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  1. A Question for Cucks

    I admit that being there to cleanup her creampied pussy is the best, but I will settle for a creampie for breakfast, lunch and.or dinner anytime! and hearing the passionate details of their tryst.
  2. Best cuckold experience

    My sexperience was somewhat similar, she was married to a nerd, was cuckolding him with me among many men, but he never knew, so it was cheating. I told her I would love to be her husband if she'd divorce him and marry me, but keep on "cheating" making me her cuckold! She loved the idea! WE have been together ever since, for 1 years now. She's my HOTWIFE!
  3. List Your Location

    Lower Western Michigan area code 616
  4. Best cuckold experience

    I cannot find her either. sorry.
  5. A Question for Cucks

    lucky cucky!
  6. Best cuckold experience

    creampie cleanup is my hobby
  7. Ass

    may I taste her sweet creampie?
  8. Ass

    OMG! HOT Stairway to heaven!
  9. Best cuckold experience

    TRUE THAT! She never ceases to amaze me with her wild libido and nymphomania! I love that she fucks and flirts and feeds me her delicious pussy creampies! I cannot get enough of them!
  10. Teamviewer

    Why can't you post your hotwife's pix?
  11. My wife the model.

    My free cuckolding and sexboxing blog!
  12. Why do I want to be a cuckold so badly?

    I have handled it very well, since my hotwife was a nympho cumslut when I married her. She is sexy as hell, loves to flirt and fuck various men. I developed a taste for pussy creampies long ago, so she hates condoms and everything just naturally came together for us. I am a blessed man! How did we meet? I was a bullstud, fucking other hotwives! She was one of them, and we just clicked like we were made for each other! Ciao!
  13. Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    beautiful artworks!
  14. My wife the model.

    she fucks her bulls bareback, so I get fed the sweet creampies they pump into her pussy! I have devoured so many we have lost count, including her well hung ex-husbands loads