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  1. We have been married for 38 years, my wife has had many affairs and one night stands, even before we married. I had no idea about most of them, I had caught her with guys at parties, but I used to get off with women at parties as well. Had one event on our second anniversary which should’ve made me realise what she was like. When we stopped off down a country lane for some drunken sex. I had her on the bonnet of my car, but as usual didn’t last long. Another car approached and I got off and zipped up, she lay back on the car with her legs wide open. When the car stopped with its headlights shining on her she still didn’t move. When four guys got out she just looked at them and smiled. I watched as one by one they all fucked her. I didn’t really start living the cuckold lifestyle until 2002 when I found out she was having an affair with a guy she worked with
  2. I am in a long term cuckold relationship, have a fairly decent size cock, but don’t last very long. I am certainly not a wimp or into humiliation (well maybe a little). We have discussed in length over the years why my wife enjoys sex with other men. It isn’t the cock size (but it helps), it isn’t how long they can last (but it helps if they can satisfy her). It is more to do with “power”. She has always preferred sex with “alpha” type males. She doesn’t want to be “made love to”, she wants to be fucked and dominated. She loves to flirt and be chatted up and finds just being felt up, exciting. We hadn’t really thought much of the interracial aspect until she actually first had sex with a black guy in her early 50’s. She loved it, but couldn’t really explain why. Maybe it’s the skin contrast or the “taboo” aspect. We have both been anti-racist our entire lives, so the taboo aspect is hard for us to accept. Most of the black guys she has been with have larger than average cocks, but then most of the white guys she has been with also tend to be well endowed. Maybe it was because her first time with a black guy was at a Blackman fan party, so she had gone for one reason only and so had they. My first experience of watching her with a black guy, blew my mind. He wasn’t the young, gym fit 6’ toned guy that I was expecting, but a 60 year old bald guy with a big beer belly. His cock didn’t look very big, but as I found out it was. It was just that in proportion to his body it looked smaller. He wasn’t a “thug” or the usual stereotypes, but a perfect gentleman although he could be very assertive. So I suppose it was the combination, something different for both of us. He was also one of the first guys that I had watched her with that didn’t ignore me, but encouraged my participation.
  3. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some difficult times as well. As soon as I had agreed to her continuing the affair, she made the most of it and had sex with him most days sometimes more than once. I was perpetually horny waiting for her to return and would go down on her while she told me what they had got up to. I would usually cum while licking her, if I hadn’t already cum before she got home. There were many times when I would be at work, that I would feel jealous and disgusted at myself for not only encouraging her, but licking his cum from her. I would then get horny again, thinking about it and would want her to meet him again. I would help her get ready to meet him, shaving her and licking her, to eventually giving her an enema for when she had anal with him. It was on one of these occasions after I had given her an enema and was using anal toys on her. She told me that she was going to have sex with him and his friend and to make sure that she was really clean, that I couldn’t help it, but shot my load. I then asked her not to go that night and we ended up arguing, with her storming out of the house. She ended up coming home just before 3am. There have been many instances like this, that I found hard to take, but over the years I have grown to accept and enjoy.
  4. Yes our marriage improved. It was difficult at first in 2002 when I first found out she was having an affair, but after talking I found it really turned me on. I knew that I never satisfied her from when we first started dating and turned a “blind eye” to what I thought was the occasional bit of fun. She admitted to a number of affairs and one night stands going back to before we married in 1981. I have since actively encouraged her to meet other men, most of the time I don’t get to watch or even meet them
  5. Sigma5

    Cum Eating

    I have always gone down on my wife after I have cum to get her off. I have never lasted very long, usually only managing a few strokes before ejaculating. At first I didn't eat any cum, but would lick her clit while fingering her, this would really get her off. I actually thought at the time that most men did this. The first time I ate any was after fucking, she got on top of me in a 69 and was sucking me. My cock was really sensitive and she was rubbing her cunt over my mouth, as she started to orgasm she sat upright and my mouth filled with my cum. I could feel her cunt spasm and I could hardly breath, so I ended up swallowing. She seemed to be continually having orgasms as I licked her. This progressed to her sitting on my face after sex most times, with her telling me to "clean up my mess". She would often tease me before sex, telling me I could fuck her as long as I cleaned her up. It was a real turn on before I had cum, but I was reluctant to do it afterwards. I would do it to get her off. The first time I did it after she fucked another guy was one of the horniest experiences I had ever had. There wasn't much cum left as she had wiped herself, but I couldn't get enough of licking her. What I didn't realise at the time, was I had gone down on her loads of times after other guys had fucked her. She had many affairs and one night stands, and would come home and want sex, but I suppose I had got used to the taste and smell of cum.
