doesn’t have the obvious equipment (cock) that Robert has. And so I was constantly going back and forth from what I knew and what I thought. My friend helped me navigate those ebbs and flows in a much more healthy way than I was equipped for. So, eventually, I chose to trust Steve and his words instead of what i thought Steve might be feeling or meaning. Again, thank you!!!!! 


Okay...my emotional breakdowns out of the way :) 


Early in the day, I texted Steve to help me pick out my panties. My friend told me that letting Steve take part in these kinds of things will help him feel included and somewhat in control of what might take place. I texted Steve and asked him to help me. I sent him 3 pictures. The first was a pair of black, lacy panties that I laid on the bed. The second was a hot pink thong that I rarely wear....again laid on the bed. The third picture was of just the bed where the first two panties were laid...meaning the third option was no panties. Steve picked the third without even a thought :) 


My friend/coach told me that letting Steve pick out my clothes would be hot for Steve too. I planned on that too...but it would have to wait. 


Something else my friend suggested was that I should do something out of the ordinary. Robert likes me shaved. I like it too, but I especially like it now after seeing how Robert responds to it. But I also like the feel of his tongue and his lips all over my pussy. I  like to watch his big black cock sliding into me when I’m shaved. But I think the best part is watching me stretch around him...being shaved completely bare makes it so much easier to see. :)  So the extraordinary thing that my friend suggested was that I get waxed. And I did! I’ve never done that before and so it was a little out of the box for me. But after i did it (2:30 pm), i knew I would be doing this again! I couldn’t believe how much smoother it feels than just shaving. I couldn’t wait for Robert to touch me there and kiss me there and I liked everyone knowing that I did it for him :) 


After I came home from my waxing and filled my friend in (4:30 pm) on what a success it was, she suggested that I use it for Steve’s benefit too. This is what she suggested and how it played out: 


I showered (for the second time) and put a long T-shirt on and waited for Steve to come home (I still wanted him to help pick out my clothes). Steve got home about 5 pm. He had said that he was coming home early but I didn’t think he meant only 1 hour earlier than normal! But when he came home, I met him at the door. The look on his face alleviated a lot of my fears. He was almost glowing...and so was I! I kissed him and asked him to come upstairs and help me. I held his hand and led him into our big, walk-in closet...


L: Help me pick out something to wear tonight. 


S: Okay, but anything you wear will look amazing on you. 


I turned toward my hanging clothes and backed up into him and laid my head back on his chest. I took his hand and slid it under my long T-shirt and placed it on my “surprise”. His fingers and hand felt so good on me! I had been wet or at least damp most of the day and I wanted him to know that...but what i wanted him to feel most was how smooth I was. With my friend’s suggestion, I said...


L: Do you like it?


S: You shaved? 


L: No. I went and got it waxed. 


Steve breathed heavy into my ear and started to press a finger into me. I pulled his hand away and turned toward him and looked right into his eyes and lightly grabbed his crotch...


L: I did it for Robert. (I wouldn’t normally say that...blame my new friend :) But Steve loved it so Thanks again...from both of us!)


Next, I sank immediately to my knees. 


As I said in an earlier post, I don’t always want to give my husband a bj. But after the other night, I couldn’t wait to do it again. Strange, huh? This new lifestyle is really good for all of us! 😂 


(This again was my friend’s idea...Steve says thanks!)


I looked up into his eyes and quickly undid his buckle and then his pants and slid them down. He’s not nearly as big as Robert...not even close. I don’t know why, but I just love taking Robert’s black cock into my mouth. Is it the size or the color or something else...I’m not sure, but I love it. But this time, I couldn’t wait to please Steve in this way. I took him into my mouth. Steve isn’t really big enough to stroke him while I suck him...the way I can with Robert. With him, I can actually use both hands and still have plenty to lick and kiss and suck!...but I gave Steve the very best bj that I could...and I loved every second of it. “Seconds” is the appropriate description :) Steve didn’t last very long :) I guess he liked it too :)


After he finished...er...after i finished him :) I patted his stomach and said...


