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Ground Rules


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We were at a conference the other weekend.  I texted her these rules.  As far as I know, she has never stepped out on me, or even considered it outside of pillow talk, but I thought I would plant  a seed:


1. Any unwanted or secret activity will be dealt with harshly.

2. Notice verbally, by text or rock and roll horns sign gives you free reign.
Condoms are preferred. If they are not used, proof either by picture or visual inspection is required.
3. A chance to reclaim you is appreciated.
4. Bonus points for giving me an opportunity to watch.
5. Lack of discretion may result in expectation of repeat performance.
Love always.  Have fun.
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Cuckold Tests

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On 9/28/2017 at 12:27 AM, longball said:

Sounds like a fair set of rules as well icelord0907


We are trying to be fair.Above all is respecting both yourself and your partner.We both like sex, we both like people in our bed, we both enjoy cock, but not the side effects that can be prevented.Pregnancy, STDs, STIs and affection can be prevented. She knows that I won't raise someone else's child or that if we fuck bareback with strangers diseases are in our way and/or that lying is completely bullshit.So...

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Our rules are open communication, open cell phones, sharing information about all flirting, dates, and hookups in advance if possible at least by txt in the heat of the moment.

I know and meet in advance most all her men for safety reasons. Im there for most first time fucks for safety reasons. 

Condoms or STD blood tests. 

Other than that She makes her own rules about who, what and when. 

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