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    New Hampshire in summer . Florida in Winter.
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    Late 50's male with a nice one . I would like to find a curvy woman who would occasionally cuckold me ,a lady for a full time relationship.
    Also very interested in couples for some MFM fun a little touching between the guys is ok.

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  1. Thank you for the follow, Sir!

  2. Thanks for the follow! 

  3. Hot story, I love a wife who cucks her hubby but wives who fuck Islander are running a high risk of bringing home AID's, those guys are just not clean
  4. Your wife looks great I would like to meet you both  Rob

    1. olcrab


      Would have her meet you.

    2. nhfun2


      Sorry I miss this message   Yes I would love to meet your wife and play with her pussy .We are far from each other but if you every come to New England I would let you stay over so we can have .She has a very sexy pussy ,do you have more pictures?  all I see t=is the one on your profile   Rob 

  5. Do it , enjoy his big cock , but you know young men like to brag , tell him to keep very quit about it . I did home repairs for a couple and lived with them for 6 months .K and I would play every night and some times had FU%$ breaks during the day , we had a great time .
  6. Very sexy . I would love to play with you and do naughty things to you : )

    your wife looks fantastic  .I live her curves .💗

  8. been to a lot of partys and things did not go well.
  9. Beautiful ass ,so shapely and sexy .
  10. There is a book out there about different family's who had a so call uncle who would visit and stay overnight ( mom uncle , and dad watching ) The story I got is that a female author traveled France , Germany and other country's 40 , 50 years ago and became aware the husbands were letting their wifes sleep with other men ,so she wrote about it . When I acquired about the book it was not being printed anymore . I would love to find this book if anyone has any info .It has good information about cuckolding . I believe cuckolding is as old as sex itself .
  11. nhfun2

    Kissing another man

    I like it all ,but kissing is overlooked ,its very erotic .
  12. Hi Dave I sent you a message ,Hope your interested .
  13. Venice Florida in winter , New Hampshire in summer . Looking for couples to meet .
  14. NH in summer. Florida in winter.