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  1. Cucked in MD

    Best cuckold experience

    Fairly new to the lifestyle and guess one could say newly cucked. Wifes first 2 men were more of her just fucking them a few times and that was it. She now has an actual BF now which is much more intense. I wasnt exactly sure I wanted her to have a steady lover, but it was something she desired as she felt it was safer and would be far more satisfying. has taken some time to adjust, but love it. Love being at work and know she is with him. Really love the whole situation and has worked out well thus far
  2. Cucked in MD

    New to the cuck life

    Good advice Mywifescuckboy, but this all took place last summer. It was something she truly wanted, and to be honest I loved discussing it with her. She started chatting with him on fff, and we started inviting him to do things with us, such as meet for coffee, accompany us on hikes. later on when we were alone we would masturbate to the day together. Stayed like that for awhile, then she started asking him to meet for coffee on her own and dressed a bit sexier. Nothing crazy, just showing a bit of cleavage. Their chats on FB started to get a bit flirty and eventually she made the move. She admitted that we had sort of an open marriage and she could see others. He had sort of guessed she was looking for something, but was reluctant to find out. She actually asked him out, he asked what the plan was/what time she had to be home. She told him she didnt expect to come home that night, so that really clued him in, to say the least. All were nervous, but it worked out very well, and it was the start to a great relationship. They decided fairly soon they wanted to see more of each other. Part of it was he had been in a sex-less marriage and really desired the sex, but they really connected.
  3. Cucked in MD

    New to the cuck life

    Nice to find a site where one is surrounded by people that understand. We had been fantasizing about her seeing other men for awhile and yes it was my idea. I first realized it was a huge turn on for me when we were out and she would just chat with other men. When I eventually told her of my fantasy, she thought I was crazy..maybe I am...or I wanted to see other women, which I did not. Little time past and I brought up the topic again, saying we could just discuss it as foreplay and I realized it would more than likely never go past that stage, but we needed something to spice up our love life, as it was nearly non existent. Took some time, but she eventually enjoyed fantasizing about another man and admitted older, confident men were a huge turn on for her. As well we talked a lot about a former well endowed bf she had. I think it was about then she realized I was very ok with her seeing others, and she truly needed it. We were masturbating to this fantasy nearly every night. She started to chat online and she loved the attention and the freedom, amazed how them men were so forward and so happy to show pictures of them-self,lol Eventually she found a guy she felt comfortable with and truly desired. He was 52 (she was 41) and staying in a nearby hotel while here on business. he wanted her to come over the first night they had met, she wanted to, but was too nervous. I encouraged her to go and enjoy,but didnt change her mind for that night. Next day was a different story, she came home from work and admitted he had been on her mind all day and had decided to meet him. We were both super nervous, but ready. She returned around 1am (she had to work the next day) and she just looked so relieved, yet a bit nervous. Reluctant at first to tell me what took place, but opened up once i told her I had been jerking off constantly while she had been away. She admitted it felt great to be touched by another man and a confident one at that. When I asked if she had enjoyed his cock, she admitted it was amazing to just touch and hold and she sucked him right away. Loved hearing about the encounter and we both realized that we needed this in our life. She ended up seeing a fair bit of him while he was here for work. Was amazing to see her so happy and desiring sex with him. When he departed she admitted she needed to find another "fling" So back into the chat rooms and didnt take too long to find another man. Another adrenaline rush for both when it came time to meet and another great experience. She admitted to really enjoying the experiences, but desired something longer term. She told me that a guy we sort of knew that had moved away..divorced and had now moved back was someone she was interested in. I wasn't so sure about the situation as I figured it would be a bit too risky,especially if he had no interest. She said she would take it slow and see how it progressed. I need to run and will continue with our experience if people are interested. Have a nice day
  4. yes...i sure didnt last long at all at first,lol