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  1. My favorite erotica Cuckold network

    Go on with part 2 of this hot party. The Party...part 2 bybluehowler© John nearly shot his load as he watched his wife have her second violent orgasm of the night. The party had gone on too long for Don as he stroked his cock at Beth's face. She was still screaming when the first jet of hot cum struck her face. She looked up at Don in time to receive the second jet as it hit her forehead and nose. As she gasped for air the third and fourth jets landed in her mouth and covered her lips. This also proved too much for Mike as he plunged deep into her pussy and unloaded a huge torrent of cum into her womb. Beth could taste the cum in her mouth as she felt the cock in her pussy twitch. As silence consumed the room, John shot his load on the floor between his legs. Report Story
  2. My favorite erotica Cuckold network

    One More Hot story to our hot wifes and cuckfriends The Party ...Part One bybluehowler© John stood silently as he watched his wife applying the finishing touches to her make-up. "How do I look honey?" She asked happily. "You look beautiful as always my little princess." John answered. "Thank you honey, I love you so much." She replied walking towards him. "I love you too Beth. We better make a move otherwise we will be late." John said. Beth grabbed her purse and turned out the lights before joining her husband in the car. As she climbed into the passenger seat, John watched her dress rise slightly, revealing the tops of her sexy black stockings. Beth smiled back at him as she watched his lustful gaze over her legs. "You will have to wait until later, and then you can see everything that is underneath this dress." Beth teased. John smiled at his wife before pulling off the drive and heading to the party. Beth was excited about the party. It would be the first time she had met any of her husband's colleagues, and the first time she had been out since giving birth 8 months ago. John and Beth had been married for 8 years, but only recently had their first child together. John was 34 years old while Beth was slightly younger at 29. They struck everybody they met as the perfect couple. John was tall and handsome. He worked extremely hard but still found time to be the perfect husband, and now father. Beth was beautiful. She stood 5"6 with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Tonight her hair had been curled and she truly looked like a princess. Since giving birth Beth had gone from a size 8 to a size 10. It took her time to get used to her curvier bum but she was delighted with her new bust, and so was John. During the pregnancy Beth had gone from a 32B to a 32 DD. But since she had stopped breast feeding her bust settled to a 32C. She had gone from petite to curvy, and she loved it. Beth was also a shy person but in no way was she a bimbo. She too was a dedicated wife and mother. Johns company had been awarded a very large contract, and to celebrate he had been invited, along with his colleagues to one of the executives homes for a party. It was more like a mansion John thought as he pulled into the grounds. John and Beth were greeted at the entrance by a waiter in a suit. He offered them champagne as they entered the house and followed the other guests. After meeting many of her husband's colleagues, Beth and the party were in full swing. John was politely asking his wife to go easy on the drink before he was interrupted by the host, his boos Don. "Hello John. I was meaning to catch up with you earlier, but as you can see I have a lot of guests to meet." Don said offering his hand to John. "It's no problem Don." John said shaking the man's hand. "I must say you have a beautiful home Don." Beth chipped in. Don turned to Beth and was instantly taken in by her beauty. "Don, I'd like to introduce you to my wife Bethan." John said. "Please ...call me Beth." She smiled. "Hello Beth, I must say you are a very beautiful woman. I am happy that you like my home, and if John doesn't mind, maybe I could give you a grand tour later on." Don smiled as he took Beth's hand and kissed it gently. "I'd really like that." Beth said blushing. "Well ...I'll leave you both to enjoy your evening and maybe I'll see you a bit later on." Don said before shaking Johns hand again. John laughed off the innocent flirting between his wife and his boss. Don was a nice guy and as far as John knew, had no reputation of hitting on employees wives. He also trusted Beth, he had seen many a man hit on his wife only to see them let down. John was deep in conversation with one of his team when Beth politely interrupted them to say she was going outside for a cigarette. She only smoked when she was drinking, a habit she couldn't kick. John hated her smoking but knew it was easier to let her go. As Beth went outside to join the other smokers she noticed Don enjoying a cigar with two other men. "Mind if I join you gentlemen?" Beth smiled as she pulled out her cigarettes. "Not at all my dear, here let me get you a light." Don said. The three men watched intently as this beautiful woman sucked hard on her filtered cigarette. Don watched