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    gender: cpl 57/59

    you may guess three times - yes I do share her and yes she is the one in my avatar.

    maybe not conventionally pretty, but all in all she’s my sex goddess with saggy tits that swings for me and a wet and tight cunt that rocks. she has a heart big as a mountain and is keen to join any sexual fun I ever wanted to try.

    I'm not a cuck, I'm just generous and a voyeur, who loves to see her fucked. and she loves
    to show off and and doesn't mind to play slutty games.

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  1. Such a tasty sight. Wrap those fine legs tightly around me:)

  2. Wrap those sexy legs around me so i can dive deep inside that pussy :)

  3. Lets talk cuck. 32 bull here. Loved your pics. Her tits are AMAZING. hit me back.


    Spencer apr19.jpg


  4. It can turn out great, but you also have to face the fact, that you could loose your best mate. Just because he is your best mate doesn’t mean, that it will work out with all three of you, when it comes to sex. And some women don’t want to see the guys again, when it didn’t work out having sex with them. From our experience it’s better to meet strangers for sex. Some of them became good friends, but first was sex. It really never works, when you talk a women into something like a 3-some. The wish to play this sort of games should come from her. In our case I never asked her for. I just talked about fantasies, made up stories with her playing with two men. It was finally her who said let’s try a 3-some. It turned out great and ever since then she was keen to explore new games, even G.B. I recommend you, to keep friendship and sex apart.

    Thank you for sharing. It takes balls to let the wife enjoy her bull. Not every man could take that.
  6. hi guy   ur profile is interesting read, please post pix or a good read of ur experences so far..  62/46 here hardly a wantabe, but it a super hot fantasy