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Here's my wife


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jeffy...excellent! I told you that we were going to become good friends, and this just shows me that I was right.

A little background for everyone. A few days ago, I received notification that jeffey was now "following me". I also noted that jeffy had just registered here and was a newbie. So I sent him a message back....thanking him for following me and welcoming jeffy to our little group of friends. 

I made some assumptions about jeffy...about his situation...and about what he might be looking for here at cf. Lol...now I'm no genius...some things are easy to figure out. 

I told jeffy...his wife's pussy looked warm and inviting to me...and also looked oh-so-fuckable! I told jeffy I wanted some.

Having told jeffy that I wanted his wife's pussy...I asked him to send me a message. And I asked him to respond in one of two ways. I told jeffy that if I was wrong about what he wanted here at cf...if I was out of line...I wanted jeffy to send me a simple message..."Fuck off!" OR...if I was right about what he was looking for...I told jeffy to send me pictures of his wife's pussy. This would tell me...clearly...that he wanted me to make his wife one of my sluts.

jeffy's response to me wasn't "Fuck off"...obviously.

After jeffy had sent me his private response, I asked him to start this forum thread so that everyone could enjoy the hot and exciting sight of his wife's very fuckable pussy!

jeffy...you have done a fantastic job! I hope your naughty cuck desires are fulfilled...you deserve to have them fulfilled. I'm certainly going to help you in any way I can. 

jeffy, let's have some fun. All 3 of us. Me...your sexy,slutty wife...and you.

Thank you for your generous...and very beautiful...offer.

I'll be in touch!




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On 11/26/2017 at 3:04 PM, jeffy said:



Here is my wife's pussy...especially for DomBull4U.


"DomBull, here is my wife's pussy. Please take her...and please fuck her. 3Use her as you wish. Please make my wife one of your sluts, sir."

Heard from jeffy again after a long time.

I wonder what he might want?

Guess we'll see....


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