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  1. Sissym.johnson

    Chastity tips

    Just started wearing a Vice mini and it burns under the ring when I wear it for more than a couple of hours. Any tips on how to make this better? Or any other general tips or issues?
  2. Sissym.johnson

    Any wannabe cucks want to talk?

    I’d love to talk! And I am under 4” especially when soft.
  3. Sissym.johnson

    Chatting On Kik

    Sissym.johnson bored and horny at work. Kik meeee!!!
  4. Sissym.johnson

    What is your KIK code

    I’d love to chat. Bulls, hotwives, cucks and anyone in between. Let’s have some fun!!! Sissym.johnson anyone want to help me fulfill a small fantasy?
  5. Sissym.johnson

    Chatting On Kik

    Someone or everyone Kik me! Love to chat, role play, truth or dare, give me humiliating tasks. Whatever. Sissym.johnson-Kik
  6. Sissym.johnson

    KiK id's

  7. Sissym.johnson

    Want to write

    I’ll look through what you’ve put here. If there’s anything specific don’t hesitate to dm me!
  8. Sissym.johnson

    Want to write

    I’d love to do some writing of some stories. If you have a story you’d like to read or something that happened to you and want me to make it a longer story let me know! I’d love to write some sexy stuff. Especially as I sit at Starbucks. Lol My fetishes include (but not limited to) humiliation, Sph, cuckold, feminization, and more. Don’t feel like you have to be limited to any of these. If you want something let me know!