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  1. About 6 years ago I was seeing a married coworker, She let me know her husband knew about us and didn't have any trouble with it. I didn't believe her at first but after the first time her husband walked in on us and smiled I knew it was ok. After the first time he walked in on us we arranged things so he could watch while he was restrained and in chastity. we had been seeing each other for about 3 months before she started getting her husband more involved by having him on cream pie clean up. By this time I had practically moved in and the husband was moved into the spare bedroom. the best thing what happened was she became pregnant I didn't mean it to happen but we always fucked bareback anyway all 3 of us sat down to discuss her husband agreed to stay with her but as a nanny while she filled for divorce I know she still cares for her now ex but all 3 of us are happy turns out her husband had a boyfriend that he was seeing that was why he was so happy with me sleeping with his wife he is now all set to move out in a few weeks to prepare for his wedding