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  1. Why do I want to be a cuckold so badly?

    My wife is pretty vanilla as well, but I am still holding out hope. Would love to see her filled.
  2. Wife has her first lover

    Enjoy the joy and agony. One day I hope to be so lucky!
  3. A text message I received from her lover

    But the denial can be so excrusiatingly delightful.
  4. A text message I received from her lover

    Have you asked permission yet?
  5. Any cuckold’s in chastity

    My Bull instructed me to order a cage, so that I will have to wear it when he fucks my wife. The cage has just arrived, but so far they haven't hooked up yet. -LB
  6. Wife QOS Tattoo

    That is so hot!!
  7. He Has EVERY Right...

    I think if she tries, it will be like a duck taking to water. We just have to overcome that initial barrier of social conditioning.
  8. My wife needs encouragement

    She is marvelous. How shall I say, wood inducing!
  9. He Has EVERY Right...

    She has an anklet that she wears all spring and summer. She doesn't think her legs are nice enough to wear a really short skirt, but she does occasionally wear skirts. I will have to look into the split cock panties.
  10. Creampie cleaning

    If I could convince her to receive your load, I would gladly clean it up.
  11. Lately

    I bought my wife a "My husband likes to watch" tank top. Although she laughed, she said she would never wear it. I still pack it when we go on trips out of town in case the mood strikes her, but so far, no luck LB
  12. He Has EVERY Right...

    Judging by how wet my wife gets after I mention her fucking another man, perhaps confused is the wrong word. She knows she is a good girl, and for her to enjoy another cock would be cheating, which she considers bad. -LB
  13. Interesting ways of being dominated

    Yes I agree. Although I like to think that after taking a lover, she would come home and be all over me, there is a good chance that she will be thinking about the lover and I will be a minor annoyance to her. It's the chances you take.
  14. Consider this

    I get the feeling my Mom stepped out on my Dad from time to time. I don't know if they were swingers, or whether she got some action on the side. I do remember trying really hard to convince our family doctor that it was possible to get an STD from a toilet seat. I don't know what she did to convince him to agree, but eventually he did. As a side note, the same doctor delivered my wife and I about 2 years apart. She continued seeing him until he made her change into a robe at 16 or so, and didn't bother to leave the room.
  15. Interesting ways of being dominated

    My wife makes me use a condom whenever we fuck. She said that if she had a boyfriend, he could go bareback, but I can't.