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George her BBC


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She met George at a party she went to with her friend Sylvia. Sylvia had been to one of these Black Man Fan party's before and talked Mandy into going.

She told me she was going to a party and would be late home, the following morning she told me the details. Sylvia had told her that only black males were allowed, but apparantly a number of white males escorted the wives or grilfriends. They arrived at the party at about 9pm and Mandy said that she felt out of place, most of the women were much younger than her and blond. She was offered a drink, but for quite a while her and Sylvia stood on their own chatting. Eventually a guy started talking to Sylvia who she had met at the previous party, he soon took Sylvia's hand and took her off into another room.

Mandy told me that she felt really awkward, stood on her own at the edge of the room, she kept watching various good looking black men pairing off with younger women with fake boobs. She got to the point that she was about to phone for a taxi, when a middle aged white guy started talking to her. He told her that his wife was with a group of men up in the attic, he wasn't happy with it, but his wife doesn't give him any choice. He said he wasn't a cuck, like the other men in the room, but his wife would leave him if he didn't take her to these party's. He told my wife that the black guys, just used his wife as "cheap meat", but his wife couldn't see it. My wife was really put off and wanted to leave.

She went to find Sylvia to let her know that she was going, in the first room she walked into she was shocked to see it full of people having sex in various positions, but she couldn't see Sylvia, after a few more rooms she found her with the guy she had been talking to earlier. Sylvia wa bent over a couch and the guy she was with was fucking her from behind, Mandy was about to leave them when Sylvia called her over and asked if she was OK. Mandy told her that she was leaving and Slyvia asked her to stay, the guy just carried on fucking her as they talked. He eventually told Mandy to sit down, she did, but thought it strange that she was sitting next to her friend while she was being fucked.

The guy withdrew from Sylvia's cunt and Mandy just stared at his cock, she said it was huge and very dark black, he moved towards Mandy and offered his cock to her, she pulled back, but he held her head and before she realised the tip of his cock was trying to force it's way into her mouth. Sylvia told her to suck him a little so my wife opened wide, she struggled to get him into her mouth, but he was very persistant. He managed to pull her top down and had her tits out of her bra and was squeezing her tits hard.

He tried to get Mandy to deep throte him, but she was having difficulty, so he pulled out of her mouth and started to fuck Sylvia again, but he carried on playing with her tits, this really gets her going, she often says that her nipples are hardwired to her brain. Every so often he would wthdraw his cock from Sylvia and offer it to Mandy, who by this time was so turned on that she just accepted it and didn't even realise that it was coated with Sylvia's cunt juices.

This was obviously turning him on as he really started to pound Sylvia, she thought he was about to cum in Sylvia when he withdrew and started to shoot his spunk over Mandy's face, before finishing off in her mouth, he was still cumming  as he forced his cock down her throte untill he was balls deep. She was gagging  and thought she would pass out, but finally his cock stopped pulsing and he pulled out of her. He wiped his cock on Sylvia's knickers and walked off, she didn't even get his name.

Afterwards she felt humiliated, she had cum dripping from her face and in her hair, she had cum running out of her nose, her eyes were streaming and to cap it all she realised a group of men and women had been watching her. She got up and went to clean up in the bathroom, but even in there they were having sex, she did finally get cleaned up and Slylvia got her a drink.

Mandy told her that she really wanted to go and Sylvia agreed that they would when they finished their drink. A couple of younger black guys approaced them and started chatting, she said they were very friendly and funny. They ended up going into a room with them, she ended up having sex whilst laying on her back next to Sylvia, both guys used condoms and didn't last very long. They had another drink and Mandy was starting to relax and enjoy herself. She still hadn't had an orgasm so was feeling really horny, she turned down a few guys that she thought were arrogant and a few that would only fuck bareback.

