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  1. Hey there, I know post a lot of stuff, I wanted to post some links or upload some cuckold movies to share, I dont know how. Where do I put them? Thanks PS I love that first movies, I would love to be her and get blasted like that
  2. She is hot, I love her ample hips!
  3. How is she well used? She looks so young, does she have alot of men fucking her?
  4. Wow, shes beautiful. Black men would definitely want to nail her, especially she has a big, phat booty. I love her big, phatt booty in those yoga booty stretch pants. I know when black men see that ass they will want to get balls deep in her !
  5. Thank you for sharing your vids. I really like watching real, everyday, amateur women be horny sluts. Really enjoyed how she liked it bareback, my gf is like this, she likes to feel a guys real, hot dick inside her and she loves to feel men cum inside her, this always sends her over the edge and makes her cum then too.
  6. Lick his cum off your wifes wedding cucky boy !
  7. What a hot babe! I LOVE her loose holes, looks like she has fucked quite a few men!
  8. LOVE her loose gaping holes. She must love anal!
  9. Yes! Go shopping with her! She will love this, a way to show youre really into it and a way to show intrrrst in HER. This is important for a good relationship. A lot of cucks just focus on their fantasy. Show interest in her, what she thinks, how she feels, this can be a very close and deep bonding time for you and her, especially if you encourage her and give her compliments. Many women have confidence or image issues, nows your chance to tell her how beautiful she is. You will get big points!
  10. Beautiful women, I have always been a big booty lover. Love that first gal with her huge holes, it makes me think of all the cock she has gotten!
  11. Black! And the LBD, Little Black Dress, preferably short to show her legs, of course black stockings are sexy, black lacey or satin bra the lifts her breasts and reveals her clevage, and the always hot 'fuck me heels'. If she can handle walking in them 4 inch heels are hot and sexy, and I love strappys, they are so sexy and feminine
  12. I have been a cockslut and have sucked a few in swinging situations with couples where the gf or wife watched. I have noticed most women get extremely turned on watching me cock bobbing on their bf or hubby. Love sucking cock in front of women and getting both men ready and the women excited. Now I have a gf to enjoy this with and I told her what a fluffer is. She wants me to be her fluffer for her when we meet men, she wants to see me on my knees in lingerei, stockings, panties, bra and heels while she plays with her pussy
  13. psdt1969


    So funnnnnyyyy! You are all very good joke tellers!
  14. Very hot story, Ive known some older black men like Amos back in the 90s before this whole phenomenon of BBC and Cuckolding, but cuz women always talk and 'gossip' thw word would get around about men like Amos having a huge cock. Some women being horny and liking big cocks had to sample BBC, and the rumors were confirmed, black men are definitely special. BBC Cuckolding is the ultimate cuckolding cuz the women get to enjoy the biggest cocks that rock their worlds, and if she is a really hot slut, she loves it bareback and the cucky gets the ultimate cuckolding being at the hospital as his gf or wife gives birth to a black baby. Everyone then knows you are a little pretty boy cucky and your girl is fucking black men, as the nurses giggle and whisper as they look at you
  15. Thank you. I cant wait to show her your nice comments, she is traveling right now out of state. Shes a sweetheart, kind and giving and the coolest woman I think Ive ever met, she has never judged me or criticized me for being trans, shes only supported me. She defends me when others try to insult me and wont let them get away with it. I am really humbled by her. She has been in abusive relationships in the past with men. I think many women have but we still dont talk about it in our society.
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