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  1. What would you do to her if you had the chance??
  2. Very sexy wife! Hope we get to see her in action more
  3. Very sexy! would love to see her riding a big bull
  4. wow what a sexy lady. Bet the guys love fucking her.

    1. Tonispics


      Many, many, many times!  Thanks for looking and enjoying.  Lots of stories to tell as well.

  5. Tonispics

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    Just Syndee for pleasure BJ3.mp4
  6. My "trigger" was on a business trip one time when I told my wife to have fun while I was gone. She met a guy that she was attracted to and asked me if I meant it when I said to have any fun she wanted. I said I did and she saw him later that night again. The next time I talked with her she told he she had gone to his place and fucked him most of the night. She said he had a much bigger cock that I did and she was going back again that night. I was going to be gone 10 more days so I told her to write down a story of what happened and mail it to me. (Was before email) It was all I could t
  7. Very nice!! Can we see the other side of this luscious woman?
  8. Here are some more. This is how my wife is used for pleasure by a couple of BBCs. They come by and use her whenever they want. Sometimes all I know about it is her pussy dripping cum when I get home. Wife_and_BBC_1.mp4 Wife_and_BBC_2.mp4
  9. Hope you like these videos and can comment on them. Feel free to say anything and post your own here if you like. A_&_B.mp4 Wife_and_Bull.mp4 New_C_and_A.mp4 Produce_Guy.mp4 Quick_one.mp4 Ready_Doggie.mp4
  10. The only hold up with it is they have to accept your photo without knowing who you are. Pretty hot idea if it works.
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