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  1. Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    She doesn't know that I am bi and I am trying to get her into bi meets. Many years ago when I was watching her fuck as the guy got off her after cumming, I knelt between her legs ready to lick her out. The guy was by her side, his semi erect cock was still dripping cum and covered with their combined juices. I couldn't resist licking the tip before sucking him. He didn't seem to mind, but my wife stopped me and I licked her out. After he had gone my wife was really annoyed and asked if I was gay as her boyfriend certainly wasn't. I tried to explain that there was little difference to cleaning his cock or cleaning his cum from her fanny. She didn't want to talk about it and I never brought it up again. A few years after that event she was with a dominant black bull who had fucked her many times before. One day at our house I got to watch him fuck her. He was very verbal asking if she liked his cock and telling me that she needed his cock as I couldn't satisfy her. I was getting really turned on as he was very assertive He spunked up her while he fucked her doggy style. When he got off her, she lay on her back and opened her legs for me to clean her. As I got onto the bed he said clean me first. I looked at my wife and she said "go on then" I licked then sucked his cock gently, but he held my head and started fucking my mouth. It only lasted a few minutes, before she took over from me. She told me to leave the room as she wanted some time alone with him. I thought she may have been annoyed, but later she admitted that it was quite horny. I asked her why she didn't get annoyed yet she did the last time, and she just said "because he told you to do it" A few months after that she told me that at a swingers party she had gone to with him, that I didn't attend. There was one of the womens cuck husband who was dressed up as a maid. He would fluff guys to get them hard and go round cleaning cum from cunts and tits. After my wife had been fucked, the cuck knelt between her legs and licked her. The black guy she had gone to the party with with got behind him and fucked him, when he tried to pull away the black guy held him and fucked him harder. I was so turned on as she told me the details, I ejaculated. I have had so many horny wanks over the years, thinking about me being fucked while I lick a creampie from her, but she never wants to talk about it. I think that if it was the bull that instructed me to, she wouldn't object.
  2. Why do men hit on Married Women

    My wife has always been hit on more when she is wearing her wedding rings. She used to go out with 3 other women, one who was married and the other two who were divorced. Her and her other married friend always got picked up by guys more often than the other two.
  3. Fastest you have cum during sex

    I have cum just looking at my wife's cunt, without touching myself. Have never lasted more than a few thrusts after entering her. It is why she has had numerous affairs and now cuckolds me. I usually cum now whilst licking her used cunt
  4. My wife had this with a black guy she met, he would text her that he was on his way. She would answer the door and they would go straight upstairs and I would listen to them fucking. He started to bring friends with him and they would both go up. Sometimes he would bring a couple of guys and they would go with her while he sat with me having a beer. It was strange watching him strip off in front of me, then sit down and drink his beer while we listened to her upstairs. He didn't seem to bother sitting naked and playing with his cock while we watched TV, until it was his time to go and join them.
  5. What's The best Part Of Being Cuckolded?

    My wife makes the rules in our relationship regarding sex and I am happy with that. We have been married for 37 years and in all other aspects we are a perfectly "normal" couple.She fucks who she wants, when she wants and wherever she wants and I love her for it.
  6. We have been married 37 years and I only got to have anal about 5 years ago. So far I have never got all the way in before ejaculating. My wife loves anal and had it with her first boyfriend. At the time it was painful, but he forced her, until eventually she got used to it.She found he got off much quicker with anal as he would fuck her for a long time vaginally until she was sore. Over the years she has had anal with many guys and actually prefers it if the guy has a long cock. She will also orgasm just through anal
  7. What's The best Part Of Being Cuckolded?

    I tried in the beginning to make the ground rules. I told her that she could meet him as long as she told me beforehand and always told me what they did after she got home. Within a week I had agreed that she could meet him anytime she wanted and she didn't need to tell me anything if she didn't want to. I also got her to agree that she would only meet him, I soon found out that he was also sharing her and ended up agreeing that she could meet anyone she wanted to. I was in a perpetual state of arousal, I would be constantly thinking about them together. Sometimes I would go to the loos at work and have to wank off as I couldn't concentrate. As soon as I had cum, I would feel disgusted with myself that not only did I allow my wife to sleep with others, but I encouraged her and would want to lick their cum from her. As soon as that thought entered my head I would be horny again. It was only after about 3 months that I realised I hadn't had penetrative sex with her, as I would cum while licking her or over her. I tried to enter her, but she stopped me and said that Chris didn't want me to fuck her until he said it was OK to. For some reason I just accepted it and it was an other 3 months before I got to fuck her and even then I had to use a condom. I knew that since he first met her, he was training her to do absolutely anything he told her to do. I didn't realise that during this time, he was also training me, even if it wasn't face to face.
  8. What's The best Part Of Being Cuckolded?

