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How it happened part 4


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               After reading one article about cuckolding , I got an idea and presented it to Susan. I never expected her to say yes.  But the idea of teasing and tormenting me while getting great sex herself was a HUGE turn on for her.  I told her it would be SO intense if she actually shut me off from sex altogether  and just mad me watch her with Kevin all the time . No blowjobs, no hand jobs NOTHING . Just watching them and she would strip for me so I could JO to her body . That would be IT her body would be Kevin’s if he wanted it .  She got n evil grin and said considering.. “ I like that. That’s really hot , you really want that “ ?  And I told her “ you get to torment the SHIT out of me . She bit her bottom lip and said . Yeah , let’s do it “  remember I STILL had never had intercourse with her she gave Kevin her Virginity now she was going to give him the WHOLE enchilada !   


              When I proposed it to him he nearly choked on his beer . But  he knew after all this time  I was serious .  He said " let me get this strait, only I can have sex with her? you can't have ANY sex with her even when I am not around.? she's ALL mine ? “ fuck dude, I am ALL IN “  and so Susan became sexually  exclusive with him. That was over a YEAR ago and we are still going strong  Kevin has fucked Susan hundreds of times , slept here  many nights and continues to be her  fuck buddy. I am always included I watch them all the time Susan teases me all the time about it. Walks around the house scantily clad strips and dances for me so I can JO to her body and tells me all the time how great it feels to fuck Kevin. But I am NEVER allowed to have ANY kind of sex with her at ALL. ONLY Kevin gets it.  it is INCREDIBLY  intense Naturally we have kept this secret. And continue to do so . We were due to be married in June this year but that has been postponed now till next year . Till then Kevin will continue to own her body.   


           As I said this is not anything I would ever have even DREAMED of before this. But I admit I LOVE being a cuckold . Especially to the girl I adore . If anything this has made us closer .  We don’t intend to end this until at least the wedding IF we end it at all. The way I feel now I may not want to.   Anyway glad to be here always willing to chat with other cuckolds . I hope you enjoy our story and no one will be too judgmental.

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