L: Now help me pick out something to wear


S: Ummmm...okay. That was amazing by the way 


I smiled and we went about picking out for me something to wear. I of course had my preference. I wanted to wear something other than I normally would. This was a special occasion after all! But I’m normally a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl so I wanted to wear something a bit more revealing. I wasn’t going to be wearing panties and while I wanted Robert to be surprised by that...mostly I wanted Steve to know that as we sat having drinks and that if he somchose, feel how wet this whole thing was making me :) I don’t have to be in Robert’s presence very long before I start getting wet. I figured tonight would be no different and if he wanted to, I wanted Steve to feel. So I wanted a dress or skirt, but I also wanted Steve to be in charge of what I wore. He picked out a white blouse (that I normally only wear when I’m really tan) and a black skirt (that I rarely wear because it’s tighter and shorter than I’m normally comfortable with). This wasn’t exactly what I wanted...but I wasn’t going to say anything. Maybe next time I’ll pick out three options that Steve can pick from. I looked like I was going for an interview or something :) But it met my conditions of easy access 😂 


While I changed, Steve changed into something less business like. He wore a plaid button up shirt and a pair of black jeans (he looks really good in those jeans!) 


We were on our way! 


Because we wanted to meet somewhere we wouldn’t know anyone, we let Robert pick the place. He chose a typical uptown bar. It was kind of a yuppie bar with booths and tables and it was filled with people that looked like they just got off work. I texted Robert when we parked the car and he texted back that he was already inside. 


Walking in, I was really nervous. When I’m like that I hang onto Steve like my life depends on it. This was no different. As we walked in and walked toward the booth that Robert was sitting at, I gripped Steve’s arm even tighter. It’s kind of weird that i would be the one that’s scared to see Robert. I don’t know why, but I was. I guess I was nervous for Steve. But he’s always calm and confident in new surroundings. It’s just how he is. But I thought this would be different. It wasn’t. With me on his arm, he just casually walked us toward Robert. I wasn’t sure how to greet him. Do I hug him? Would that be too much? So when we reached him, I awkwardly shook his hand and quickly nestled back into Steve’s side. It was weird for all of us...I immediately thought I had blown the whole thing. But Steve saved the day again...


S: Oh I thought you knew each other.


We all laughed and then sat down. 


That totally broke the ice! 


We sat down and got our drinks and went about talking. This is the part I was most nervous about. I had hoped that Robert and I would have sex tonight. I had hoped that tonight would be the night that we would all take the next step and Steve would get to watch us. But mostly, I wanted Steve and Robert to get along. Tonight’s success would not be defined by sex...but by Steve and Robert’s interaction. (My friend told me that too)


As always, Steve rose to the occasion. He and Robert proceeded to talk and get to know each other. Robert asked Steve a lot about his basketball days. Steve shared his stories of college and the NCAA tournaments and his short career overseas. Normally, I would be trying to butt in and talk about something I know more about...but I was so happy to just sit back and listen. I was so proud of Steve and I was so happy to see Robert act so respectfully toward him. (He should when it comes to basketball...Steve is still awesome and I love watching him play and Robert wouldn’t stand a chance! One of the things I love most about watching Steve play is when he starts, no one expects this kind of older, white guy who’s not in the same shape he was proceed to pretty much kill everyone. Most of the guys he plays with are black, so if they have wives or girlfriends there, they don’t expect him to be the best one out there. I love it. Tonight would not be like that. Tonight, the expectation would be the reality and I was constantly thinking about how Steve would respond to it) Regardless of what was going on in my head, we all laughed a lot and talked (never about sex or the past) and after about an hour and a half, Robert got up to use the bathroom. 


S: Well, this is going well. 


L: You like him? 


S: I do. 


I gripped his hand that was running up my leg. It was like a weight had been lifted or like the clouds had parted :). I was so relieved. 


