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  1. You are as old as you feel So keep feeling!
  2. I found these two comments on the above subject which helped clarify your confusion and question I hope these help “I think one reason I find white women who like big black men to be so attractive is that desiring big black men imbues white women with a type of primal animalistic femininity. She is following her primal mating urge and going after the alpha male to provide her with the best genes for her offspring. And she is doing this regardless of social taboos or cultural norms and financial security. She is simply following her basic instinct to mate with alpha males. To me, this make
  3. AS my wife and I are practising nudists I enjoy other people clothed or naked male or female seeing my naked wife
  4. Love the inviting cleavage and those hidden big tits as well as the short skirt!
  5. victorsev


    If the weather is good no need for my wife to wear clothes
  6. One of my fantasies as well to clean up after my wife has been satisfied by a big cock Maybe even get it hard again for round two! Any thing to pleasure my wife
  7. Johannesburg South Africa here as per my profile
  8. I think anklets on women are so provocative!
  9. Even the girls on the girlie weekend away would enjoy playing with her beautiful body let alone tempting menfolk!
  10. The wife humiliation that I enjoy is my wife being naked in front of clothed men and women and them checking her naked body out maybe fondling her 38 C cup tits and sliding the odd finger into her moist cavity
  11. This is based on a true marriage experience. Obviously names and places have been changed. Continuing from Part One: With our extravagant lifestyle we soon went through the financial endowment. I lost my job as I was drinking too much. Our marriage was in a desperate situation both at the bank and in bed. An Aunt of mine passed away in Alabama and me being her only next of kin I was left a small farm in her estate. It was a chance of a new start. We moved to the small remote farming town isolated in the bowels of Alabama. I managed to get a low paying job in sales which meant being
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