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  1. And best of all is when one can see the face of desire to voyeurs who are probably thinking what a bitch it is and how it would put the ass ...
  2. That day was one of the best days. Would come home the son of one of her friends when she said she was cold and would put some more clothes, he returned with a diver and his ass almost the air. When the boy saw, the boy looked at him the ass all afternoon
  3. As you may have seen in the few photos you can upload so far ... my wife has a very nice ass. Surely you will enjoy my post
  4. As you've read in my profile, I have the curiosity to show my wife. She does not know this and therefore not you take pictures and even less get on the Internet. I usually do it at home, at friends or even get to undress her and get her drunk to take pictures more hot. Of his "fans" many have been contacting me repeatedly until I came to borrow your clothes to "honor". Today there are two fans who regularly can enjoy the charms of her perfume on his clothes (thongs, shorts). They usually enjoy a few days and then would return it and clean although I always ask them to stop any drop in clothing (in the groin). Upon receipt I ever put it in the drawer of her clothes and she uses them well. Someone so does?
  5. quiet, often exhibits her ass frequently. You'll have another chance
  6. I think it came out into the street with her dressed as a hooker
  7. I imagine it must be a wonderful feeling to see your wife enjoy with other men
  8. so I could see, many could enjoy looking at her ass
  9. photo this weekend, then turn up the rest. We went for a walk around town ... I think the voyeurs were celebrating our walk. I could see several watched him the ass when I can I'll post the other photos
  10. It is always exciting to see the faces of desire when they look at my wife's ass
  11. I commented that she did not pose for photos. It took the photos at home or naked is when she is drunk
  12. and given to friends ... that if I'd be good
  13. As the preferred Dressed or drunk and naked?
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