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  1. My hot wife

    You can connect to me at [email protected] and you can connect to her at [email protected]
  2. Picture sent by my wife

    She doesn't break her stories always. It's just her ways to screw my mind. Never let me know on that incident
  3. Picture sent by my wife

    Below is a tease sent by my wife. She was out of town to her parental home. As soon as I received the pic, my mind started fucking myself with all sorts of erotic thoughts. A love bite on her breasts is enough.
  4. Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    Surprise Surprise in hospital after honeymoon
  5. Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    Watch this amazing cuckold series. Mom and pounded and A Husband and father grounded.
  6. Let me see ur wife pics

    Magnificent. You are one lucky sissy to have such an adorable beauty by your side
  7. Let me see ur wife pics

    Just one word GORGEOUS
  8. My hot wife

    I am in India.
  9. black stud here indy love to chat and maybe do starbucks


  10. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    This happened during last year's Holi Festival. It's a festival we celebrate as a Festival of colors in India. We had our guests, neighbors and friends invited in a small gathering. My wife's lover was also invited in the party. Me and my wife were busy attending the guests. My wife dressed like a seductive goddess in a exhibitionist saree and she was the Show's topper. My dad and mom too were also present in the small get together. There was music, dancing etc and our home felt so lively. All men were eager to dance with my wife and they did take their rounds to dance her. She was just off from the party for about 15-20 minutes to bring and arrange some sweets for our guests. She was accompanied by her lover in her time of need. I knew for sure that when she was off from the party for the time being she must be cooking some physical dishes with her lover. After the party was over, only five of us were present. My dad, my mom, my wife, my wife's lover and myself. We were just having some chit chat about the day and about our guests. My wife's lover out of the blue brought up a topic that he had prepared a special dish and he would like to serve it personally to all of us. My wife was in pale when she was informed about that. I never had a clue what it was all about. But then he went in the kitchen and brought two bowls of KHEER (a special Indian sweet dish prepared with sugar,milk, and rice, cashew nuts, dry fruits etc.) Everyone was allowed to take the KHEER form the larger bowl but I had a smaller one especially for me from where I had my slice of the sweet. When I tasted my bowl of sweet dish it seemed a thick potent smell of something and little bit awkward in taste than normally you find the dish. All were in a praise for the Chef, my wife's lover. I however had to nod to their decision as I had no other options left. The wife's lover and my wife were chuckling mischievously and I sensed something was wrong in it. When all the guests had departed and I was with my wife, I asked her about the dish incident and she told me that the time she was out from the party she gave her bull a blowjob and instead of swallowing the juice the bull instructed her to spill it all over my bowl of sweet. And the thick smell and awkward-ish taste I had was actually a mixture of my wife's bull's juices and the sweet dish. My wife told me that since I never cleaned up her cream pies after her sessions and since I had never sucked his cock so they decided to do that to me. I was gravely humiliated since the bull fucked out an idea to make me drink his cum even in front of my mom and dad in a party.
  11. If the hotwife falls in love with the bull or any one of her lovers, then the cuckolding lifestyle is not planned well enough. Cuckolding is a form of asserting female dominance in a predominantly male dominant society. A lifestyle where the female partner has every right to choose her mating partner outside her marriage. And in this sort of a relationship the hotwife is the centrifugal force around which the relationship evolves. She has to reserve a place for her husband in her heart and reserve a place for her lovers in her body. Moreover, every bull/lover is nothing but a human sex toy to any hotwife. Because logically, what Mr Bull can do for Mrs A, he can do the same for Mrs X, Mrs Y, and Mrs Z too. So hotwives who think that they might be in a long term married stable relationship with her lover/bull is fooling herself by daydreaming. I am not saying that cuckolding marriages never end in divorce or separation. But let us think in this way. Lets say Mrs A is having a physical relationship with her Mr Bull and who in turn enjoys physical relationships with Mrs X, Mrs Y, and Mrs Z too. Now, Mrs A divorces her husband and marries her Mr Bull, is there a guarantee that Mr Bull will be faithful to Mrs A. The answer is no. Moreover once any woman has tasted a pie of liberty and empowerment in sexual relationships in spite of being married, will it be easier for her to restrict her independence and liberties in a newly wedded relationship. I don't think so. So from any cuckolding relationship, in my opinion its better for the hotwife to stay married to her cuckold and then enjoy her erotic adventures outside marriage. Obviously conditions apply that both the hotwife and the cuckold are not faking their relationships.
  12. My hot wife

    Thanks Kaktuscpl, some people just don't understand the feeling and lifestyle. I am glad that you understood. Also, discretion to some extent is important in any cuckolding lifestyle. I really appreciate your views.
  13. I think it depends on situations and on the level of cuckoldry lifestyle that whether the bull should stay with the wife overnight or wife should stay with the bull overnight. It all depends primarily on the mentality of the hotwife. If the hotwife prefers random hookups then probably she will not allow her bull to stay overnight or she will not be in the bull's place overnight either. But in case of a stable bull the situation changes. In either of the cases the hotwife's discretionary lifestyle and safety is utterly important so in my opinion, if the hotwife chooses her bull to stay overnight there is a lot amount of trust and faith involved in it. Also discretion from kids is to be considered before inviting the bull to your home and asking him to spend the night with your wife. It becomes a lot more safer with couples having kids if the sessions and meetings are planned in some neutral places like a motel, holiday resort etc. In my case, my wife's lover sleeps with my wife on our marital bed, frequently overnight. I don't have any objection to it since its her choice. Sometimes she asks me to call him up and we plan the evening altogether. There was once this funny and interesting incident. It was a Diwali festive season and after enjoying the festival altogether, my wife proposed her lover to spend the night at our home. I made my bed on the floor while my wife and her lover slept on the marital bed. Normally my wife is not a loud moaner,but that night she just reacted like a possessed hotwife and with the lights off, windows open their erotic adventures probably knocked our neighbors. I had no idea until next day and one of my neighbors waved good morning greetings and congratulated me on my potent actions. Hardly did he know that actually it was my wife's lover who kept the action running overnight.
  14. My hot wife

    I am not ashamed of my wife. I am proud of her as she is a truly liberated woman. Yes I am little bit scared to show her face pic in an open forum. I don't share any of my wife's (face) pics unless I have her authorization. I hope you can understand.
  15. My hot wife

    I am from India