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  1. agratefuldude

    Is it length or girth... or both?

    I reckon I have a complex with my cock. I'm not *small*, maybe just a hair below average but I've always wanted to have a big cock. I'm sure the reason is that I've seen too much porno over the years and cocks there are not representative of what people really endow but... But how big are real men down there? Or at least men in this forums... Mi cock is 12cm (4.7") when hard, and 13cm (5.1") girth. I've done the maths and it's 161cm3 or 9.7 cubic inches in volume. I've also done the maths for my wife's favourite toy (7" long 5.9" girth) and it's twice the volume my cock is I've also done some reasearch on recorded data for big cocks and I've found this: "Dr. Robert Dickinson, who in the early 20th century measured the largest medically recorded penis in the world at that time to be 13.5 inches (34.29 cm) long and 6.25 inches (15.875 cm) in girth." at (not a paper, thou). With those numbers the volume is 686cm3 or 42 cubic inches, more than 4.3 times my cock's volume... Just as a reference, given the length and (average) girth the volume is V = ( length * girth * girth ) / ( 4 * PI ) Pi being 3.14159 aprox.
  2. A mi me encantaría ver a mi mujer follando con otro, preferiblemente un amigo o conocido y que cada vez que me lo encontrase me recordara lo cornudo que soy y el buen polvo que se echó. Si quieres que compartamos fantasías escríbeme a agratefuldude at gmail dot com.
  3. agratefuldude

    How many cocks?

    Yes, but it's normally cucks that enjoy their wives having had many cocks....
  4. agratefuldude

    How many cocks?

    Only for cuckolds: How many cocks has your wife/gf had so far? In my case it's 2 before me and 2 while with me. That's 5 counting me. Not many. Who has the sluttiest wife/gf?
  5. agratefuldude

    Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    Right, that's my case as well... I have never been able to make my wife come by just intercourse. She's confessed she has fucked a couple of guys since we married. I wasn't there but she told me later that she enjoyed being deeply fucked. Also, I see how much she likes her 7" dildo. Not big but bigger than me. She's not leaving me 'cause she loves me but she certainly likes bigger cocks.
  6. Bulls are normally big down there. But they are chosen mainly for that. But what makes us cuckold? Are we all smaller than average? Is there a cuckold gene that pushes to prevent us from having descendence? How many of you don't care for the bull's size? How many of you fantasize about your wife/gf/... getting pregnant by her bf? How do your cocks compare to the average? 5.6 inches according to a recent study.