  6. What I do is tell myself that the feelings will pass and I know I will feel horny again and want her to meet again. I also bought myself a chastity cage, that I put on well before her date and don't remove until I am ready to fuck her. Whatever you do or feel, don't show her as it will either put her off or she will fuck anyway and not tell you
  7. It can be really difficult to deal with the cuckold angst. When my wife started to cuckold me, I loved it. She would go to her boyfriends and when she got home, I would go down on her while she told me the details.I would usually cum while licking her, but would then feel disgusted with myself. It would be even worse if I ejaculated before she got home as she would still expect me to go down on her. After a while, I got used to it and would try and make sure I didn't cum and even if I did, I wouldn't say anything, but still lick her. The hardest times were when I was helping her get ready for a date and after shaving her, she would let me lick and rim her. She would tell me what she was going to do as I wanked. Sometimes I would cum and then not want her to go, but she always did.
  8. Every time we have tried to count the guys my wife has been with, we lose count after the first few years. She lost her virginity at the age of 13 to her first boyfriend. She dated him until she was 17, but in that time she had sex with his brother and at least 3 of his mates. After that relationship ended she had numerous one night stands, she also found that she preferred older guys. She would go out a couple of nights a week and get picked up. She said she was constantly horny. She was also having sex with guys she worked with. I met her at work and knew that she was meeting one of the managers who was married and in his 30's. At the time I really fancied her and thought I would try and get a date and maybe a fuck. I got to fuck her on the second date and we got on really well. We dated for 3 months when I found out she was still having sex with the manager from work. We nearly broke up, but she said that if anything she was cheating on him. We made up and I thought she had stopped seeing him, but years later I found out that they still met occasionally, both before we got married and afterwards. We also used to go to parties and swap partners, but whilst I only managed a grope or maybe a blowjob, she would go all the way. We never really discussed what we got up to, but may a time I would catch her coming out of a bedroom with a guy or sometimes more than one. I couldn't complain as I was getting more sex than I could handle from her. She would want sex every night and then sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night for another round. After we married she had started a new job and within weeks was having sex with her MD. I didn't know anything about it at the time, but he would come to our house after I had gone to work. He introduced her to swingers parties, where they had group sex. I was completely oblivious to this as she still always wanted sex with me. At first she tended to have long term relationships, most lasting at least 6 months. When we had our first child she completely went off sex for at least 6 months and I had an affair with one of her friends. She had put on some weight and started to wear loose fitting dowdy clothes. One of her friends convinced her to go on a "girls" night out , so she had a hair done got dressed up in revealing top and skirt and hit the town. She didn't get home until 4am and was very drunk. As soon as she got in I could tell that she had had sex, she stunk of it. We had an argument and she said that I shouldn't have fucked her friend. I can't remember the details, but we made up and ended up having sex and I ended up going down on her. Years later she told me the details of that night and that two guys had fucked her. After that she would go out most weeks with her friends, but always say that she hadn't done anything or at the most had a dance with a guy and a snog. Again years later she admitted that she had sex most times she went out, but usually with the same guy or couple of guys. She lost weight and started to look after herself again and would even wear stockings and suspenders for work. She has always been a flirt and would end up having sex at work or at lunchtime. Again I knew nothing of this, but I enjoyed watching her get dressed in the morning in her sexy underwear and having sex with her most nights. I didn't think for a minute that she was fucking one of the managers or salesman. She admitted to numerous times just like this and is why it is so difficult to keep track. Even when I found out that she was having an affair and encouraged her, I didn't know at the time that he was also sharing her with others as well.
