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so I've been fantasizing about my mrs getting laid by other guys for about 9 months. never spoke to her about it directly but did do some light "dares" where she would go to work dressed in short skirts etc with jiggle balls inserted etc.


fast forward to Friday. I was feeling horny so decided to see what I could get away with. I know an mutual friend of ours has an interest in my wife so my dare to her was to accidentally send him a picture of her in just a bra and panties. suffice to say said photo ended up in his inbox on fff and then started some very light flirting. Friday nights sex was amazing!


on Saturday the flirting continued but during a long drawn out, hot session the subject of sex with others came up. I said I wasn't interested in sleeping with other women. she asked where the line ended for the flirting and I couldn't say. partly out of embarrassment and partly because i didn't know how she would react to my suggestion.


late last night, our friend messaged her but this time the flirting turned into proper sex talk covering everything from what she likes to had she had a threesome etc. I stayed downstairs and pretended to do some last minute bits for work on Monday while she continued to flirt with our friend. after about 1/2 hour she came downstairs and told me that he had suggested that he should send her a picture in return for the one she had sent him. at this point i was rock hard and took her back upstairs and started fucking her. we talked it all through while i was inside her, pounding her, making her cum. she asked where the line was with him and said that there wasn't one to which she asked if she could fuck him and i agreed. we also talked about threesomes and agreed that we should do that too! our friend had signed off by the time we had finished so she sent him a message telling him that she was game if he was!


i'm now sitting downstairs having had about 2 hours sleep, restless, occasionally masturbating, thinking about what's about to happen!

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post-23680-0-40543000-1474984836_thumb.jpgpost-23680-0-63671900-1474984839_thumb.jpgpost-23680-0-12199900-1474984960_thumb.jpgpost-23680-0-09088100-1474984963_thumb.jpgMy wife and I had talked about sex with other guys and to help her get going I suggested a blindfold the first time or so.  I had met this really big guy that she worked with and was interested in her.  I suggested to her that she invite him over and I would let him in then lead him to her where he would find her on the bed blindfolded and naked.   She had gained weight and was reluctant to think anyone would have her.  Well this really got her going and she said yes.  He told her when he could be there and she let me know so I could be home in time.  He came into the room and immediately undressed and started to enjoy my wife.  He made her suck his cock and he looked at me while he did so, telling me how good she was. Then after he gave her a couple of orgasms orally he asked her if she wanted him to fuck her.  He was a really big guy, big around but very muscular as well and had a thick cock.  She didn't say anything but nodded her head when he asked her if she wanted to fuck her.  He told her to say it loud enough for me to hear which she did right away.  He wanted to do her doggy style so he got behind her and worked his cock into her and she moaned when he did.  He fucked her for a while looking at me occasionally, smiling and telling me how good she felt.  He got closer to cumming after she had had a couple more orgasms and then told her to look in my direction and smile, then between her moans I heard him ask her if she wanted him to cum and she said "YES" and then he said "I am going to fill your wife's pussy" and while looking directly at me, he exploded deep in her pussy.  I was rock hard from this and as he pulled out he told me that she was a great fuck and hoped to be able to come back again.  She said that having the blindfold on made it so much more intense with this new guy and she wanted to do it again.  We fucked a short while after that.  I have to tell you that it felt good to feel her used, hot and slippery pussy and run the head of my cock through the big pool of cum he had left in her.  I took some pics too and jack off to them now and them. It is still a very hot memory



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