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    Into bisexual and. Would luv to be a cuck for someone. As my wife is not interested in it at all.

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  1. Nothing wrong with being a cuck...I think is hott to see a husband sucking the cum from his wifes pussy thats from another man.
  2. Goingeasy


    She is a real doll. Luv her breasts!!
  3. OMG  You are  soo WONDERFUL.... Warmest hugs  sweetest kisses.....

    1. Goingeasy


      Well...thank you. I am just me. But the kind words were nice.

  4. She is absolutely beautiful...great legs.
  5. man thats hott, sucki g down all his Black cum. Yes.bet it taste so fine.
  6. Luv to help ya clean that cum up...
  7. You have a really nice cock..I mean really great.I can only imagine how it feels.
  8. Beautiful Lady with a beautiful body !!!
  9. Yes..nice nipples sticking out , very beautiful Lady. Robert..you are a lucky man.
  10. Wow...I would certainly talk to him. Thats alot of Black cock rite there !!