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S and L’s Friday Night: During Part I

Guest SandL

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Guest SandL

The During: Part I 


(The Before part of this night is in a previous post)

Steve opened the door and said something like “did you get lost?” I don’t remember exactly because my mind was somewhere else but it put me at ease and we all kind of laughed. Robert looked really good. I think I already mentioned that in the last one...but damn! 


It was interesting seeing them together. Steve is not small. He’s a little over 6’ but Robert is about 4” taller than him. I don’t know why that stood out to me but it did at that point. Maybe Robert’s size stood out because sex was on my mind now and what was in his pants was also bigger than Steve...much more than 4”! I have said this a number of times in my posts...but Robert is easily twice as big as Steve. Maybe....almost....three times as big. At this point, that was on my mind for a variety of reasons and seeing them next to each other seemed to highlight that.  


No matter how many times Steve made me feel comfortable, I couldn’t help thinking about how he was going to respond. I had told him on the car ride home that pictures don’t do justice to what he’s going to see in real life. That never left my mind the entire evening...except for one moment which I’ll get to shortly :) 


But I kept thinking...what will seeing Robert do to Steve. What will seeing his wife touch another man do to him? What will seeing me obviously enjoying having Robert’s cock in my mouth do? What will my moans do? My screams? (I’m very vocal) What will it do to hear me express how good he feels? (I’m an encourager :) ) What will seeing me orgasm over and over do? My eyes roll back? I couldn’t keep any of those questions out of my head. I’d push them away or Steve would do or say something that would make them go away...but they just kept coming back.  


( I hope its okay that I keep writing what was going on in my head...to me its important to share) 




We walked into our den, which was on purpose. We weren’t sure about doing this in our bedroom. Our bedroom is pretty big and we actually have a little sitting area there...but its kind of a weirdly shaped room...its not a square. It’s long and is more like an L shaped room...the bed is toward the back and the sitting area is kind off in the corner by the window. So we had earlier decided to first go into the den. The den is not as large as our living room and we have 3 couches that are arranged in a U shape around the fireplace. The couches that sit facing each other are not more than 7 or 8 feet from each other. We could all sit pretty intimately in there so that’s what we decided on. Actually it was Steve’s idea...he thought he’d be able to see the best without having to get up and walk over. (Good plan Steve! :) )  


When we sat down, I sat with Steve across from Robert. It was kind of awkward. We talked for a while about small talk things. It’s not like Robert hadn’t seen the inside of our house. He had fucked me on the very same couches we were sitting on many times! In fact, there weren’t too many rooms in our house that he hadn’t! So it wasn’t like he could ask about the house. But after our time at the bar, we were starting to run out of things to talk about! And again, my nerves were starting to get the best of me. Steve wasn’t acting weird or anything, and if he had been I wouldn’t have done anything. But he seemed as comfortable with Robert now as he had been at the bar. That’s just how Steve is. So eventually, I turned to Steve, put my hand on his thigh...squeezed...and whispered...


L: I’m going to go and sit with Robert. Okay? 


S: (with a smile) I figured you would at some point. 


I kissed him on the cheek and got up and walked over to Robert. (Some of what took place is not perfectly clear in my head...but there were several pivotal moments that are. This is one of those moments)


I sat on Robert’s right side...as close as I possibly could. I’m glad we had the lights on because I wanted to read Steve and with my hyper sensitive mind, he looked a little off his normal game. He was talking to Robert some, but his eyes kept darting over to me. This was going to be challenging! 


As we sat there, Robert didn’t make any moves toward me or put his arm around me. Later he would tell me that he was taking a backseat because he understood this to be about me and Steve more than me and him. So he didn’t want to try and do anything that could make it seem improper. Which is really funny to me now. I mean, given what we were about to do...improper seems out of context! 😂 


But anyway, I knew I was going to have to start this lol. 