her enticing cleavage rise as she inhaled the smoke deep into her lungs. Then all three men watched as she exhaled a thick plume of smoke into the warm night sky. Don introduced the other two men as company directors. They talked for a short time as Don kept refilling Beth's glass and lighting her cigarettes. None of these men knew Beth, but it was easy to see that she was approaching very drunk. All three men looked at each other with knowing smiles on their faces as they eyed this young wife. Beth was wearing a sexy black dress which hung 4 inches above her knee. The thin straps of her dress rested softly on her shoulders. It would be so effortless to peel those straps down. There was no sign of bra straps, but as the men stole glances at her cleavage they could see the top of her black bra cups peeking out of her dress. Being a shy person around strangers Beth never realised the effect she had on men when she was drunk. Sure if she was in a club or bar she would understand that most guys were hitting on her. But here at a respectable party with wives and girlfriends, she naively felt safe and secure. As Beth crushed out her third cigarette in a row, she felt the nicotine rush to her head. Mixed with the alcohol she felt good. Don refilled her glass again before putting his arm around her waist. As he took in a breath to speak, his cock twitched in his pants. The strong smell of her perfume filled his nostrils and took over his senses. "I think it's time for your grand tour Bethan ...what do you think?" Don grinned. "I would love too, if you mind that is." Beth said. "Not at all my dear, follow me." Don said. Don removed his arm from around Beth's waist before he gently slid it down and across her arse cheeks. His cock twitched again as he offered his arm to Beth. She happily took it as she sipped on her champagne. The other two men laughed as they went to rejoin the party. Don's partner in crime Mike winked at Don as he left. Meanwhile back at the party, John had lost track of the time. Half an hour had passed since his wife had gone for a cigarette. He quickly went outside expecting to see her puffing away, but his heart sank when he realised she wasn't there. "Excuse me; have you seen a blonde woman in a black dress out here?" John said to the smoking couple. "She went inside with Don as we came out here." The red headed woman replied. "How long ago was that?" John snapped. "About 10 minutes ago." She answered John tried to act calm as he came back inside. He stood still scanning the room with his eyes in the hope he would see Don or his wife. Another 10 minutes passed before John grabbed one of the waiters and asked if he knew where Don was. "Sorry sir but I can't help you. Ask one of the security staff." The waiter said pointing to a large suited man. John walked hurriedly towards the man trying to hide any indication that something was wrong. "Excuse me, have you seen Don?" John asked. "No sorry sir. He should be around somewhere." The guard replied. "Please ...it's really urgent, I must speak with him." John pleaded. "I am very sorry sir, but unless it's a life or death situation he is not to be disturbed." The guard grew agitated. John almost panicked when he heard the words "not to be disturbed". "What do you mean he is not to be disturbed? This is very urgent." John pressed. "Look pal, he is entertaining a guest. It will have to wait." The guard said. John stood back for a second. A million thoughts ran through his mind as he felt his heart begin to race. "Please ...you must help me. I think that guest is my wife." John begged. The security guard could see the panic on Johns face. He thought most of the woman who Don seduced had their husband's permission anyway. But he could see that John had no idea what had happened to his wife. "Quickly ...get in here." The guard demanded as he opened a door. John quickly entered the room before the guard. He felt slightly relieved. "Ok listen to me and I'll help you. If you don't I'll throw you out without your wife. Understand?" "Yes ...I promise ill do as you say." John said. "There is a private room where Don sometimes takes female guests. Now I can show you this room, but you can only watch what's going on inside. You will be able to see and hear what's happening, but they won't be able to hear you. And you won't be able to enter the room either." He told John. "But I don't want her in that room, or with Don!" John shouted. "Look man, take it or leave it. I shouldn't even be doing this much. I get paid good money to run his security; I'm not fucking it up because some guy can't keep his wife in check." "Ok ...ok ...this situation is fucked up enough already." John said putting his hands on his head. "I feel for you man, I really do. I can see you don't want this, but I'm not going to let you have access to that room. Your wife may not even be in there anyway. But if she is ...and you don't like what's going on ...don't kick off. I'm warning you." John knew this was his only option. After listening to the guard he felt a little hope that maybe Beth wasn't with Don. But something inside of him was saying otherwise. The security guard led John into a small