    For me it was the fact that sex now last ages for me. i have always cum really quickly, usually within a few strokes. I would sometimes cum whilst licking her, so she would always want me to fuck her first then lick her. Although I was always happy to try and get her off, there was very little sexual pleasure for me after I had cum. when I found out she was having an affair in 2002, I thought it was the end of our marriage. When I asked her if she loved him, she said she didn't even like him as a person that much, but she had fantastic sex with him. She told me that he could fuck her for ages and repeat. As she told me the details, I got so excited that I ended up encouraging her to keep meeting him. I was on a constant sexual high as she would have sex with him most days. I would help her get ready for him and even buy her underwear. When she got home, I would go down on her as she told me the details. I would usually cum whilst licking her or finish myself over her cunt. I realised how much she enjoyed sex with him, but when she got home, how much she loved me
  9. new cuck looking into behavior modification

    Try not to think about licking cum out of her, but trying to please your wife and get her off. Just lick her clit while you finger her, you don't have to eat any. You may have to do this over a few sessions, licking a bit further down each time. Your wife will get so horny and before you know it, you will be lapping up her bulls cum. I have rarely had difficulty going down on her after another guy has had her. Harder to do it after I have cum, so I always used to use the same technique. I will just lick her clit, but my wife will push my head down and tell me to clean her
  10. A Question for Cucks

    Sounds good... I know that my wife has always been unfaithful and I often wish that I had known and accepted it years ago, but to be honest my male pride would've prevented me. I should've realised at the beginning, as she always wanted sex. She had always gone out with "Alpha" males, prior to dating me. She hated the way the treated her out of the bedroom. When she met me she hadn't realised, how nice and kind I was and says she genuinely fell in love with me. She missed the hard sex though, so couldn't resist. She says that of all the guys she has been with, they have all had multiple failed marriages and relationships. Her female friends that also went for the "Alpha" male, have also had numerous failed marriages and relationships. It is quite funny that virtually all of them are envious of my wife and our relationship, and they will often say that they wished they could find a guy like me. However they always fall for exactly the same type of guy and then complain when he treats her badly or cheats. A few of her friends have done the same as my wife, one cuckolds her husband and is extremely dominant with him. Another meets lots of guys as her husband is an alcoholic. And a couple just cheat on their husbands, which is funny as one of them is a mate of mine, who after finding out about our relationship, boasted that his wife would never cheat. I have watched his wife being used a group of black guys. My wife admits that she is selfish, sexually, but she tries to make up for it in other ways
  11. A Question for Cucks

    this was after her last long term bull fucked her
  12. A Question for Cucks

    I knew a long time ago that I wasn't enough for her, although about 6" I have never been able to last. Been to the docs loads of time and had various tests. I used to turn a "blind eye" to it, even though I knew she was getting it elsewhere. It was only when I thought we were going to split up in 2002 after I found out about an affair, that I really got into the cuckold side of it.
  13. A Question for Cucks

    well we must be doing something right we have been married for 35 years. In all other respects we are a completely normal married couple.
  14. A Question for Cucks

    my wife has always preferred to meet guys on her own. She is not really into the humiliation or the cuckolding side of it. She has always had affairs even before we married 34 years ago. In 2002 when I found out about her affair, I encouraged her to keep meeting him. I agreed that she could meet anyone she wanted as long as she told me about it. A few months later I had agreed that she could meet anyone at anytime and it was up to her if she told me. I pleaded with her to let me watch, but she always said that it would put her off and the guys she met wouldn't want anyone watching. This was a bit strange as she had already admitted to having group sex with more than one guy. She did eventually bring guys home, while I was out and would text me when they had gone. It progressed to her bringing guys home while I waited in the next bedroom or downstairs. The first time I got to watch her was at a swingers party that her boyfriend took her to. It was like watching a porn movie, with my wife as the star. I also got to watch other women being fucked. I watched my wife being fucked by a few guys who used condoms, then her boyfriend fucked her...bare. After he had cum in her, he said "your turn now, you can clean her up". I didn't even think about it, I knelt between her legs and licked her as she sucked another guy. It wasn't long before another guy, moved me out of the way and entered her. As I stood back, I realised he was also bare, I watched as he fucked her while she was sucking another guy. She had cum in her hair and over her face, it was everything I had dreamt of and imagined and more. As soon a one guy had cum in her another took his place. I honestly can't remember how many guys had her, I was in a trance like state. It was only when I realised that a guy was fucking her anally that I came round. After he had finished she lay back and I went over to lick her again. As I started to lick her, she held my head and said "lick me clean"...that was it I started to cum. As the post orgasm blues set in I pulled back. Her cunt was red and puffy and covered in cum, her arse was leaking cum, which put me off. She was telling me to clean her, but I refused and called her a slut. We had a row and I was asked to leave, she refused to come with me. We didn't speak for the next few days. She said that she had done it for me to put on a show as I had been going on about it for so long. I had always told her that I prefer it when we have fucked that she "tells" me to clean her, not ask. I apologised and told her that it wouldn't happen next time. She said that there wouldn't be a next time, as I wouldn't be able to watch. She still met guys and I would get to have my way with her when she got home. It was about this time I bought my first chastity cage, a cheap plastic one. She was never into it, but realised that most of the time it would stop me from cumming so she could have as much fun as she wanted. I have managed to watch quite a few times and even join in, but I am a lot better now. I can lick her even if not keen as I know, she will let me the next time that I do want to. She doesn't meet men anywhere near as much after going through the menopause and I don't really watch as I feel like a spare part. She hates it if I try to direct the action or take pics while she's enjoying herself. She had only met a couple of guys since last September as far as I know (she doesn't always tell me). Over the weekend she was telling me about a new guy at work, that had been flirting with her. I told her "why don't you have some fun with him". She said that they already had, over the last couple of weeks, but in the car or storeroom at work. He was married, so it was awkward. She said that she wants to bring him home one night after work, but I would have to go out. She has told him that I don't mind her fucking others, but he was sort of freaked out by it. It seems ages since I have had a creampie, so hoping this lasts a while