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  1. Looking for a wannabe cuck under 4 inches that's into small cock humiliation.
  2. I'm Dianna and I recently started seeing a 19 yo man that works for me. Hubby and I have been in the lifestyle for 20 years. My bull is inexperienced and nervous. I want him permanently. I run a small coffee shop and Brian started working part time. He's adorable and me being such a slur I initiated some flirting. I accidentally walked into the staff bathroom while he was changing and saw the most amazing cock I've ever laid eyes on. The boy wasn't even hard and I was in awe. Heart pounding. I apologized and went back out. After a couple of hours when the place was empty I explained to him that I had to have him. We went to my office and I sat him on my desk and threw his cock in my mouth. When he was fully erect I was amazed. We switched places and he proceed to knock my cervix into my throat. I came probably a dozen time and squirted several more and all that without changing positions. He said as long as my hubby didn't find out we could proceed. I then laid it all out for him. He agreed to try. Now hubby is a cock worshipper like me. He loves sucking cock, guiding my bull into me and the whole deal. He's also into small cock humiliation. During our first encounter we took some pics and I measured him alongside hubby. When hubby started praising his superior Brian got nervous. Hubby wants it just as much as I So he didn't push just watched, fucked my cum filled cunt and cleaned up. Hubby said that if we can get him to come around that he would even let Brian stay in our home.(he's 19 a and broke) How can I fix this?