office. Immediately he noticed a large window that looked into another room. As John approached the glass the room he was standing in suddenly went dark. He turned around in time to see the office door close and then he heard it lock. Turning back to look into the other room, John noticed a waiter entering carrying a tray. On the tray was a bottle of champagne with 3 glasses. The waiter opened the bottle before lighting the fire. John watched on in total shock as he witnessed this room being set up for his wife's seduction. He still clung on to the hope that his wife would not be the female to enter that room with Don. Five minutes after the waiter had left the room John checked his watch; it had been 40 minutes since he had seen his wife. Suddenly he heard voices. He began to shake and his tension began to rise as he watched Don enter the room with Beth on his arm. They were giggling like school kids as Don led her to the open champagne. Don filled the three glasses as Beth looked around the room. She turned to the window and looked straight at her husband. "Beth!" John shouted as he banged on the glass. "That's a lovely mirror Don; I bet it cost a fortune." She said. John sank back onto the chair as he watched his wife. She had no idea she was being watched. Then a second man entered the room. "Here you go Mike ...Beth." Don said handing them their glasses. As Beth sipped her champagne both men approached her. Mike put his arm around her waist as she giggled, and then Don rubbed his hand softly up and down her back. "You're so beautiful Beth." Don said smiling at her. "Thank you Don, but shouldn't we be getting back to the party?" Beth said. "We have time." Don said moving his lips to her neck. Beth gave out a sigh as she closed her eyes. Don's lips caressed her neck softly as he made his way to her shoulder. "Please ...you must stop. I'm married." Beth said half heartedly. "So are we." Mike said with a smirk. John watched horrified as the three of them laughed. "No ...seriously, we must stop. Somebody might come." Beth said. "Hopefully we all will." Mike joked. Don and Mike knew it was a token plea, and so did John. Don quickly moved in front of Beth and began to smooth his fingers up and down her arms. Mike stood behind her with his hands running up and down the sides of her body. Her dress felt smooth and silky as he pushed his groin into her behind. John watched powerlessly as two of his bosses seduced his wife. The tension in his pants had been there a while before he looked down at it. It never registered in his mind that he had become erect. John sat back and instinctively unzipped his pants. Don was kissing her neck before he took both shoulder straps in his fingers. Johns cock twitched as he watched them being pulled down his wife's arms. Beth threw her head back as Don moved his lips down to her breasts. As Don let go of the straps the dress fell down a few inches to reveal her lacy bra covered breasts. Mike gently slid the dress up to her waist, revealing the tops of her stockings and garter belt. All three of them moaned in unison. Mike quickly sank to his knees and began to kiss Beth's cheeks whilst Don unclasped her bra. Don wasted no time in cupping both of her breasts, weighing them up in his hands. As he caressed both globes he lowered his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth. Beth was swaying slightly with her eyes closed as she absorbed the pleasure these two men were giving her. As Don expertly sucked on her nipple and massaged her breasts, Mike was removing her panties. The cool breeze of fresh air between her legs was soon replaced by the heat from the fire and her own furnace. Mike was back kissing her cheeks as he pulled down her dress. Mike then ran his finger tips so delicately up the backs of her legs as she stepped out of the dress. By now John was slowly stroking his cock as he watched Don step away from his wife to look her up and down. Nobody would have guessed that eight months ago this beauty was giving birth. Her breasts were firm and full and her stomach was practically flat. John knew these men were going to enjoy his wife's body, and he could do nothing about it. Beth was standing totally @@@@@@@ in front of these two men. Mike walked around to the front and both men were now staring at her beautiful body. They each put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her down. Beth smiled at them as she sank to her knees. They both assisted her as she tried to unbuckle their pants single handily. Everyone watching could see the smile grow on Beth's face as the two cocks sprung free. She quickly took them both in her hands and began to stroke them gently. The room soon filled with male groans of pleasure. Beth took Dons cock tightly in her grip as she continued to stroke Mike. Don pushed her lush blonde hair out of the way as she tilted her head sideways slightly. Leaning into Dons lap, Beth licked his thick cock three times before sinking her head over the engorged head. Don groaned out loud as he threw his head back in ecstasy. Beth soon got a rhythm going as she bobbed up and down on Dons length in time with the strokes she was giving Mike. Beth loved