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  1. Nothing like the smell of real mens cum inside a woman after she has fucked long and hard, mixed with her pussy juices!
  2. I have, quite a few, both a gloryholes and swinger parties. At parties I have done it in open play rooms so everyone can see me, often on me knees with multiple men (I love men fucking my mouth and throat while they hold my head), and also underneath women 69ing with them while they are getting banged and pounded by multiple men, one after another. The most I have ever done like this was with a swinger wife friend where she got fucked by no less that ten men one after another, though it is hard to count upside down. The cocks and balls really all do look the same. I was licking her at the same I was licking their balls and cocks as they slammed her. I cleaned up multiple creampies from her after each man came inside her, and sucked several cocks clean after they came in her and pulled out of her. They used my mouth to clean their still hard poles off practically choking me, shoving their cocks far down my throat to clean the cum off. I also played with a cuckold couple where he was a cuck and she a hotwife goddess, both he and I dressed in lingerie and panties as multiple bulls came to fuck her, and he and I fluffed for her getting the bulls hard for her, then cleaned up creampies.
  3. Love all of your tiny little clitty notcocks!
  4. Just saying hi to everyone. I love this area of us cucks as I am now small and soft, am on hormones and really no longer functional. I am now so much more horny for men, and always loved sucking cock, but now I go fairly often to a local swingers club where they have an anonymous gloryhole and I regularly am in there sucking lots of cocks and have now gotten a reputation for how well I do. I love hearing a man on the other side of the wall groaning so everyone knows I am sucking him off, then I love feeling his cum exploded into my mouth. Wish one day I will meet a gal for this lifestyle as I still do love women sexually, but as woman loves other women, and I can be her fluffer girl and suck her bulls hard to get him ready for her. I also love watching real men fucking a woman, licking their cocks and balls while they bang her, then being her cleanup girl.
  5. Hot babe, she is very sexy in that Christmas dress. Give her as a present to some bull so she can get a good, hard, hot dick inside of her and ring her sleigh bells 😛
  6. Hi all, I am just wondering if there are any cucks that enjoy doing this with their wife or gf, if she brings home used condoms from her dates? I have a cum fetish and like licking and eating the cum out of condoms and have a swingers party's several times, as well as having found the odd used condom. Are there any wives or gf's that are really into this and turned on by this? Thanks, Colleen
  7. What Katuscpl says is true, there is a difference between cheating and this lifestyle. I have a cpl I had swing with for many years and they had been in the lifestyle for over 25 years. They had only one rule, no playing outside their marriage. Well, sevaral years ago I contacted her as we would meet occasionally every few months to play. She abruptly told me they were no longer in the lifestyle, I was dumbfounded and shocked, and by the way she was a smoking hot blond milf that I had seen and participated in her being banged by literally roomfulls of men. She was the kind of woman every guy and cuck dreams about, incredibly sexual and 'easy', but she had the one rule. It was obvious to me her hubby must have broken the one rule and she found out. He by the way was a govt. defense contractor, so he often had to travel for training, the perfect op for him to stray outside. I think she found out by him bringing back an STD to her, the only way she would know without any doubt. It was incredibly sad for me, they were one of the hottest cpls I ever played with, and we had essentially a relationship, which now is gone. I miss her, she was so hot and beautiful, and him too, and I now wonder would became of their marriage, as well they had two grown daughters. I noticed also strangely I thought that he would never go down on her, and that she had one the most beautiful vaginas I had ever enjoyed. It was beautiful, she had very large labia, over an inch long, and she would literally open like a flower that was in bloom when she got hot and wet. Needles to say I would go down on her every chance I got, and for as long as she wanted. I thought it strange with a wife so hot and beautiful he would never do that for her.
  8. If a woman likes being eaten and cleaned after, have her mount and straddle your faces. You'll have no choice but to lick and eat her as she slides and grinds her sloppy count on your mouth 🙂
  9. Mary, I lovesloppy, cummy pussy dripping into a womans panties. It is absolutely the hottest thing sexually, I think. I love having a gal give me sloppy seconds, especially eating her from behind when a lady is very sloppy and gooey. I think women's vaginas are most beautiful when wet and well used, and that is the best time to worship her beautiful femininity. I love burying my tongue as deeply as I can into her wet heat and tasting the sweet, salty, tangy mix of mens semen mixed with her juices. Even the smell is incredidle!
  10. Some big black guys are going to be balls deep in your pretty, sweet, little blond and she will never be the same after that 😍
  11. Hey Rita, love your cuckold cartoons, very hot...

  12. psdt1969


    Can you put your pics in an album so we can see them larger?
  13. psdt1969


    Dianna, love you, you are a beautiful goddess. Especially love your big, loose pussy and big booty!
  14. Hey Dianna, I am a small TS woman, I know, kinda unusual. I live FT as a woman, am on hormones, am passable and pretty, etc., so am only maybe 3 inches and am now always soft and flaccid. I just wondered if you could give me any advice about trying to meet another woman for this kind of lifestyle. I am bi, like both men and women sexually, am very submissive for both men and women. Though I enjoy sex with both men and women, I believe I would rather be in a relationship with a woman, but not a boring vanilla relationship. I have been a swinger for many years so I know I could never live with that kind of relationship, but I also don't know how or where to meet another woman who would be open to this kind of lifestyle... Do you think this is possible for two women to have in a relationship? I am not at all a jealous, possessive person, so I want to see her enjoy herself, and I want to enjoy myself also. I am a very giving, loving person. I love being the cleanup girl after another woman has enjoyed a roomful of men.
  15. Just saying hi and thanks for following me :)