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  1. Sandra_2005_Hotel_4810.jpg

  2. milf becca (83).jpg

    I love it..
  3. Sandra_2005_Hotel_4810.jpg

    Access granted, have fun ans place comments
  4. Sandra_2005_Hotel_4810.jpg

    You are invited
  5. Sandra_2005_Hotel_4810.jpg

    You are invited for sandras hotel session, have fun....
  6. hOT iNDIAN

    Nice tits
  7. Sandra_2005_Hotel_4810.jpg

    Thx acces granted
  8. Sandra Hotel Shot 1

  9. Hot arse and body Sandra has love the photo shoot 

    1. plopp2plopp
    2. offshoreblue


      She ever been seen when outside taking her pics 

  10. she my hot wife

    she needs to get used quite hard
  11. Sandra first shots

    Yes this is vanilla style, so please give me a commen if you are interested to see Sandras progress over the last 12 year
  12. Ich liebe es Bilder meiner Stute zu zeigen und Sie im Netz anzubieten.

    Sandra ist jetzt 38 und gut gebraucht nachdem Sie knapp 10 Jahre Erfahrung genossen hat.

    anfangs noch sehr Vanilla macht Sie jetz schon einiges mit und hat auch eine 3 stellige Zahl Fremdschwänze genossen.

    hier ein Bild aus der Vanilla Zeit



  13. how my wife becoming a sluthotwife

    Jes great, I trained my GF for a long time ti make her slutty, now we are together since more then 12 year married and she does it all what I expect from a real slavwhore This is a beginner shooting from 2005 as she was nice and cute. Comment if you are intereste to learn more about Sandra and her training