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  1. i am looking for your email 

      [email protected]    yahoo 


     [email protected]   gmail  

  2. Picture sent by my wife

    Woooww. I too like when my wife takes bare back. But in cuckolding the three party mutual consent is necessary i believe. If the bull does not want to go bare back, then its also a mutual consent to respect the decision.
  3. Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    Awesome hotwife and really awesome supporting cuck hubby.

  5. Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    Happy wife happy life
  6. Slave for my wife.

    Its always been a fantasy for me to see my wife with a foreigner (other than Asian). She too shares the same kink, fantasies and fetishes, but my dear friend you are really very far in Melbourne
  7. Slave for my wife.

    I am a slave of my wife. I love her dominating. I love her the way she sometimes tortures me and humiliates me. We are kink loving couples. My wife in home-based BDSM with me sometimes if she pleases.
  8. Picture sent by my wife

    Picture sent by my wife. Her Sunday night Erotica and adventures. I love my smoking hot hotwife.
  9. Slave for my wife.

    Thank you for the appreciation. Yes she is very adventurous.
  10. Slave for my wife.

    Picture sent by my wife for Sunday night. She was not at home and sent me the pic for my lonely night.
  11. Slave for my wife.

    You are very far.
  12. Slave for my wife.

    My wife told me to post this picture. Hopefully to show how small I am to pay her any &&&&&. I am always at her feet to serve her well. I am MR DICKLET for her
  13. My Wife's Email Address

    Same here. My wife is a working woman. She loves to chat whenever she is free. [email protected] Don't know whether she will trade pics, but yes she loves to chat.
  14. Does Your Wife Have Anal Sex Only With Her Bull(s)?

    Just like cuckolding is not everyone's cup of tea, I believe anal sex too is not everyone's piece of pie. Besides, what Mrs. A like and favors, Mrs. B cannot. Calling women lazy who don't like anal is too far a QUOTE. Hope this is a free blog for free people.
  15. Does Your Wife Have Anal Sex Only With Her Bull(s)?

    My wife doesn't like anal sex. But licking and fingering come as a foreplay with her her bulls. Honestly, I think except from porno in real life there are no ladies who loves anal.