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Ground Rules

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We were at a conference the other weekend.  I texted her these rules.  As far as I know, she has never stepped out on me, or even considered it outside of pillow talk, but I thought I would plant  a seed:


1. Any unwanted or secret activity will be dealt with harshly.

2. Notice verbally, by text or rock and roll horns sign gives you free reign.
Condoms are preferred. If they are not used, proof either by picture or visual inspection is required.
3. A chance to reclaim you is appreciated.
4. Bonus points for giving me an opportunity to watch.
5. Lack of discretion may result in expectation of repeat performance.
Love always.  Have fun.
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Our Ground rules are 

1.Sex only and no sentiments

2.Always telling the truth about the number of lovers and when it happens

3.Condoms are mandatory outside our circle case of pregnancy,I will not put any parental effort to a child that is not mine.

5.No pushing about vanilla sex

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