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  1. brownbull11

    BBC in NJ Area

    BBC bull here from NJ. PM me
  2. brownbull11

    Calling women slut/whore???

    it's not what you say .. but how you say it. Women love it ..I make them say " f me like a s or w .. " That's what a real bull does .. brings out the inner slut in every woman
  3. brownbull11

    we look for black bull

    lovely HOT!! thick lady .. do u have KIK?
  4. brownbull11


    HOT af!!! does she like bbc
  5. Glad you enjoy my wife.

  6. brownbull11

    Introducing a New Hot Slut

    lovely sexy slut ready to play-- have you started the training?
  7. brownbull11

    Introducing my innocent Indian fiancee :)

    Hot young pussy needs to be trained to serve thick big meat like this .. send her to NJ
  8. brownbull11

    Looking for pics of black bred wifes

    resting after a loooong fuk
  9. brownbull11

    My friend's wife

    begging for thick BBC to be bred
  10. brownbull11

    Introducing my innocent Indian fiancee :)

    Hottie hei ye! Will stretch all her holes until they are ruined. Amazing tits.
  11. brownbull11

    My wife needs encouragement

    Ho Ho Ho ... what a lovely xmas treat your wife is. Show her more ..
  12. brownbull11

    We are new here

    Thanks for sharing. Sexy n made for bull breeding
  13. sexy thick - the sweetness from her juices will melt my tongue. She need a real thick one and must be shared a lot
  14. brownbull11

    Wana be cuckold

    wow pink peach ready to be split open while cucky watches