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    The Perverted Bridge Club

    that is what we want
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    Poker Night

  3. cjhopper

    river slutwife

  4. More bets! Bet her on anything and hope another pay off with another friend.........
  5. Now that is what I believe life is about. Really nice and hard.
  6. cjhopper

    Candaulism is it cuckolding?

    Do you back massage her with others around you to let others see her body? Do you get off by letting others see touch and satisfy your wife?
  7. cjhopper

    Elaine's First Time

    You put the thrill in words! The back massage is my preferred method of exposure. I can stop or continue the show according to the situation. Seeing his eyes at the first glimpse of her body that I show! If the guy is into looking we/I will continue to show her body one piece at a time. I really like the reaction to him seeing me massage her tits from under her t-shirt, that gives him hope. I love this type of exposure and it takes up to an hour to complete. I will usually continue our conversation like nothing is changing but he will talk less and less. J will talk to him and smile a lot as I move her shirt first till he has her tits in view. The anticipation is thick and creamy when she is hot enough and likes him. He will be ready IF I hand her over! Her eyes going glossy as she gets hotter and wanting more. Yes that is so fun
  8. cjhopper

    Elaine's First Time

    I think I am more this....[Candaulism] I want to share my wife but it is more about her pleasure. I want to show her myself and handle (disrobe) her. So I can then to offer her and share her with others. She loves this type of encounter. Anybody?
  9. I like the breast pic at the beginning! Thank You
  10. cjhopper

    tits in the window, on the way to cuckold

    I wish I had thought of that...
  11. W e were again out of town.......................At this point she would not allow other guys to touch her! It was getting late and I had put on my under ware for lounging around and my was wife putting on her light and loose T-shirt with panties under it. I love the jiggle under............. when she walks. I walked over to the window and opened the drapes fully. I was watching the car parking guys in the auto park across from our room. It was about 30 ft away, and the car headlights would shine directly into our room as they came up the ramp on our room level. I watched and the only people I saw were the guys parking cars and figured this would be a fun way to show my wife. I turned a light on from the side of the couch away from the window, so there would be a silhouette of us through the window. and she will be lit from the front by a lamp also. I just looked around for a minute, then went back to the couch and sat next to my wife. I love it when it is highly possible to be seen but I just don't know if anyone IS watching cause the lights limit my ability to see out the windows. She never talked about the window being open while we watch TV, or if anyone can see us when I give back rubs to show her tits to people. I just don't know. I guess that is why I feel like I am on a high school date when this happens, you just don't know if you'll get to first base or third base or what..........or oral sex in the window! We were watching TV with some lights on and cuddling near the window, with my arm around her I could play with her boob and that is exactly what I did! The more I grabbed and rubbed the closer she would get to me. She felt my boner, she slowly moved her hand around my legs and started to move her hand in between my legs. I would look out the window every so often to see if I could see guys around, sure enough there they were working and running. I am not sure if they saw us but it would not be hard to see. I think we were not moving enough to attract attention yet. So I got up and got some wine for us, this allowed me to turn some lights on and off in the room, while I looked for glasses for the wine. When I sat down again I gave her a kiss, and she went for it. We kissed and fondled each other but no cloths came off yet. I am sure this attracted attention. This went on for about 15/20 minutes. She looked up to me and had that look. Then SHE asked for a back rub! I just moved her in front of me on the sofa. I sit legs open and she sits in front of me, between my legs. This lets me have access to her and show her to the window at the best angles. We were only 3 feet from the window. I again started the back rub and scratch routine. As the time went on I slowly started moving her shirt up in the back till it was over her shoulders and on the back of her head, in front it was just under her nipples. I then turned her head and kissed her. She kissed back over her shoulder, then turned a little to make it more comfortable. This turned her tits a little more to the window. While we kissed I moved one side of her shirt up a little more to play with a nipple. She kissed harder, so I lifted the shirt up around her neck. We have boobs to the window,WOW for me. We played and kissed for quite awhile. I love holding her tits to the window and moving them around. Then I tried and she let me take the shirt over her head! I threw it on the floor by us. She was still kissing over her shoulders with her tits to the window. I reached between her legs and boy was she wet. I went back to work on her tits, that gets her very hot. The her eyes were getting glassy, and had the look of Ecstasy. I had taken her past the point of saying no to pretty much anything.......................... This was a good time to look outside. There was one guy moving slowly from a car to the elevator. He was watching, and under a light so I could see him while he walked. This means there will be more or there have been more watching us! My dick hurts from being so hard! She was glassy eyed and topless. I moved her up and back to me / tits to the window. I had her to the window and sitting up. She then reached for my dick. Just a little touch and rub. I was Hard. she slowly pulled it out of my under ware and stroked it. I rubbed her tits and we kissed.............................there we were, her in only panties and me sort of in my under ware. The window a foot or two away and lights on! AND guys parking cars! This went on for a long time before I turned her over and began sucking her tits. She is now standing in front of me and the window. She leaned over to get her tits in my mouth, and her hands are all over me and my dick. There was a point when she slid down to my dick and started sucking me right there. I wish I knew exactly when but I was busy. After a few minutes I began to stand up, she followed me. I looked out and saw a guy standing still over there, this is when I think I saw her look over also. Not sure though. Anyway I got her to suck me off in the window with people watching from about 30 feet away. I thought I'd try to stand on the couch and she followed me right up and now she is standing up sucking me while I stand on the couch, and I am playing with her tits right there in the window. This is great and my fantasy cum true again.