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  1. psdt1969

    Creampie cleaning

    I love it, I knew my place the first time I cleaned up a creamy pie!
  2. psdt1969

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    I have noticed after playing with many cpls that were bi, wives and gf's usually got incredibly hot and wet seeing their guy suck my cock, as well as seeing me suck her man.
  3. psdt1969

    wife ex biker slut ex hooker

    Love the pics of her being a black dick sucker and getting used by the black men. I wanted to know if you could ask her to give me advice about being this kind of woman, I have fantasies of being used like this, by multiple men, even pimped out regularly. I am a transwoman, live FT as a woman, am passable, blond, blue, long, sexy legs, nice round butt, love cum, sucking multiple men and swallowing, love anal with very large men, am scheduled to have GRS surgery and will eventually be functional as a woman and cant wait to be filled with cum in my new pussy.
  4. psdt1969

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    I am, my favorite is to be under a woman in 69 while she gets slammed and I lick them both, then perform cleanup duties after. I am very oral for both men and women, and am very skilled at both
  5. psdt1969

    Shemales for cucks

    Since this topic was started, I am transgirl, yes, a real liv one. I live as a F 24/7, but I am not a shemale as I am actually transitioning and am on hormones. So I no longer get erections, but to my surprise, I still can get erect as I have swung with several cpls recently. I still do enjoy my penis and always loved fucking a cis woman, but not from the point of view of 'I nailed her', but from giving her pleasure. At the same, after a lot of therapy counseling, I have decided I am going to transition all the way and have surgery, obviously this is something much deeper than sex or sexual fantasy. I say all this Cuz it's very rare to meet a beautiful and also passable shemale who has cock also that works cuz most she makes will need to use hormones and then their clock won't get a strong erection like a man. Last, I think the men and women that do like us see the mix and combination of masculinity and femininity in us. Also, we are the best lovers, I know what a man feels and how to please him, and I know what a woman feels and how to please her.
  6. psdt1969

    _962985f5de3833202ae80303d3725391 (1).mp4

    What a big, hot dick! She needs to learn to open her mouth and swallow that thing, but she is pretty enthusiastic it seems, she just needs to choke herself on that meat.
  7. psdt1969


    I have done this before with a woman, love it, it's so hot!
  8. psdt1969

    Another gold

    So hot Bill, she really has had that many children from other men? Is each kid from a different man? What a hot woman
  9. psdt1969

    Cuckold Videos

    Thank you cuckold fart, some very hot movies in here
  10. psdt1969

    First big cock for wife

    Wow! BIG COCK!
  11. psdt1969


    I just cleaned up a pussy like this last Sat at a swingers party, she loved being licked after he came in her, I don't think she had ever had anyone do that for her before
  12. psdt1969


    Nice pretty big load, I would like to back up on that one day when I have a pussy
  13. Wow, what a hot babe she is, and she must be very confident in herself. Most women, even women that are uninhibited, wouldn't go out with a skirt that short and no panties. I would say, and this is from a kind of female perspective as I am a transwoman, and I am quite passable, I live as a female 24/7, you should tell her she is a hottie. Men don't understand women, especially women like this, a woman who is like this wants to hear she is hot. She wants to hear how it makes you hot. You have to be confident in yourself too to keep up with a gal like this, and if she didn't love you and want to be with you, she would be gone. Flirt with her, touch her, kiss her. Do something really kinda hot and kinky like when she is dressed like this, find a public place, but with some privacy, like maybe a parking garage, then bend her over and eat her pussy right there outside by your car. I know as a honorary member of the female group, I would like that. I'd grab your head while you eat my holes from behind and grind and ride on your face, and tell you to get that tongue up inside both of my holes and make me cum! Quit worrying about if she is doing this or that and enjoy the ride, and hold on -)
  14. Hey Louie, There is a problem with you two first videos, it says unsupported browser or file path
  15. psdt1969


    I love watching your girl get fucked in her ass, she has such a beautiful, jiggly butt!