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    Yoga, kinky sex, hotwifing, swinging, cuckolding, adult bookstores and theaters, pegging, female domination, dominatrix, creampies, sloppy seconds

    Ymmy, I wanna be a girl like this!
  2. I SHOW video on teamviewer

    Hi there, I would like to see your videos, I have teamviewer on my pc, but cannot connect. Do you know what I should do?
  3. Cuckold Advice & Comments

    I think its true that women are taught, or at least feel that it is dirty, or they are dirty after a man has cum inside them, but then if she is open minded and tries having her creampie eaten, I think most women love it. I know the ones I have eaten have had huge orgasms
  4. BBC

    Hey, I wanted to ask anyone, I am trying to meet a gal who would be interested in this whole lifestyle and I have a profile on POF Plenty of Fish. Does anyone think its possible to meet a gal on there? My profile is completely honest and open that I am a cuck, very fem, seek a dom gal for this kind of lifestyle. I said one of my favorite things is to eat creampies and I seek a gal who would like to freely enjoy other men whenever she likes.
  5. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I like too, especially like very big ones, and very hard, cause it seems those really explode when they cum, and yes, I love cum too, like swallowing and feeling it go down my throat as well as receiving facials. My fav is to be under them when he is banging her from behind and I can lick them both. I love when his cock pops out of her and I can suck him tasting her juices on him. I also love for him to pull out of when he is pounding her from behind as he about to cum and then jack off and cum all over my face!
  6. Tiny husband

    I LOVE your tiny little pussy clit! I am not a member yet on CP, so am leaving you a message here. I love tiny little clittys, they are so hot and sexy! Yes girl, you might as well just start using hormones, put on some stockings and heels and go out with you wife to enjoy it with her!
  7. Like these hot pics, I love to cleanup too, as well as suck him after he cums in her
  8. This Is So Fucking Hot You Must Check It Out

    Love them all, but especially the one of her above her cucky spreading her used, sloppy hole open wide for him to clean her out!
  9. fullsizeoutput_7f6.jpeg

    Dinner, ummm
  10. Feeling frustrated

    Oh, ok. I just was more commenting on cuck cpls that do have that kind of relationship, where she really is not giving him any. That's how my friends were, she was fucking every guy right and left, and he got nothing, at all, or that's what he said to me. I know there are all kinds of cuck levels and different kinds of cuck relationships, that one would just be not for me. But he did have a really small penis that didn't seem to get very hard, and she had feminized him pretty thoroughly in that he always wore lingerie and stuff, so maybe she no longer even thought of him in terms of masculinity or a man.
  11. List Your Location

    I am a cucky bottom and Tgrl, and am actually also TG, a transgirl and am in Albuquerque, NM
  12. Fort Worth, Texa

    Hi, I am in Albuquerque, NM. Love Dallas!
  13. Displaying our private photos in public

    Love that phatt booty she has!
  14. my 22 yo naked wife - pls comment

    I like her hairy pussy pics, I would love to lick her and suck a load out of her when she is very creamy!
  15. Feeling frustrated

    My cuck couple I met when I lived in AZ were like that, he never got any, I don't think I could stand that, at least when she came home from getting her fun she would have to share her sloppy pussy with me, even if she just mounted my face and I clean her out and get her off a couple more times before bed. That's what the guy who was a cuck in the relationship told me though, she would come home quite late and have been fucked like a rag doll for hours and was always really worn out, so she would just go straight to bed and of course everyone had to work the next day. I couldn't stand that, I would have to be able to get some too, but I don't mind waiting to be the last one to enjoy her, but she would definitely have to play with me before sleep, that's when a woman is best to enjoy!