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  1. How many start with cheating?

    I didn't have to cheat. We were in Texarkana one weekend and he knew my fantasy was to have a black cock and we were at a club and I danced a few times with a black guy and the wine had kicked in and I came onto him and he did me. I don't wear under garments and he knew it and sort of rubbed on me. When we got back to our hotel I told hub I wanted the guy from the club so he went back to see if he would come over while I put on my lingerie. He came back with two and I was so hot I couldn't get them undressed fast enough,well for the next couple hours they fucked my brains out.Hub was sitting and watching and jacking off watching me. Every time he came over I told him I was busy fucking two real dicks and he would have to wait. We talked about it later and he loved it so I just got harder on him. He is a great cuck since then.
  2. What Year?

    That would be me 2012, Had two for my birthday,best fuck I ever had and started my hub cucking. I have had more since but that was my first.