About 1am it was starting to quieten down, they were thinking about going when a new group of men arrived. As most of the women had allready been paired off or had gone, Mandy and Sylvia were surrounded by about 10 men, they were all trying it on with them, but Mandy was begining to wory where this was heading. Slyvia went off with a couple of guys and then another 4 followed them. This left Mandy with 4 guys, they were trying to coax her into another room, she was starting to worry when they tried to grab her, when one of the guys said "leave her guys, you're scaring her off".

Two of the guys left, leaving her with the one who had saved her and his mate, he introduced himself as George, he was a well built guy with a large beer belly and a virtually bald head, not usually Mandy's type, but she felt safe with him. They chatted for a while and he asked her if she fancied some fun. She agreed and George took her hand and they went to find somewhere, she didn't realise at first that the other guy had followed.

They stripped her and led her to a bed, George was kneeling on the bed and guided his cock into my wifes mouth, at the same time the other guy entered her pussy from behind, within a few minutes she was having her first orgasm enjoying the spitroasting she was receiving. It didn't take long for the guy fucking her to grunt and cum, she then realised that he hadn't used a condom, he got up and left. George turned her over and said "my turn now" she told him he had to use a condom, but he told her he never uses condoms and thrust into her, she tried to stop him, but he was very heavy and strong. She could really feel herself being stretched by him, but he fucked her hard and hard, she started having an orgasm and as soon as it subsided he pulled his cock out, it was covered in a white foam from the previous guys cum, she asked him to put it back in, but he made her beg for it. He fucked her in various positions, during this time various guys came into the room and George told her to suck them off and even stopped fucking her to let others finish off in her cunt . As soon as they pulled out George would fill her again with his cock, he eventually ejaculated in her, before collapsing on the bed next to her. By this time she was really sore, but he asked her to suck him, she tried, but her jaw ached, his cock was covered in cum and was soft, but she said still very big. She got up and after cleaning herself up and getting dressed, went to find Sylvia. She found her at the bar having a drink, Sylvia asked how she had got on, and Mandy told her she loved it, but was very sore. Mandy asked if Sylvia had taken on all 6 guys and she said that she had and more. George walked over to them and offered them a lift home, it was 4am, after they had dropped Sylvia off, George asked for another blow job, they drove to picnic spot were he ended up fucking her again, even though she was sore she enjoyed it.

When he finally dropped her off at our house it was daylight, he told her he wanted to see her again and she said "maybe". He said "I know where you live now, so I hope that it's more than "maybe" They exchanged mobile numbers and she got out of his car, she woke me as she came into the house, I asked if she had a good night and she just said "brilliant, but I'm really tired and want my bed" She stripped off and got into bed next to me, she smelt really strong of booze, ciggeretts and cum. She fell asleep almost straight away, I tried to go down on her, but she turned over and pushed me away. I got my torch and went under the covers to try and inspect her, but she held her legs closed. I ended up having a wank and fell asleep.

The next day she slept most of the day at about 6pm she got up as I had made her some dinner, she was just starting to tell me about her night when she recieved a text, she finished her dinner and said she had to have a shower, she was going out. I checked her phone while she was in the shower (iKnow I shouldn't) all it said was "I need you, pick you up at 7.30.... George.  At 7.30pm my wife was waiting by the door, soon after he arrived, I tried to look out to see him, but he was in a black BMW with dark windows.

Just after midnight she returned home, she was in a really good mood and told me about the party, she didn't tell me all the details straight away, she only told me about George and one other guy, but filled in the rest of the details over the next few months. She told me that evening George had taken her to a pub that was predominatly black guys, they had then gone back to a friend of his, house were he fucked her again, but after she complained that she was still sore, he fucked her anally. She let me lick her that night, I ended up wanking and cumming over her cunt.

They started to meet on a regular basis, but he wanted to share her with his mates, if she complained he wouldn't call her, she wasn't happy when he would tell her to go off with different black men at the pub while he played cards, but she loved the sex with him.

They met  numerous times and sometimes he would come to our house. He wasn't what I was expecting, he was in his 60's, balding with a large beer belly. He would take my wife up to our bedroom while I waited and listened, on one of the occasions he called me into the bedroom. I was nude, but tried to cover myself as I was wearing my cock cage, he told me not to be embarrassed as he had been fucking white women in front of their husbands since he was 15.