So I put my hand on Robert’s thigh and just watched Steve’s eyes the whole time...window to the soul, and all :) He thought that my staring was a sexy thing that I was trying to do because we’d read about eye contact during our research of this stuff...but that’s not what I was doing. I was just trying to make sure he was okay. With not much of a response other than seeing his eyes periodically looking down at my hand, I started to rub my hand higher up Robert’s leg...it was my left hand so it wasn’t a natural position to grab his bulge...but as I moved my hand up my wrist would nudge his cock. I could tell Robert was liking that because the bulge was growing! I’m not sure, but with my hand slowly going up and down Robert’s leg...Steve started to squirm a little. When we made eye contact again, we both sorta smiled so I knew he was okay...so I figured it was the right time. 


I took my hand away and turned toward Robert (I so want Steve to write about this moment!)...he turned his head toward me and loud enough for all to hear, I said...


L: Don’t worry. He wants this. He wants to see. 


It was kind of weird. Robert from the very beginning had been in control of me when we were together. Now, he was kind of hesitant. 


So I leaned in and kissed him. It wasn’t crazy hard but it wasn’t a peck either. As I did, I slid my hand down his stomach and over his crotch. (No matter how many times I feel him like this, it still amazes me how big he is) 


I cupped him and squeezed a little...and then I had to check. I turned toward Steve and just watched his eyes while I fondled Robert. His eyes were racing back and forth between my eyes and my hand. He was definitely squirming now! Robert leaned down and started kissing my neck...which always drives me crazy...which also makes me melt and close my eyes. I was starting to breathe heavier...but i caught myself and looked at Steve again. His eyes seemed to tell me he was okay...so pulled back a little to kiss Robert some more. I really wanted to feel his lips on mine! 


There are a few times where I get lost in the moment. This was one of those moments. 


We were kissing passionately at this point and his hand was holding and squeezing my breast. I just kept kissing him...biting his lip...sucking on his tongue...swirling it around his. His tongue felt so good! 


Robert then pulled me on top of him so that I was straddling his lap.


I said in my earlier posts that I can’t always feel if Steve is hard or not when I sit in his lap. With Robert, its impossible to miss when he starts to get hard. There’s just not a set of pants or underwear that can constrain him! He felt sooooo good. I pressed down and rocked back and forth over that big, beautiful cock. 


L: I want to feel you in my mouth. Steve really wanted to see this. 


R: moan...smile...hesitat glance at Steve


I slid off of him and down between his legs. I turned back to Steve, still rubbing Robert’s massive bulge...


L: If you want to see better...(I kind of motioned with my head toward the couch next to the one me and Robert were on...well, the one Robert was on :) )


Steve didn’t say anything...but got up and sat down on the other couch that was catty-corner to the one we were on...not more than 3 or 4 feet from us. As he walked over he was kind of hunched over a little and covering his crotch with his hand. I took that as a good sign :)   


I turned back to Robert his eyes were full of lust. (He’s often commented on how good I am at giving him oral. I think I am...but mostly because I just love it so much. I don’t know why, but his cock is just so inspiring to me!)


I unbuckled his belt and pulled it all the way from his pants and dropped it next to me. I smiled and undid his pants. He arched his back so I could pull them down. I slid them all the way off his feet...one foot at a time (after taking off his shoes and socks)...and tossed them to the opposite side of me from Steve. Robert was wearing black boxer briefs. I had seen these same briefs many times but I still loved the way he looked inside them. His bulge is crazy big. I thought for a minute what Steve might be thinking. I glanced over at Steve as my hand was holding Robert...but only for a second. He was sort of leaned over so he could see better. I ran my hand over his bulge a few more times. God he felt big. I guess it was because tonight was new for us...he felt even bigger than I remembered. Steve being there made everything feel new. I smiled and reached with both hands to pull his briefs down. When I did I smiled at Robert and said...


L: There he is! He’s so big for me! 


Robert just smiled. 


This is when I purposefully looked at Steve.  


The next day I asked Steve if he could see me shaking. I might not have been shaking, but at that moment my nerves were certainly coming back and I could feel them. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t do anything that would upset Steve...i was overly cautious the whole night...well, except for one moment. But while I was nervous right then, I also remembered how much Steve liked looking at the pics of my hand on Robert’s cock and my lips kissing it. Of the few he’s seen, those are his favorite. 


