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  1. Like the icon?

  2. Thx for following us! 

  3. Was that the only time she shared herself? How about other blow jobs? any?
  4. More bets! Bet her on anything and hope another pay off with another friend.........
  5. Now that is what I believe life is about. Really nice and hard.
  6. Do you back massage her with others around you to let others see her body? Do you get off by letting others see touch and satisfy your wife?
  7. You put the thrill in words! The back massage is my preferred method of exposure. I can stop or continue the show according to the situation. Seeing his eyes at the first glimpse of her body that I show! If the guy is into looking we/I will continue to show her body one piece at a time. I really like the reaction to him seeing me massage her tits from under her t-shirt, that gives him hope. I love this type of exposure and it takes up to an hour to complete. I will usually continue our conversation like nothing is changing but he will talk less and less. J will talk to him and smile a lot as I move her shirt first till he has her tits in view. The anticipation is thick and creamy when she is hot enough and likes him. He will be ready IF I hand her over! Her eyes going glossy as she gets hotter and wanting more. Yes that is so fun
  8. I think I am more this....[Candaulism] I want to share my wife but it is more about her pleasure. I want to show her myself and handle (disrobe) her. So I can then to offer her and share her with others. She loves this type of encounter. Anybody?