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  1. thanks, I love eating pussy creampies! I have even eaten double vaginal creampies! amatrice_dpp_1.mpg amatrice_dpp_2.mpg bustydp1.mpeg
  2. OK, I'll share her, she's a knockout gloved goddess
  3. What do you like the most about cuckolding? I enjoy fucklicking, creampie cleanup and cum swapping kisses!
  4. So, are we having fun yet? 2.mpg
  5. Turns out that having a FWB who knows how to behave and does it well is a huge bonus to all three of us!
  6. Mostly it starts with cheating BUT then.... when both recognize they are sexcited about it, it becomes cuckolding because both approve and love it, they both agree that it enhances their relationship and offers more kink, more variety and sexcitement to all involved. My hotwife cheated on her first spouse regularly and they broke up. When I found out about her lifestyle, I was enthralled. I told her that I had cheated regularly on my first spouse, so we were two peas in a pod. We agreed we are cheaters and we enjoy it. From that beginning our mutual cuckolding began and we love it, it is the perfect match for two very sexually driven people. Monogamy be damned, full speed ahead! Kudos!
  7. Hotwife House party fun is a KNOCKOUT
  8. Always defer to your hotwife's desires, talk them over and make room for them and accommodate but do not dominate! Her sexual liberation and freedom will soar once she connects with the right guy or guys, and you will enjoy the subsequent and consequential benefits of it. It takes time but is well worth it all in the end. Good luck & SEXSEED!
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