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    New Hampshire in summer . Florida in Winter.
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    Late 50's male with a nice one . I would like to find a curvy woman who would occasionally cuckold me ,a lady for a full time relationship.
    Also very interested in couples for some MFM fun a little touching between the guys is ok.

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  1. I know a few wives who ( prefer ) not going to adult party's if they have black single men there . don't go over the line guys .
  2. Your not invited , maybe she will send you pictures ,let you listen on the phone or from an other room , she may bring home a cream pie . Sounds like a lot of fun for all .
  3. Used pussy ! I loved sliding in my wife's used pussy full of cum .
  4. Look up : A Personal Map To The Sexual Market Place . on You Tube . It's long but very interesting and you may have to listen to it more then one time . It covers cuckold and why they are part of the fabric in society's , narcissistic, beta male , alpha male , how some men just take what they want , some have a very high sex drives and others don't , violent drives to passive .
  5. From what Iv read on many articles its not the color its the alpha male that turns women on . the husband is the one who wants to see her with a black guy
  6. That's wild picture you have with the two cocks 👍

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      Looks so exciting...


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      That is so hot and makes me so hard.  Wow what a mouth full.

  7. Thank you for following me 

  8. So HOT and well used
  9. Thank you for the follow, Sir!

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  11. Hot story, I love a wife who cucks her hubby but wives who fuck Islander are running a high risk of bringing home AID's, those guys are just not clean
  12. Your wife looks great I would like to meet you both  Rob

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      Would have her meet you.

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      Sorry I miss this message   Yes I would love to meet your wife and play with her pussy .We are far from each other but if you every come to New England I would let you stay over so we can have .She has a very sexy pussy ,do you have more pictures?  all I see t=is the one on your profile   Rob