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  1. I like the pics, but I'm a white male married to a black woman, and I know she likes white men, but she has told me she's done as many white men as black men. I'd rather see her with black men, but as long as someone is satisfying her, I don't care what color they are. So keep the pics coming.
  2. Beautiful lady! Thank you for sharing her!
  3. I used to do this with my first wife. I'd put the polaroids in a girly mag like I was hiding them there, and then I let a friend borrow the mag when he came to visit and spend the night. I knew when he found them by his laud "WoW". The next day when he gave the mag back he told me the pics where there, and I acted like my wife was the one who must have put them there. I also showed her pics to many others, but that was my favorite.
  4. 1st wife had 5 after we married. She fucked one of the guys for over 15 years of our marriage, and another for 2 years. (By the way, I got her to admit she liked bigger cocks by asking her who her favorite lovers where not counting me. She said Ernie and Bruce. Then I asked her who her biggest lovers where. She said Ernie and Bruce. So I asked her if size doesn't matter, why is it she liked the two biggest guys. She thought about it a moment and then said..."I guess I do like big cocks." Earlier she had told me I was the smallest she had been with.) 2nd wife had about 30 before we married. 1 while we were dating, and after we married she saw an old boyfriend several times. (But that doesn't really up the count.) And I think at least 2 more after we married. I'm looking forward to her taking more lovers, but I like her having 1 or 2 steady long term lovers.