  9. I have a 6" cock and pretty good girth, but have never managed to last very long. In 37 years I have never managed to make her cum by fucking her, but always make her cum when I go down on her. Even when bulls fuck her it can take a while before she will cum from just fucking. After she has had her first orgasm she can then cum numerous times. If a guy cums in her, but can stay hard, she will orgasm soon after. It is one of the reasons she has liked to have a couple of guys one after the other. The first guy can fuck her non stop for ages and she won't cum, but if the second guy has sloppy seconds she will cum within minutes. She says that it also depends more on the guy rather than their cock size. A dominant alpha will make her cum quicker than a less dominant guy, even if he has a smaller cock
  10. She doesn't know that I am bi and I am trying to get her into bi meets. Many years ago when I was watching her fuck as the guy got off her after cumming, I knelt between her legs ready to lick her out. The guy was by her side, his semi erect cock was still dripping cum and covered with their combined juices. I couldn't resist licking the tip before sucking him. He didn't seem to mind, but my wife stopped me and I licked her out. After he had gone my wife was really annoyed and asked if I was gay as her boyfriend certainly wasn't. I tried to explain that there was little difference to cleaning his cock or cleaning his cum from her fanny. She didn't want to talk about it and I never brought it up again. A few years after that event she was with a dominant black bull who had fucked her many times before. One day at our house I got to watch him fuck her. He was very verbal asking if she liked his cock and telling me that she needed his cock as I couldn't satisfy her. I was getting really turned on as he was very assertive He spunked up her while he fucked her doggy style. When he got off her, she lay on her back and opened her legs for me to clean her. As I got onto the bed he said clean me first. I looked at my wife and she said "go on then" I licked then sucked his cock gently, but he held my head and started fucking my mouth. It only lasted a few minutes, before she took over from me. She told me to leave the room as she wanted some time alone with him. I thought she may have been annoyed, but later she admitted that it was quite horny. I asked her why she didn't get annoyed yet she did the last time, and she just said "because he told you to do it" A few months after that she told me that at a swingers party she had gone to with him, that I didn't attend. There was one of the womens cuck husband who was dressed up as a maid. He would fluff guys to get them hard and go round cleaning cum from cunts and tits. After my wife had been fucked, the cuck knelt between her legs and licked her. The black guy she had gone to the party with with got behind him and fucked him, when he tried to pull away the black guy held him and fucked him harder. I was so turned on as she told me the details, I ejaculated. I have had so many horny wanks over the years, thinking about me being fucked while I lick a creampie from her, but she never wants to talk about it. I think that if it was the bull that instructed me to, she wouldn't object.
  11. My wife has always been hit on more when she is wearing her wedding rings. She used to go out with 3 other women, one who was married and the other two who were divorced. Her and her other married friend always got picked up by guys more often than the other two.
  12. I have cum just looking at my wife's cunt, without touching myself. Have never lasted more than a few thrusts after entering her. It is why she has had numerous affairs and now cuckolds me. I usually cum now whilst licking her used cunt
  13. My wife had this with a black guy she met, he would text her that he was on his way. She would answer the door and they would go straight upstairs and I would listen to them fucking. He started to bring friends with him and they would both go up. Sometimes he would bring a couple of guys and they would go with her while he sat with me having a beer. It was strange watching him strip off in front of me, then sit down and drink his beer while we listened to her upstairs. He didn't seem to bother sitting naked and playing with his cock while we watched TV, until it was his time to go and join them.
  14. My wife makes the rules in our relationship regarding sex and I am happy with that. We have been married for 37 years and in all other aspects we are a perfectly "normal" couple.She fucks who she wants, when she wants and wherever she wants and I love her for it.