So I watched Steve as both of my hands slowly stroked Robert. I wanted to say something to Steve...something like “He’s big isn’t he” or “I told you he was big”...but I didn’t. I couldn’t. Wasn’t ready for that stuff yet. 


But it was still amazing. Steve knew I had done this many times before. I tried to explain to him what it felt like. Steve is my man in so many ways...even in this short description of our Friday night I hope you can tell that Steve’s the kind of man that protects me from my nerves and does what is best for me and us...even when I don’t and when I didn’t. That’s a real man and he’s my real man. But Robert’s cock is just that...manly. He’s long and thick...which I’ve already explained. He says he’s normally about 10” but with me he’s 11”.  Such a sweetheart, right? Lol He has a large head, as well...and a pronounced vein running down the top of his shaft when he’s hard. Because he stretches me so tight when he’s inside me, that vein is a true gift! It’s an amazing cock and I know every inch of it very well :) But, back to what i was saying...it just feels “manly” or “masculine” in my hands. 


Anyway, I watched Steve for reactions as I was stroking Robert. I think he was enjoying it...he’s a bit of a robot when it comes to emotions sometimes :) . But he was certainly watching attentively. I turned to Robert and said 


L: Be back in a sec (and smiled) 


I scooted over to Steve and leaned up into his lap with my hands on his thighs. 


L: Kiss me now...you may not want after this. 


I smiled and he leaned in and kissed me hard holding the back of my head pulling me into him. That certainly encouraged me! 


I pulled back and smiled and went back to Robert.

I now started to take my clothes off. It seems weird that this would make me nervous but it did. But i also wanted to. I stood there and undid my blouse and slipped it off. I had on a white lacy bra and I decided to leave it on. Next I kicked my heels off one by one and then slid my skirt down and then stepped out of it and kicked it to the side. It sounds sexy, but it actually got caught on my foot and I had to try again. Lol Now Robert could see what Steve felt earlier....he reached for me but I didn’t let him touch me. Instead, I got back in my place. Not the place I was told to be. The place I wanted to be. The place Steve wanted me to be. 

Robert’s cock was hard. Fully hard. Like 1” harder than normal hard. :) And it was staring straight up at me. I grabbed it with my left had (which was facing Steve) and turned toward him and looked into his eyes. I smiled and then tried my best to reenact the pic Steve loves. I leaned down and kissed the head of Robert’s big black cock. It jumped in my hand a little...which I always love. But it felt so good. I leaned down again and kissed it again...with my lips a little more open so the tip of my tongue could taste him. I never took my eyes off of Steves...again, not to be sexy but just testing the waters. Finally I opened my mouth wide (which I have to to get him into my mouth!) and took the head between my lips. I swirled my tongue around it for a while and could already taste Robert’s pre-cum...which was fast for him. Robert was excited by this too! :) After doing that for a little bit...still staring at Steve, I leaned down and licked slowly all the way up very long Robert’s shaft. This made Steve jump a little himself...i swear he mouthed “OMG” :) (He swears he didn’t 😂 ) When I made it to the top I took him again into my mouth and turned back toward Robert...I like to watch his eyes too while I suck him. I can tell by his facial expressions what he likes and what he REALLY likes :). He was REALLY liking this. I started bobbing up and down and stroking him at the same time. My saliva was running down his shaft and coating it and my hands. I like it when Robert cums in my mouth...A LOT!!!...but I wasn’t going to do that tonight. So after about 5 or so minutes I stopped. I leaned back and looked at Steve and spoke to him...

L: Are you okay for more? 

S: Nodded yes

L: I mean are you okay for Robert and me to....you know...(smiling)...fuck? 

S: (nodding) Yes, Leslie...I’m fine. 



More to come....er, I should say...more to cum :) 

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Guest SandL
37 minutes ago, secondjag said:

now if i could just figure out who the funny chick from WV with all those hearts was.  such a wild child


IKR! She’s awesome whoever she is! :) 

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