giving head to her husband but this was different. Don's cock was slightly longer but much thicker. She could feel it pulsing as she took him to the back of her throat. Before giving Mike his turn she took Dons cock out of her mouth and tilted her head sideways. Don was now groaning louder as she started to run her tongue and lips up and down the underside of his pole. She then took him deep one last time as she squeezed his balls. Mike welcomed the exchange as she took his cock deep into her mouth. He cupped her breasts as she hungrily went to work on his cock. Holding the base of his cock she wanked him slowly as she swallowed the head and swirled her tongue around it. John stopped stroking his cock in fear that he would shoot his load all over the room. He had never felt this aroused as she sat watching the show. His wife oblivious to what was going on as she happily fellated his bosses. Mike kept his cock buried deep in Beth's mouth as he moved backwards to a chair. As he sat down he lifted Beth's head and pulled her up slightly. He gave her a deep lingering kiss before squashing her breasts around his cock. Beth knew what he wanted as he looked deep into her eyes. Holding her D cup bust tightly around his cock, she began to stroke his cock. She could feel her hard nipples against the palms of her hands as she held firm and smothered his cock. Little droplets of pre cum seeped out of his tiny slit and onto her breasts. "Ok Mike, you've had your fun now it's my turn again." Don laughed. "Fuck me she got some great tits." Mike cursed. "Come here Beth and sit on my lap." Don instructed. Beth obeyed him like a little wanton slut. The pre cum on Beth's breasts glistened as she stood up and walked towards Don. Don sat stroking his cock as he watched this young wife obeying his demand. "Turn around and face away from me Beth. Then take my cock and guide it into your pussy." Don said. Beth smiled as she turned around and reached back for Dons cock. Taking it firmly in her grasp, Beth sat back on his lap slowly. Guiding his cock to her pussy she paused to rub the head against her opening. "Fuck the dirty little bitch is soaking." Don groaned. Beth began to lower herself onto him. Inch by inch she slowly filled her pussy with his cock. Soft moans escaped her lips as the intense pleasure began to take over her. Beth paused for a few seconds to allow her pussy to adjust to his size. Don however wasted no time in grinding his hips into her. This caused him to go deeper and Beth couldn't help but respond. John was overtaken by lust as his eyes remained fixed on his wife. His cock was at bursting point as he watched the most sacred thing in his life pleasure two other men. He was no longer in control of his emotions as he went from lust to jealousy, jealousy to anger, anger to pain, and from pain back to lust. John hadn't noticed, but he was now stroking his cock in time with his wife. Beth's cries of pleasure were quickly filling the room as she slammed down hard on Dons cock. Don held her hips tight as he helped push her up before pulling her back down again. Mike was soon standing in front of Beth offering his cock to her lips, and she happily obliged by opening her mouth. With two cocks slamming into her body it didn't take long for the knot in her stomach to tighten. Don felt the walls of her womb clamp tight around his cock as she let Mikes cock slip from her mouth. Beth grabbed a hold of the chair as her orgasm neared. Don continued to pull her down hard until she screamed at the top of her lungs. Beth's body shock violently as Don pulled her down hard and kept her still. His cock was already buried deep inside her womb when she began to spasm on his pole. Beth barely had time to compose herself as Mike pulled her up and led her to another chair. Her mind still fuzzy as Mike forced her over the chair and sunk his cock deep into her pussy. "Ohhhhh ...fuck ...Ummmm ...yes ...fuck me deep!" She demanded. "That's it Mike, fuck the bitch hard. Give her what she wants." Don laughed. Mikes face was full with concentration as he thrust his cock as hard as he could. Beth was soon screaming again as a new cock ploughed into her, trying to get deeper with every lunge. John looked down at his own cock as he felt his pre cum lubricating his strokes. Don took up position in front of Beth as he ran his cock across her face and lips. Beth smiled in between her groans as she tried to take his cock into her mouth. She could smell her own juices as Don slapped her face with his cock. But she soon tasted her juices as he pushed between her parting lips and filled her pretty little mouth. Beth loved the pleasure these two men gave her as they used her body. She had totally forgotten about her husband as she concentrated on her next release, and it didn't take long as Don and Mike fed her their meat. Mike didn't slow down as her second orgasm approached, his hands gripping her waist as he drove deep into her body. Holding onto the back of the chair, Beth exploded on Mikes cock. Don's cock slipped from her mouth as she once again filled the room with screams...read pat 2 Report Story
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