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    New Hampshire in summer . Florida in Winter.
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    Late 50's male with a nice one . I would like to find a curvy woman who would occasionally cuckold me ,a lady for a full time relationship.
    Also very interested in couples for some MFM fun a little touching between the guys is ok.

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  1. There is a book out there about different family's who had a so call uncle who would visit and stay overnight ( mom uncle , and dad watching ) The story I got is that a female author traveled France , Germany and other country's 40 , 50 years ago and became aware the husbands were letting their wifes sleep with other men ,so she wrote about it . When I acquired about the book it was not being printed anymore . I would love to find this book if anyone has any info .It has good information about cuckolding . I believe cuckolding is as old as sex itself .
  2. Kissing another man

    I like it all ,but kissing is overlooked ,its very erotic .
  3. Seeking Bull in NH

    Hi Dave I sent you a message ,Hope your interested .
  4. List Your Location

    Venice Florida in winter , New Hampshire in summer . Looking for couples to meet .
  5. List Your Location

    NH in summer. Florida in winter.
  6. That sounds like a HOT game.
  7. That is SO HOT ! A mom out having sexual fun with an other man while you stay home and watch the kids . She deserves it after taking care of everyone all week she should go out and have fun getting laid .Good for the both of you .
  8. Anyone have a bull who makes himself at home and walk in your house , takes your wife by the hand and leads her to your bedroom ,she willingly fucks him and cuckolds you .He has his way with her while you feel helpless but aroused while sitting in the next room . You can hear her laughing ,moaning and having fun with him . He leaves her with a cream pie until next time .
  9. Kissing

    A wife kissing an other man is so HOT }{
  10. How many cocks?

    Im single now but when I met my wife she had fucked 4 guys and after 5 years of marriage I talked her into fucking guys and soon she was having a great time in bed with them ,she did 15 men and invited the big ones back , some times she was alone in a motel room with them.
  11. Love the hickes ,for the next month when you see them you will be reminded how she had fun with an other guy .
  12. text i receive from my wife this morning

    Listening from an other room can be so HOT ! hearing her moan and the bed going up and down relay gets your imagination going .
  13. Picture sent by my wife

    So yummy
  14. Picture sent by my wife

    What a beautiful mess ,I would love to slide my hard cock deep in her used pussy so sexy and wet .
  15. sdfg.jpg

    She is beautiful