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How to get your wife to try cuckolding.


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  • How to get your wife to try cuckolding.
  • What type of cuckold are you?
  • How to simulate being a cuckold with sex toys.
  • The road to becoming a cuckold (without emotional issues).
  • How to try cuckolding without consequences.
  • How to find a cuckold date.
  • Whether you need to worry about condoms.
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After the birth of our second son my wife told me, we should spice up our sexlive and i agree. The frist time was very excided for us both, but i realized that i never satisfy her - i was mostly after two minutes ready and my wee wee was also not really big - 4 inch. As she met her first BBC all was changed then.

I am now cuckold C3 - pussy free and sexless - feminized and turn into a little (diaper) girl

Cuckolding without consequenses? When the wife fall in love with her BBC and call him husband and her call her my wife - that make me thankful and happy and i know that i am now a little girl

They living like a married couple, condoms or anti baby pills they don´t need - i take her anti baby pills and my sexdrive is zero, my wee wee shrink a lot - from 4 inch to 0,51 inch and get not more stiff - how it should be for a baby like me - i have now the smallest wee wee in the whole family.

The family systen is changed - but thats very good so

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On 6/3/2021 at 10:01 PM, MacCuckold said:

It took me over 10 years I never give up I love more my wife and suddenly she said she is ready to go I hope she will like it

I met my wife Debbie when she was 22 and I was 29. She had been quite promiscuous in her teens and into her 20s, but it wasn't until a good 10 years into our relationship that i started to get aroused by the idea of her having sex with another man. I often caught guys eyeing her up and checking her out when she was wearing a short skirt or a low-cut top and I'd admitted to her how much that turned me. She confessed to me that she liked it too and enjoyed male attention.

My job entailed me working shifts, one week early, one week late, and this gradually led to Debbie developing a social life of her own. She was sometimes out playing darts for a ladies team around local pubs and clubs or at bingo with her mates or just out drinking with friends, occasionally at my works's social club. Now and again she'd come home after one or two many drinks and tell me that she'd been chatted up, bought a drink or had a guy grope her arse or cop a feel of her tits. We'd always make love after nights like that and she still ranks as the best fuck I've ever had.

She started getting a bit more open about guys she fancied and I enjoyed her telling me, to the point that one day I told her that if something was to happen between her and some guy, that I'd be okay about it as long as she came home and told me. "Yeah, right!", was her initial reaction, but gradually over the course of at least 2 years, with some subtle encouragement and some bedroom role-play with a dildo as "another guy", she was eventually up for some extra-marital activity.

She admitted to having a thing about much younger guys, ideally early-mid 20s, so it was perfect when she came home and told me that a customer at the shop she worked in had been chatting her up. He was only 23, but asked her out despite being told that she was married with 4 kids and fast approaching her 35th birthday. After checking with me that it was okay, Debbie accepted his offer to take her out for a drink after work one night. She told him that she'd tell her husband that she'd be late home due to "stock-taking", so after several drinks at a nearby pub, it was back to his place for "coffee" where she was eagerly stripped of her work uniform and fucked not once, but 3 times before he walked her to the station to catch her train home to me waiting to pick her up.

The moral of the story is never give up. This is liely to take time and it rarely happens overnight. In hindsight there are things I'd do differently of course but I'd do it all again tomorrow and don't regret it one little bit. Having what most people would consider as an unfaithful wife was a massive turn-on for me.


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