S: Sooooooo, should we? 


I wasn’t going to read into this...


L: are you asking if we should invite him back to our house? 


S: Yes. 


L: You know what will happen if we do, right? 


S: Obviously. 


L: Are you sure? You’re ready to see...? 


S: I think so, yes. 


L: You can’t think so...this is a big. You have to be sure. 


S: Do you want to? 


I pulled his hand up my thigh. I spread my legs a little and pulled him to me. I knew I was damp and I wanted him to feel.


L: Yes. If you’re ready then I really want to. I love you so much, Steve. You know that right? 


S: Yes, I really do. 


L: I want him and I want you to watch me with him. You can stop us and I’ll stop for you...but I want him so much...but no matter what...I love you more than anything. Remember that. 


S: i know and I say we do it. 


Robert, on cue, slid back into his side of the booth. 


L: Robert, I think we’re ready to go. Would you like to come back to our house? 


My attention was now on Robert. He has the biggest, most gorgeous smile. He smiled and I melted and I wanted to feel him inside me and I wanted Steve to watch. God that sounds so wicked...but it’s what I wanted.


R: Of course. I’ll meet you there. 


We got up and walked to the car. I held Steve’s hand with one hand and his arm with the other while we walked out. I wanted to make sure he knew I was still his. 


The ride home was interesting. I knew what was about to happen and so did Steve. There was no use talking about anything else. Once we got on the interstate, I reached over and placed my hand in Steve’s lap. 


L: are you excited?


He just smiled and didn’t say anything but he quickly got hard...I guess that was my answer :)


(At this point I should say that i overanalyze almost everything. I ask tons of questions and always feel like I need to know everything I can before I can act. This was no different)


L: You know, just because Robert is coming to our house doesn’t mean that anything HAS to happen. Okay? We can just hang out and if we can’t or it gets weird we can ask him to leave...okay? 


S: Yes. I will let you know if I’m uncomfortable. But Leslie, we both know this is going to happen at some point. I’m nervous too but I also want it to happen. So don’t overthink this. Have fun and do what’s natural. I promise I’m more than okay with this. 


L: Okay...I know. But you’re going to see me react to him in ways you’ve never seen me. 


S: I know.


I was stroking and squeezing him the whole time 


L: You think you do but if we do this, Robert is really big. It’s one thing to see his cock in ampicture, it’s quite another seeing it in person. I should know! And he’s going to fuck me and he’s going to fuck me hard and I’m going to be really loud and he’s going to fuck me for a lot longer than you do.


S: We’ve talked about this


L: I know. I just need to say that and hear that you’re still wanting to watch. 


S: Leslie, I want to. I really do. I don’t know why, but I do. At this point, it’s like I have to. 


L: Okay. But no matter how I react or what I say just remember that I love you more than anything and anyone. Okay? 


S: You’re crazy but yes, I know. I promise. 


We got to our house at about 9:45. Robert got there about 15 minutes after we did. Steve and I were sitting on the couch waiting for him. My nerves were still there, but not overwhelmingly so. Which is really strange for me. Anything new usually freaks me out. But this is something that we’ve been talking about for so long, I felt prepared...especially after our conversation in the car. Steve obviously knew I was already having sex with Robert on a regular basis. Steve knew how much I loved the way Robert fucked me. (I don’t use that word lightly. It’s not a word I use in my normal speech. But it’s just the best word that describes what Robert and I do. Steve and I make love. Robert and I fuck. I love both)  Steve’s raging hard on made it clear that he was excited to watch. So while I was nervous...it was more of an anticipation for what was about to take place after so many conversations and so much research about this new lifestyle.

This was just the natural next step. 


When Robert knocked on the door, both of us got up to greet him. 


(The During will soon follow :) ) 



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Guest SandL
4 minutes ago, secondjag said:

Not too hard to figure out who the mentor/muse was in the happy event.  You couldn't have been in better hands.

Nail on the head! 😂 You’ve been encouraging as well! 

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