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  1. Phat ass

    great , perfect ass, and im hooked on the way she's lookin back, as if she knows that every hard ankle on here would give up their left nut to receive a cheerful sample of her treasures... its hard to turn the page on this wife.. U a very lucky man..
  2. Seeking A Special Friend for My Wife

    hey lil hubby i sure would like to c another pix of ur wife, and most of all a update on her status and adventures... please post more..
  3. My Wife . I hope One Day it Happens

    sexy wife, update on progress and more pix's would b uplifting
  4. My big tits wife

    this pix totally proves "this pix is worth a thousand words", its almost like being there, thx for it, please post more, a bent butt on all 4s..
  5. who likes her and who wud fuck her

    hey guy dont let this post get old without a few good pictures of ur wife, please post some, or send me a few
  6. My Wife . I hope One Day it Happens

    she b sexy for sure, i bet she gets a new cock in her fairly soon , only qusetion is she goin to tell U about it.. meanwhile pleas post some more of her pictures, "her purdy"
  7. hi   like ur screen name,   please post on ur status,  events, wannabe, or whatever and a histroy of ur thrills or adventures..


  8. My sophisticated elegant and rich wife

    is she aware U post her on here? id post mine if i ever grow enough balls..
  9. My sophisticated elegant and rich wife

    looks like a fun wife, if shes unshared its a challanging choice of her's plz post more..

    it looks like this wife really really loves to fuck.. post more and a story or 2 from ur hot experences, thx in advance
  11. u have an interesting screen name,   please post something,  ur status, wannabe, curious, etc..

  12. anni-06092014-046_15487142085_o.jpg

    love mature tempted women, is she aware U post her on here? do u have more pictures? show more plz
  13. my mature wife

    ozman11 i like mature women, is ur wife aware u post her here?
  14. i think most would be want the guy even bareback but would hide it from the husband... IMO
  15. Hi all! New here and looking to chat! =)

    WOW U wont have any trouble getting plenty of help taking care of ur sexy self , good luck with teaching hubby that U r goin to have plenty of help with his homework.. "U go girl" id sure like to here how its goin as this develops.. id love U to pm me as ur status changes ,