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wyoming1....hubby, it seems that some would like to see more of sarah. Let's show them more of the slut, shall we?

Slut sarah likes to ex-pose those nice tits of hers!

Hubby, you say you want sarah used hard...you know who can get the job done. Just let me know HOW hard.







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Sometimes it is so funny to see such a sexxy slut playing with such a useless little dick...


You're thinking... "Wow, she is hot... very sexxy... HA... WHAT?  that is all she has to play with?  She needs a real cock being that sexxy"

I bet it doesn't take long for that little cocktail weenie to erupt.


Damn... that slut is HOT!

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It can be a real dilemma for cucks seeking out big-dicked bulls for their wives.

If the wifey is already getting throat-fucked by a bull with a nice big cock...then there's no need to advertise for one.

If the cuck hubby IS in search of a bull to throat-fuck his wife...often all he has to show of her is a pic of her sucking on the hubs nub.

Kind of a "catch 22".

Ah...it's never easy is it? Lol.....


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