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  1. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Well Here I thought getting a single guy would be easier then a couple. The guy flaked a second time. I even confirmed about 6hr prior. Wife says she is done with him. Back to looking
  2. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Well were to meet with a guy last Saturday at a bar. Wife was supper excited and they had exchanged a lot of pics. She said she was going to let him play with her titts as they danced, and most likely give him a blowjobin our car as he e fingered her. More would depend on how things went. She was excited and tipsy before we got there. He no showed. said he forgot as had a long day at work. She was disappointed. It sucked as she was verry horny and looking forward to first time playing. She was so horny as soon as we got in the car to leave I convinced her to strip and play with herself. I did get a great blowjob on the way home. Several cars got a great show in the hour it took to get home. So fun bet disappointing night
  3. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Had a couple flake on meeting Satirday night. But atleast they appologized and asked if we could try again. Hed wife pose for a picture for a single guy she thinks is cute. He loved the pic sooo
  4. Started Tumbler Of My Captioned Pics Of Wife

    Thanks. Hope to add more this weekend. always open to suggestions. Alot of the caps are things wife has said
  5. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    That is true. It is harder then one would think it should be. You would think convincing the wife would be the hardest part
  6. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    We now have 2 couples we are talking to. slow process. Out of town this weekend, so hoping to meet one or both next weekend
  7. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Well trying again to find a couple in the sacramento area for saturday night
  8. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Yes deffinatly ready. i have played with couples before wife and i met. Her newest fantasy is to be dominated by the 3 of us. Being forced to have sex with another woman for the first time. As we have had so much trouble finding a coyple she is about ready for it to be just me and another man. Finding Just a guy is easy
  9. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Wife is definitely interested in exploring her sub side
  10. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Good news is we have started talking to a new couple. Hoping first get together goes well. having trouble posting new picture will try again tonight
  11. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    close to Sacramento, CA
  12. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Yes, i agree more like swinging to start. Last couple didnt work out. Wife felt no attraction, and she thought he was a bit creepy. Its actuly harder to find people than i thought it would be. After the first couple wife has agreed to try just a guy. So close, lol. I figured getting the wife interested and her agreeing to play would be the hardest part.
  13. just curious showing friends your wife

    We had a great time showing her off at the beach last weekend. She is enjoying her new found submissive side. she told me she wants a collar with a tag that reads submissive slut wife
  14. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Had a great time watching that. At the same time his wife was playing with my cock, so a good time was had by all. Went dancing Saturday with them. Had alot of fun but mustly same things, no new progress. wife has been super horny for the last 2 weeks. Great sex almost nightly and a lot of sexting between everyone
  15. Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Yes all of them in the posts are her under wife-to-share. They are quite large. She was sick this last weekend so we didn't get to play.