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  1. toolman2c

    Anyone want to chat about cuckold online?

    id like to take u up on that chat, pm me if u can..
  2. toolman2c

    Anyone want to chat about cuckold online?

    sounds like a talk id really like tto have with you... pm me if u can.
  3. toolman2c

    a few pics

    this wife looks like such a wonderfully rewarding fuck... damn i wish she lived next door..
  4. toolman2c

    Australian cuck couples wives and groups

    i think she woud do great with a new big cock splitting into her.. give us / me a update please...
  5. toolman2c

    Lynne Mills 004

    U look built for pleasure for sure..
  6. toolman2c

    A Question for Cucks

    THATS A wild but super hot thot, i love the way U think...
  7. toolman2c

    My Hot Wife 8 years older than me!

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    Phat ass

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    Billparker - im s hooked on ur amazing wife, every inch of her excites me, i think ive seen ur name on wl's or SW's do u go there ? and what other sites do U used,? id love to follow U in every one of them, U can PM me if u dont want to list all there.. seeing U happily post great pix of ur wife and speak of how sharing her is the greatest thing U ever done makes Me and many others who have hot secret fantasies of their wives want to take the plunge and tell all to all and start by a long talk with their wives... id love to read how U and wife got started into this, and who wanted it more u or her?? "i cant wait" to read about it and always wanting 2 C more of ur super sexy wife, she impresses Me as "the best ride in the playground"
  12. toolman2c

    Phat ass

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  13. toolman2c

    Seeking A Special Friend for My Wife

    hey lil hubby i sure would like to c another pix of ur wife, and most of all a update on her status and adventures... please post more..
  14. toolman2c

    My Wife . I hope One Day it Happens

    sexy wife, update on progress and more pix's would b uplifting
  15. toolman2c

    My big tits wife

    this pix totally proves "this pix is worth a thousand words", its almost like being there, thx for it, please post more, a bent butt on all 4s..