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  1. Update; Still no joy - though when we were out a few weeks ago (on our own) and had a few to drink, got her to admit that she fancies her best mates husband. He clearly fancies her too...
  2. Hi; Have fantasised about my wife cucking me for years but she has always said she would be too embarrased for swinging/outdoor sex etc. I always say I'm too small but she just says "stop fishing for compliments" or not to be silly Recently though she asked me to clear her old phone. Looked at history and she has been watching cuckold/femdom videos on Pornhub. Sex has become very infrequent of late and also she has woken me up at night with sound of her masturbating. Never asks me to join in. Do you think she is getting into the idea and if so, how do I play it from here?