He told me to lie on the bed so he could fuck my wife over me, she got on top in a 69 and I could see her cunt was red and swollen. He told me to hold her open, which I did, but he said "I told you to hold her open" and proceeded to pull her ass cheeks apart roughley, her cunt opened really wide and I thought it must hurt, but my wife didn't say anything.

He then entered her, when he was standing up, his cock didn't look that big with his large belly, but from this angle it looked massive. He penetrated her fully and I couldn't see anything, but could feel his balls on my face, this is the moment I had fantasised about for years. I tried to lick her, but it was difficult with the movement as he was fucking her hard.

Every so often he would stop whilst at full penetration, which would push her forward and my nose would end up in the area between his balls and his ass, the smell was very musky, but for some reason a real turn on. He would then pull out of her and for a few seconds I could see her pussy, before he would start again.

My wife was cumming whilst he was fucking her and was soaking my face with her juices. I wasn't long before he thrust hard into her and started to cum, she collapsed onto my chest and I ended up with my nose in his ass and his balls in my mouth, I couldn't breath and I could feel his whole body pulsing as he ejaculated into her. Thankfully he withdrew from her and could breath again, she was still lying on my chest and her cunt was wide open, but I couldn't see any cum, what I did notice was the heat, it was like her cunt was a furnace.

He then grabbed her thighs and pulled her up and onto my mouth, I licked her and could smell that distinctive smell of cum and her pussy, combined with his musky smell. As I licked his cum started to leak from her, I have eating her many times after others had fucked her, but was always some time later and there never seemed that much. I have eaten her straight after I have cum in her and it didn't seem that much, every time I thought I had got it all, more would trickle from her. She had a huge orgasm whilst I licked her and I actually felt pleased with myself.

Just when I thought we had finished, he entered her again, slowly and then pulled out, I couldn't believe that his cock was still hard (well semi-hard), his cock was covered with cum and more would drip from her, this time she was backing onto him, obviously wanting more. He entered her a few more times, before pulling out and started to press his cock against her anus, I was surprised how easily she opened up (she has always enjoyed anal), but I was a bit worried being under her, he seemed to get all the way in with ease and started to thrust, she was making "farting" noises as he fucked her and I tried to get out from under her. My wife pulled off him and let me out and said she wanted some time alone with George, so I returned to the guest bedroom, I listened to them fuck for what seemed like ages, but in reality was less than 1/2 an hour, I was in a daze and fell asleep.

She met George loads of times, she wasn't happy about having unprotected sex with him, but he refused to wear a condom, but when he started sharing her with his friends and let them use her bareback, she stopped meeting him.

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most of us get started the same way go to a party with a friend have a few drinks maybe some weed  we are introduced or they introduce themselves most of us if not all have never had sex with a black man or even with man other then husband we all have questions in our minds about sex with black men  i started by going to a party with a friend while there i met several black men sat talked very friendly til finally one took my hand led me to the bedroom we kissed for a while  he began playing with my breasts we were sitting on bed  leand me back stripped my panties off and began fingering me  he took my dress off i helped he had his pants off i couldnt believe the size i didnt think i could handle he worked it in slowly i couldnt believe the thrill he came in me a tremendous amount after he helped me dress  it kept leaking out my thong was soaked  he said perhaps we will see again  i went home smelling of sex 

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Mary, I lovesloppy, cummy pussy dripping into a womans panties. It is absolutely the hottest thing sexually, I think. I love having a gal give me sloppy seconds, especially eating her from behind when a lady is very sloppy and gooey. I think women's vaginas are most beautiful when wet and well used, and that is the best time to worship her beautiful femininity. I love burying my tongue as deeply as I can into her wet heat and tasting the sweet, salty, tangy mix of mens semen mixed with her juices. Even the smell is incredidle!

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